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Whether you're a home brewer or part of a larger organization, this collection of the best brewery WordPress themes will help you create an elegant and professional website.

All of these themes have at least one pre-built demo that's perfect for creating a brewery website with WordPress. In fact, many of them have several demonstrations of pre-built brewery website, which give you a good range of options for your project. They are not just for breweries, through. These topics can also be used to create websites to promote beer brands, sell beer-related products online, run beer festivals, and even start a beer blog.

In addition to the beer-focused designs that make up these themes, you will also find some very useful features to help you improve your website. Many of these popular WordPress brewery themes include drag-and-drop page creation tools that allow you to customize the content of the demo with ease. You will also find that some topics include event management tools to promote visits to breweries, food reservations, open days, festivals and more. Templates are also included for all other pages that your website needs.

Whatever website related to the beer you want to create, you will surely find a good design in this collection of professional brewery WordPress themes.

Craft Beer does an impressive job of simplifying the task of creating a brewery website with WordPress.

Whether you're about to launch your first brewery website, or your existing site needs an upgrade, the premium craft beer from the BoldThemes team has an elegant and professional design that will surely impress your target audience. In addition to the striking default homepage layout, the Craft Beer theme also has six other homepage layouts that can be imported into your WordPress website with just a few clicks.

Pre-built Craft Beer content is ideal for displaying your beers and other beverages, selling your products online and promoting your pub or brewery as an exciting destination. You can see all the home page layouts on the Craft Beer website, but to give you a quick overview, some of the features they contain include large full screen sections, icon grids with text descriptions, newsletter subscription forms electronics and video players to help promote your brand and your products.

The other page templates in the themes package make it easy to add a blog to your website so you can keep your audience updated, as well as a portfolio section to display your latest beers and other projects. The Craft Beer theme is also available for purchase with web hosting through the Envato Hosting service, which provides everything you need to launch your new brewery website today. As part of the service, the theme will be professionally installed and configured for you, offering you less work to worry about.

With an elegant design and easy to configure, Craft Beer is an attractive option among the WordPress themes of the brewery. presented here.

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GastroBar is a multifunctional WordPress theme for the food and beverage industry.

This theme has 12 demos of pre-built websites that cover a variety of purposes, including a design to create a brewery site with WordPress. There is also a website demonstration focused on craft beer that could also be useful for readers of this guide. In fact, since this is a flexible topic, if any of the other demonstrations get attention, they can be easily adjusted to fit your project.

However, continue with the demo of the pre-built brewery website, the default homepage design presents a large full-screen slide screen, with the Slider Revolution add-on. As this premium add-on is included in the GastroBar themed package, you will not only save money on the purchase price, but you will also have access to a selection of high-quality immersive presentations for your website.

The rest of the main page of the brewery website by default the design includes a section for a menu, a booking system to manage online reservations and details about opening hours, location and other key information about your company. There is also a custom social media feed widget to display photos of your Instagram account in the footer or on the sidebars of your website.

As you would expect from one of the best brewery WordPress themes, there are prebuilt page layouts for all the rest of the content your site probably needs, including the pages about, equipment and contact. Adding a blog to your website to help you share news about your latest beers is part of the functionality of the GastroBar theme. You can even sell products online from your website, thanks to the e-commerce support of this topic. By enabling the free WooCommerce add-on, you can create product listings, register customers and collect payments online, all from your WordPress website.

GastroBar and its customizable selection of website designs should appeal to a broad audience.

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The Brew House is perfect for creating websites for bars, restaurants and breweries with WordPress.

With six main variations of home page to choose from, you will surely find a suitable layout for your WordPress. brewery website with the theme The Brew House. The default layout of the home page has an impressive full screen slider that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of your website. Although you can easily change the content on the slider, the large high-resolution images of the beers must attract your audience. As visitors move through the slide show, you can see the other photos of your brewery or any other image you want to share with them.

The other designs on the home page present slightly different designs, but in general, The Brew House The demos have a high-quality look that will surely portray a professional image to anyone who visits your website. Below the sliders, the rest of the home page designs include several sections, each with its own designs, which can be used to tell the story of your brand, display several beers and even promote events that take place in his brewery. Thanks to the event management tool included in this topic, you can easily manage reservations, reservations and ticket sales, if you wish to enable this function.

All the other templates you'd expect to find in a popular package The WordPress brewery theme is included, such as the menu page layout, a selection of blog post designs and a contact page, complete with a Google interactive map. All designs are fully mobile, to ensure that users of smartphones and tablets can access your website, as easily as anyone else.

