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If you plan to organize a conference, a meeting or a party, look no further and get help with these free website templates. Along with the fact that they are all free, you will also get excellent starting points for your fantastic pages. Those who are in a hurry can quickly and efficiently build a website with the template of an event that they like the most. Make it a special and unforgettable experience that begins with a magnificent page.

Now you can easily broadcast your next show. All you need is a small amount of "elbow grease" and you are ready to promote your page with like-minded people. You can even use these free templates for weddings, Christmas parties, rock concerts and other things.

You can be an event organizer or an event management agency with a constant need to create specialized websites. If so, be sure to download a lot of tools from the list below on the page and always have them at your fingertips. Or simply revisit this collection and choose accordingly.

When it comes to websites for events, the most important elements are large images, quick access to information and, of course, time and date. Share wonderful images from previous events and make the next view as attractive as possible.

Sites created with any of the free event website templates will help you market the big day and turn page visitors into attendees. You can even capture the guests' emails that you can then use to advertise similar events, shows and exhibits.

In case you need a complete solution for your website, you can help yourself with free WordPress event themes.

All Colorlib website templates

We have a large selection of free website templates that you can find here.

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  Sunfest free template

If you are an event organizer or even if it is only a summer festival that you organize annually, Sunfest is the event website template free that you order to leave with a web space It is a modern tool based on Bootstrap Framework and offers a wide range of fantastic features. Above the fold, each visitor sees a large banner with a date, countdown timer and call-to-action buttons. You can go and buy tickets immediately if you are already familiar with the next festival.

However, for everyone new to your experience, let Sunfest show the full alignment and give them a better idea of ​​what to expect. You can also expand Sunfest with a blog section and promote other upcoming events with which you work. The final creation will be a clean and modern website that will attract even more people to attend their summer party.

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  Template without conference

If you want to keep all the information about the next conference on one page, the conference template is the tool for you. In fact, it is a free one page website template that allows you to do just that. It is not necessary to navigate several pages to find the time and date along with some additional words about the big day. For your assistants, you can have everything organized and presented on one page. They can quickly verify what it is and whether or not it fits your schedule.

Conference is a popular HTML5 Bootstrap template that comes in a free or premium version. It is not necessary for you to build and design a page on your own. Choose Conference and start seeing results in the shortest possible time. Call to action, speakers, registration, pricing, calendar of events and more, the conference template has it all.

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  Free Event Template

Event is a one-page, free response event template for shows and events that take place every day throughout year. The template works in the Bootstrap Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, which makes it adaptable enough to adapt to almost any type of celebration that has not yet taken place. The organizers of the event do not need to spend a dime to create an outstanding online house for the concert they are bringing excited to their local area.

The template of the free event website, Event, is open for personal and commercial use while you give the appropriate credit to the developers. From beautiful colors, incredible features and a fantastic overall design to clean and comment on the code and the ease of SEO, you get it all. Event will help you spread the word and attract many more people. Do not be surprised if the event runs out quickly.

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  Template without events

The event template is a modernist tool for almost any product-based website. Of course, it points to events of all kinds. It is a flat template of Bootstrap, totally responsive, which was designed using HTML5 and CSS3. If you need a contemporary template with excellent features to promote your application, Event is a great option for you.

Cool movement animations, a variety of colors and different sectors to tell all about your product to persuade the customer. The statistics, the testimonies, the inserted video, the subscription to the newsletter and the frequently asked questions are some of the characteristics that will greatly benefit you. The event template also has a work contact form to save you even more time. Your online presentation for the incredible mobile application of the event you are launching has just been ordered.

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  Free Advent template

When you build a site for parties and celebrations of any kind, look no further and start designing with the website template of the Advent event. The template goes straight to the point with a nice animated sign with a countdown timer and call to action. Without doing much travel and navigation, the visitor can be informed instantly about the exact time and location of the big event. This could be a business dinner, a Christmas event, a special shopping event, whatever, whatever comes to mind, Advent is here to take care of it.

The Advent template is receptive and has many complements to make the final product a dynamic one. Parallax effect, lightbox, popup, fireworks, tabs, these and many more extensions were used to build a website template of sophisticated and free events. Are you ready to celebrate?

