20 Free News Website Templates To Share News As They Happen

Growth in the online world not only influenced companies, but also changed the news and the media industry. The way in which the contents are consumed is drastically changed. Important news is shared almost instantly as it happens.

Having a website for your news channel is no longer an option, it is an essential function. Developing an application for your news channel can be a bit more expensive than creating a news website. But the latest website development helps sites load almost like an application with a friendly user interface for mobile devices. If you have a tight budget, you can use these free website templates to create an amazing news website.

Free HTML news website templates

The latest HTML free news website templates are easy to customize and use. The templates mentioned in this list follow the HTML5 framework. HTML5 templates are designed to meet the latest needs of the website. You can effectively manage the speed of the website and also elegantly display the website on small screen mobile devices. The following are the best templates of free news websites that you can use for your website and can also be used as templates for magazine websites.


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  Wordl Free Template

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  Magazine Free Template

Magazine is a professional-looking news website template. The template follows the modern design design. It is a multi-page website template with all the necessary pages you need in a professional news website template.

Below the navigation bar itself, the flash news item appears. In this template, the flash news item is called as the latest news. The speed of movement of the text is optimal and can be easily read. You also get a scrolling effect in the last publication segment.

The design of the Magazine is designed intuitively. The content block effectively handles any type of news. This template also uses the framework HTMl5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.

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  Free Magnews Template

Magnews is a flat style HTML news website template. It is a flat style bootstrap compatible website template. This template follows the typical design aesthetic that it required on a news website.

It is a multi-page website template. This template provides you with a slider to show the latest trends. In addition to the slider section, the latest news and the section of the gallery on the home page are also included.

In the sidebar, you have options such as popular news and subscription to the newsletter. You also have options to add advertising banners. The News Reporter template uses the latest
HTML5 framework, CSS3 and Bootstrap.

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  TheGazette free template

TheGazette is a modern news website template. Use the full screen of the device with its full width design. The texts are clear and bold, making it easy to read the news on the website.

The visual effects of this website template are sharp and eye-catching. Below the news category section, the flash news style element is placed; You can add the latest news here.

It is a multi-page website template. You have the option to insert your Twitter account in a footer widget. The design of the design is intuitive so that it can accommodate more blocks of content easily. The displacement effects are clean and the carousel transition effects are smooth. Respond in a mobile way and follow the HTML5 framework.

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Sports News Portal

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TechNews is a simple-looking news website template. The template follows a simple design style of three sections. Get a great carousel header to show trending topics. The effects of displacement and other transition effects are minimalist.

Get the search option and the navigation bar of the page. In the sidebars, you can place popular publications, categories, and labels. The footer section gives you the option to add Flickr feeds to the website and the subscription form. This template is designed based on the technology news style, but can also be used for another style news website.

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NewspaperX is a premium news website template with no feelings.It is a WordPress website template optimized so you can easily insert ads on your site.The top bar of the website shows the latest news, it is a clickable link , so that users will be n taken to the news article directly.

Each news item is clearly labeled in a dark blue badge for easy identification of its category. Each block of image content has ample space for the website to look clean and easy to read.

The website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework. It is also optimized for mobile devices, optimized for speed and compatible with several browsers.

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Today is a minimalist news website template. In the clean white background color, texts, images and other elements of the website are visible and easy to read. It is a multi-page website template.

Get an ordered navigation bar with the drop-down menu option to organize the menu option effectively. The template provides ample space to place advertising banners. In the sidebar, you have the option to add recent publications, categories and small spaces for banners.

The footer section also reflects the same options that you get in the sidebar. As it is WordPress, you can easily customize it according to your need. This WordPress news website template is mobile, optimized in speed and compatible with several browsers. It also follows HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework.

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News Mag Lite is a free version of WordPress premium new s site templates Web. The benefits of using a lite version are; the theme is well coded and the design is perfect in pixels. You can get a premium feel website template in the free version itself.

In the free version, customization options are limited. If you are using a freemium website template, always choose the theme that best suits your needs in its default look. News Mag Lite is an optimized website template so you can easily generate more revenue.

News Mag Lite is a clean-looking website template with a bright red color as the primary color. On the home page, you can add the sections to your news site, so that users can get a general overview of today's news easily.

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Intuition is a clean news website template. With large images of carousel and bold text, the content of the images is easy to read. It is a multi-page website template with all the necessary pages that you may usually need on a website.

The effects of displacement and other transition effects are subtle and easy for the user. In the footer section, you can add the Flickr image widget and recent news. This template is basically
designed as a personal website template. But the design of the design and the elements of the website conform to the requirements of the news website.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap framework. It is a flexible website template; and the user can easily customize it.

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Editorial Mag


Newslite is a minimalist and clean-looking WordPress news website template. It is a free version of a premium version. In the free version, you only have a limited customization option and limited support from the subject's author.

This theme follows a box type design. Within the given space, the website manages to show the news neatly on the site. The effects of transition and the effects of displacement are clean. It is a multi-page website template with drop-down menu to facilitate navigation.

On a clean white background, texts and images are easy to read. In the sidebar, you have the option to add news, categories and trend advertising banners.

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MagazineX Lite


MagazineX Lite is also a freemium WordPress news website template. In the lite version, customization and support options are limited. For advanced functions, you must upgrade to the pro version.

This topic offers two types of demo options and four different page layout options. You also get a custom type of publication for the gallery, audio and video publications. With big header image and bold text, you can easily mark your brand on the website.

With clean white background, the image and the texts look clean and easy to read. The theme provides you ample content box option to display any number of news easily on the website. This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. The theme is easy to customize and update.

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Grid Magazine

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