What’s in your bag, The Knocks?

What's in your bag? is a recurring feature in which we ask people to tell us a little more about their everyday devices by opening their bags and their hearts. This week, we present the electronic music duo The Knocks .

The Verge is at The Knocks & # 39; HeavyRoc Music Studio, based in Chinatown. The room is full of synths, and two golden Maneki-Nekos (lucky cats) guard the tall perches. It is a cozy place that has welcomed people like Sofi Tukker, Santa Lucia, and it was the same space where The Beastie Boys rehearsed. Of course, it's where The Knocks, composed of Ben "B-Roc" Ruttner and James "Jpatt" Patterson, also create their music. New York producers have a special ability to create fun and funny improvisations, such as "Kiss The Sky" with Wyclef Jean, "Classic" and their new single about not wanting to grow up: "Ride Or Die" with Foster. La gente.

While The Knocks are usually in motion (they accompanied Justin Bieber on the Purpose tour), the two decided to stay this year to work on a new album. They could spend more time in New York, but their handbags are still ready for studio sessions and DJ gigs, and they contain the revealing remains of a night out (shine!).

B-Roc: the leather notebook is a combo of many things. It's the lyrics of the songs, and it became a kind of weird diary for me, and I keep my to-do list on it. My sister gave it to me as a gift. She makes fun of me because I'm on my phone all the time. He said that when I write songs I should write them in a book, because when I grow up I will not want to go back and look at my notes in the cloud, I'll want something physical. That resonated with me. You do not want to pass your cloud to your children. It's nice to have something physical to write.

The book I'm reading is the autobiography of Bruce Springsteen. He is a great influence for me, and one of my favorite favorite musicians of all time.

Then there is the charm of the robot. It was something I bought on a family vacation at Martha's Vineyard a long time ago. I'm just a fan of knickknacks and it's a great little musical robot. The USB device to which it is connected is my favorite device because it is made of titanium. I could throw it from an airplane or into the water and it would be totally fine. This is how they announce it. Someone could hurt themselves, but my music will survive! And there are rolling papers: never leave home without rolling papers!

There's my Yashica T4 movie camera in its own pelican case. This is my baby. It's my favorite camera. Cinematography is a kind of hobby. I love taking pictures on tours and on the road, and we use some of them in our artwork, but mainly it's just a hobby that I have and this camera is amazing. He became famous because it was Terry Richardson's camera. It's really good to aim and shoot: you do not have to know what you're doing and everything looks really good. I get the printed movie in Chinatown. There is a place at the end of the street from here that is a photo of an hour. They are around 10 dollars and he places the photos on a USB stick.

Then I have my spare battery, that I never leave home without her. It is an unnamed Amazon brand, but it is the number one battery because you can get up to six charges and around 20 dollars. I've had four and I'm still buying the same. I always lose them.

My Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's new portable video game console, is the best you can have on the tour. JPatt also has one so we can play against each other. My favorite game now is Zelda, but I'm excited about the Super Smash Brothers outing.

The other thing I have is our DV camera, which is like a Handycam from the early 2000s. We just started using this a lot in the studio and on the way to filming little things because then when we gather content or documentary selfies, it seems really great to record on tape. I always used to make skate and snowboard videos when I was a kid, so I know how to move and I love editing.

A couple of years ago, my mother got me this leather case for Christmas and it's for computer stuff. I love leather things because they are used very well. It's the same reason I like the leather book. I like it when things wear out. I take this everywhere. It has my hard drives, my cables … The sticker on the hard drive is from my friends Deer Dana and Obesity & Speed, two local NYC designers. It's a tattoo of Henry Rollins really … I just use it to not confuse my hard drive with someone else's. Many times when I go to Los Angeles for the sessions, I have to install a small portable studio in other people's studios.

My backpack is a Burton snowboard bag dating back to the early 2000s, but it's designed to look like one of your old bags you probably took out in the '90s. I grew up in Vermont snowboarding and one of my Friends was a professional snowboarder on Burton's team and he gave it to me. I like very much. It's great for tours because it's like a hiking backpack where there are a million pockets and straps and stuff, which is really useful.

JPatt: I have headphones because Ben does not have headphones at the moment. I'm kidding. One of us is always playing, so the headphones are always there. I have Sennheiser HD25s for DJing and Bose SoundLink wireless headphones in the ear I use mainly for traveling. I like small ones (not those that are over ears). The noise-canceling headphones surprised me. I like to be aware of what surrounds me.

Then there's the Switch. I have NBA 2K18 in mine because I love basketball.

I have a myCharge battery. You already have the cables for both types of phones, which I like because that means I do not have to carry a cable … but I carry a cable just in case. It is also loaded on the wall. Honestly, it's the best battery I've ever had. And there are more charging devices because one of us is always looking for a brick or a cable in any situation.

I have auxiliary and auxiliary tones, and auxiliary auxiliaries, and then those I have on my face. You never know Your situation may change and you may need nighttime shades or darker shadows if it is brighter outside. I like to wear shades. I do not know what the brand of them is: I no longer use brand tones because I keep losing them.

I like this doll. It's a real rabbit, I'm sorry to say, but it feels really good. It's a fashion statement, but I also sometimes have anxiety and it feels good to rub this thing. I will literally load it and caress it all day long. It is addictive

A lot of condoms because condoms are good! There are the keys to my house and some paraphernalia. As for the shoes, they are Jordan 1s. Sometimes we will carry additional clothing items. Usually, I have a shirt and a pair of extra underwear, maybe some shoes. You never know if they are going to spill or whatever. I usually have my computer too, although lately I have not brought my computer because it is very heavy. But, we usually have computers. We are producers.

I usually have a backpack, but I'm getting into bags. My friend Noah has a very nice collection of handbags. I was dating him yesterday and we were talking about how the bags are new for the summer, so we could go shopping. I use a lot of disc bags because I play vinyl a lot. But I think I'm going to start using them not only for vinyl. My boyfriend gave me this bag that I got today from Verb products. It is a skin and hair care company.

There's brightness in my bag. I usually have glitter or a flask of brightness to throw people into events where brightness is the environment. Therefore, there are usually traces of brightness in me and around me.

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