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  Free Agenda Template

The agenda of a free multi-page event website is versatile enough to use with any type of music site . Whether it's for a musician, a band, a DJ, an orchestra, anything, events, too. On the other hand, if you like the design, you can quickly customize it and also use it for different types of event sites. With any of our free website templates for events, you do not have to stick to the same theme by default. They are adaptable and you do not even have to do much to use it for something completely different.

What you get with the Calendar template is a slider, an excellent navigation bar, animations, categorized photo albums and more. With its multi-purpose approach, the Agenda is fantastic for the organizers of the event to cover all its artists and bands in an organized manner.

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Let the name Eventasia not fool you. The template may seem aimed at a specific audience, however, it looks more like a multifunctional template for your music websites. You can use it to create a personal website, for a band, a fan club and even a radio station. Of course, in each one, you can incorporate the events section or create a complete website for shows and concerts with the Eventasia staff.

Eventasia is a free website template with a responsive design and compatible with several browsers. It comes with a parallax background and uses accessories for gallery lightbox and gallery scrolling effect. In addition, Eventasia's web design is modern and elegant, with smooth scrolling and well-documented code. Regarding the latter, it only means that you will not have problems when you customize the template. You are fully equipped with the Eventasia template for the new great performance that is happening in your city next month.

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Hence the name, the Conference HTML5 template is an ideal Bootstrap event management template for conferences. Sophisticated and professional template with a friendly HTML and CSS code so that everyone can build the necessary conference websites. Without a doubt, you will witness a great result once you launch your new page in the online world.

Conference is a template with which you will have no problems persuading visitors. It has a modern web design, receptive and ready for all high-tech mobile screens. You can use it for seminars, congresses and even sporting events. The template is compatible with several browsers, light and rich in functions. The code of the conference template is optimized for SEO so that your sites are quickly classified. That's crucial for a conference website since deadlines can be very short. That is, browsers should show the newly designed sites as quickly as possible.

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  megakit responsive free event website template

Megakit is called as it is called for a reason. Who knows, at some point in the future, you may need more than just an event website. You may want to expand or even create a completely separate page in another niche. This is especially important for independent developers. In other words, Megakit is a free multipurpose website template for all kinds of shows, concerts, events and other events. Collect it and use it to offer a website that will capture the attention of even more people.

Some of the main features of the Megakit template are an excellent UX and UI, parallax effect, great color choice and a modern and elegant look. Everyone can find what he or she is looking for in an instant. Without the need to invest too much time and effort, you will effortlessly create a professional website. Make it stand out and use it to promote the seminar.

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  Ballet bootstrap event website template

With some creative thoughts, you can quickly convert Ballet template Bootstrap on a page that advertises a show. Even if you own a dance school and organize an occasional event, Ballet is an all-in-one solution for you. Share your services, show your best performances with an impressive portfolio, present the team and share the location with integrated Google Maps. The work contact form, the bulletin subscription box and the social icons are part of the template.

Ballet treats it with an elegant and fresh web design, scroll effects, Google Fonts icons and Font Awesome. It is based on Bootstrap Framework, uses smooth scrolling and jarallax effects. A responsive slider welcomes everyone to your website for dance events and takes them on a journey through body movement. One, two, three, dance!


  xmas free Christmas events website template

Xmas is a free event website template exclusive for the holiday season and all the incredible festivities that come with it. If you organize an annual Christmas celebration, create an invitation in the form of a cheerful website. Share the event calendar, the gallery and announce the party organizers. With the Christmas template, you can make the invitation to the event so attractive that no one can resist it. Everyone will be happy to come together to create memories.

If you organize a Christmas event to be paid, Xmas also includes a price section that you can use for different plans. The countdown timer, the testimonials, the contact section and all the other needs for a fully functional event website are part of the Christmas template. It also uses add-ons for snow animation, date picker and smooth scrolling, to name a few. Apart from that, the Christmas template is receptive, elegant and sophisticated. Are you ready and prepared for the big Christmas party?

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Planning of events

  events planning of free web template for weddings

While the planning template of events is customizable tool for all type of events, its main focus is weddings. If you are a wedding planner or a boyfriend who is building a we
bsite for D-Day, the Event Planning template is ideal for both. Once it comes to light, everyone will fall in love with your wonderful wedding website. In other words, all the guests at the ceremony will make sure that they will not miss it.