The Brew House and its default content look great, but can also be easily customized to suit your tastes.

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Hares has a classic design that adapts well to hairdressing salons, tattoo parlors and breweries.

If you are looking for a WordPress theme with a design that appeals to a certain demographic, Hares could be a good choice. As the demos in this package have been created for tattoo shops and motorcyclist clubs, as well as for pubs and breweries, you should have a good idea of ​​who this item is for. Instead of being a bright and cheerful theme, aimed at families looking for a good day, the Hares theme has a dirtier look that will appeal to hipsters and those who are looking for the last fashionable place to see.

So, if you want your WordPress beers website to have a bit of an edge and attract the prettiest people in the city, Hares should be on your restricted list. However, this theme is not fixed in its design. Thanks to the inclusion of the premium complement WPBakery Page Builder, formerly known as Visual Composer, you can customize almost every aspect of your brewery website. This customization work is carried out through a visual editor interface of drag and drop content, without the need to edit any code. You can also make global changes to your site, such as editing fonts, changing colors and loading new logos, all through the intuitive control panel of theme options. All this ensures that you have the tools to make a personalized brewery website with WordPress that matches your vision. If some of this sounds daunting, do not worry, this topic is backed by a lot of useful documentation to help you make the most of what Hares can do.

In addition to the 15 elegant home page layouts that make up the Hares package, you can also use the 12 internal page templates. Thanks to these designs, you should be able to add all the essential content to your website, including menus, contact, location and pages, just to name a few. The integration of WooCommerce should also be useful, if you want to sell products from your website or manage online reservations and reservations online.

If you're looking for an eye-catching design for your brewery website, Hares is worth it. taking a look.

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A ban has been created to help you launch an elegant website for your brewery or restaurant.

Whether your brewery focuses solely on providing the best beverages or also offers food to your visitors, this theme has everything you need to launch an elegant website with WordPress. There may only be one demonstration of the website in the Prohibition thematic package, but this simplifies the process of launching your new brewery website. Simply upload the theme files, import the content of the demonstration and then start adding your own text and images to the site. It is not necessary to agonize on a selection of website demos, trying to decide which one to use. With the Prohibition theme, there is only the specific design.

That does not mean I do not have many creative options with Prohibition. Once you have uploaded this theme and imported the content of the demo, you can add your personal touches to this theme to match your brand and vision. The WP Bakery Page Builder is included in the package, so this is another theme that can be easily customized through a drag-and-drop interface. You also have access to an unlimited color selection, thanks to the color selector tool.

Other notable features of the Prohibition theme that you may find useful include the mega menu tool that helps you add awesome drop-down menus to your website, e-commerce support for selling products online, and menu templates for Post everything that is available in your brewery. You can also use the included Slider Revolution top plugin to add some eye-catching slideshows, as well as slideshows of images and videos to your website, which helps convince visitors why they should visit their brewery in person.

All in all, Prohibition is a great option for anyone who wants to quickly launch a WordPress factory website.

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Bira33 is a multipurpose WordPress theme for the brewing and brewing industries.

Thanks to the pre-built content in the Bira33 package, this theme could easily be used to create websites for brewpubs, craft breweries, beer festivals and, of course, breweries. Bira33 could also be a great option if you want to create a website to promote your own home beers, such as craft beers and beers that you are producing yourself. In addition, thanks to the support of electronic commerce, through the integration of the WooCommerce add-on, listing products for sale from your site is very simple.

Bira33 also works well to create a website to promote events online. These could be the events that take place in your brewery, such as tasting events or unique events, such as the creation of a website for a beer festival. Thanks to this event functionality, you can easily publish all the details of the event, as well as manage reservations and reservations online, through your WordPress website.

With a full set of blog templates, Bira33 is ideal for creating a blog brewer with WordPress. Custom widgets help you populate the areas of the sidebar and footer of your blog with useful content and links. These could be the latest photos of your social media accounts like Instagram or links to your most popular articles. As the WPBakery Page Builder add-on is included in the Bira33 package, you can use this content editor to create custom designs and layouts for your blog posts, as well as for any of the other pages on your site. Also included are two slider tools, which provide you with everything you need to add interactive slide shows to your WordPress factory or website related to beer.

No matter how big or small your project is, the Bira33 WordPress theme gives you an easy and fun way to make a website for it.

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