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WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.7.4 is now available for download. In this update, we have solved several problems found in the previous version and we have improved many functions. Especially, we focus on improving the processing speed of the template. Please check the following list to find the changes provided with WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.7.4.

What's new with WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.7.4:

  • ? Improved CSV import function, you can now import file information individually (title, password, price …)
  • Enhanced email blocking option, you can keep the request pending when someone enters your name and email address , then you can review the requests to approve or reject.
  • Added a custom administrator notification email for new user
  • Added a new option for using individual file download link
  • Fixed a problem with google connect export contacts

All these settings are important for WordPress Download Manager to work correctly or better than the previous version. Therefore, we recommend that you update your copy as soon as possible. You can obtain the latest version of the WordPress Download Manager from Premium Download Area .

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