Events Planning is a free and 100% receptive wedding Bootstrap template with a tasteful design to delight visitors with it. Use Font Awesome and Glyph Icons, Google Fonts and different add-ons for slider, menu and gallery. The template of the free wedding website has each section carefully designed to meet your expectations. You will have fun designing the desired website for the engagement ceremony.

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Event Venue

  Event Venue Event Web Template Free

For more wedding event venues, here is another amazing website template of free events that is known as Events Meeting place. To really do something special, you do not need to develop and design a custom website. With a fabulous free template, you can achieve the same levels of amazement. And the best part? You do not have to do much and it is built quickly and efficiently. While you already have a lot of work and obligations with the wedding, you do not have time to build the website. Or in case you are the wedding planner and there are several ceremonies that you work with, your workflow will remain intact.

The wonderful parallax background, the slider and an amazing gallery take the online experience to a completely different level. Provide all the information about the time and date, location and other needs regarding the nuptials. The Events Venue template can also be excellent for wedding agencies, photographers, cake designers and the like.

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  event website template html5 delite

Free HTML5 template for everyone in the music niche, Delite is here to take care of your needs. Whether you need a website developed to promote your art and events or organize shows and concerts, Delite is an excellent choice for both. Even for clubs and parties, you can also use Delite. You may be in a hurry or need inspiration and a quick start, a free event website template is an excellent option.

Delite is equipped with many features to provide an excellent user experience to each visitor. It is based on Bootstrap 3 which makes the template respond and is ready to fit any device. Press different musical events, show price options, tell your story and all kinds of interesting things. The Delite template has many sections and elements that will not do you more than good.

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  awaits soon free website template

If you think outside the box, a template can also soon become a template great page of event announcements, do not you think? A very simple and direct approach so that everyone knows when the show takes place. Sometimes, all you need is a countdown timer and some text, and you're ready to begin. If that happens to be all you need, Await is the next free version or template of the event website.

It may seem the least possible, however, there are some features that are obtained with Await HTML web template The tool has a responsive slider, a jQuery counter and additional secti
ons for services, information and contact. Having said that, you can add some additional information about the big day, but only the needs. Waiting is to keep things simple. It is customizable due to its friendly HTML5 and CSS3 code and responsive due to the Bootstrap Framework.

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  printing of free event conference website template

Impression is presented as a free template and premium exclusively designed and developed for events and conferences. It is a professional HTML5 Bootstrap template with which you are guaranteed to create a remarkable first impression. The design is friendly for mobile devices and the elegant and modernized design. No matter your previous experience with the creation of websites, all sites that combine with Impression will look as professionally as possible. The printing is easy to use and easy to modify.

The integration of Google Maps, the CSS3 animations, the contact form in full operation and the countdown of the event are some of the benefits you get with the free event template Impression. For your information, you can even start a blog since a full section of the impressions template is dedicated to recording your events on a daily basis. Start with the free version and only upgrade with premium if you consider it necessary. Otherwise, stay with the free impressions template forever.

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  free steam flat event website template

If you are an event organizer, presenting new events a and Again, the website template for free Steam events may not be a better option for you. It is a clean, modern, elegant, innovative and intelligent tool for the construction of websites of multiple events. Steam is a responsive flat web template that uses HTML5 and CSS3 as the basis. Many editable features only season things and make it much more powerful.

You can also use the Steam template if you are starting a mobile application. With the elements available, Steam presents itself as a versatile product that covers sites in a variety of niches and industries. There is a blog, a price, an envelope and a lot of other ready-to-use pages ready to use. Steam is a multi-page website template that will help you draw attention to all the events you host. Or maybe you plan to build a platform or mobile application that collects local events and presents them in one place.

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  bridal wedding free event website template

Nuptial is a fascinating template for building wonderful wedding websites easily. All guests will simply say "Yes, I come" to a page so impressive that the template will help you achieve. It's an HTML5 element that uses Bootstrap Framework that you can use as inspiration or to quickly build a last minute marriage website.

Feel free to take Nuptial in your favor and put it to good use. The couple will be absolutely amazed by what you have just created for them. The wedding website will have lovely animations, parallax images, sticky browsing, an amazing photo gallery and a countdown of the date.
If they wish, the bride and groom can also express with words their entire history and how they are preparing for the union by writing a blog.

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