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Available now on Nintendo Switch and PC, coming soon for PS4 and Xbox One

Being something new for rhythm games, I was not sure what to expect from Runner3. If I had known that beyond having a brilliant soundtrack and a fast-paced, impulsive game, there was a treasure trove of puns and tremendous puns, I would have played the franchise before.

As proof of the most up-to-date FPS games available, Runner3 offers players the opportunity to test their quick reaction skills, their overall view and their ability to solve problems in an attractive and noisy package. At a time when platform games are returning seriously, Choice Provisions has definitely hit the nail on the head.

Choosing to play as a feminist icon CommandgirlVideo – CommanderVideo is the most fabulous counterpart – I crossed the lands of the multiverse with style. Twerking and making the worm, as in 1999, I tried not to be impaled by logs with spikes or small robots with circular saws for hands.

Charles Martinet, aka Mario, tells the introduction to the game, where our heroes are on vacation at FoodLand. Here, the aptly named Cheesethröat announces that The Timbletot plans to infect the earth with the Wheat Germ, said with as many word games and styles of alliteration as you can imagine. The player can decide who he would prefer to play before embarking on his quick trip.

Decidedly harder and more complex than its predecessors, Runner3 is quite challenging from the start, with the quick change in perspective from side scrolling to behind the shoulder in order to derail even the most players Experienced

Personally, I found that the game was handled better with a controller, but it was also comfortable and simple enough to play with a keyboard. . Some of the trampoline jumping sections gave me a bit of vertigo, the angle of the camera swings when jumping, and gives Runner3 an exceptional and real perspective that really exceeds the limits of what a platform game should be like. traditional side shift.

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The game features a number of new features: side quests for some questionable characters; Retro bonus levels that are unlocked when you collect VHS tapes that have complete free movement, instead of being trapped in a terribly difficult futuristic-looking level that tests your reactions to the limit.

It took me 32 attempts to get to what I assumed was the middle point in the first level of this type, and I still do not think my eyes or neurons have recovered.

There is a store in the game that, controversially, does not require the player to spend his hard earned Sterling to buy costumes and accessories. Instead, the player can use a mixture of gold coins and gems that are collected in the game – note, EA, this is a system that works.

I try to avoid clichés, but to say that Runner3 are the Dark Souls of rhythm based games is an underestimate. The notion of "if you fail, try, try again" is the heart of this game. The same obstacles, enemies, if you do, will hinder your progress over and over again, until you understand the rhythm and feel of the level or understand who is a master of repetitive gameplay to do it for you.

Like Dark Souls only minimal hints and tips are given during the game, forcing you to rely on your memory and intuition to overcome its many levels. There are more than 80 levels in the game, so if, like me, you're a glutton for punishment, then Runner3 is the game for you this summer.

Like most games available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, there are many achievements to unlock and secrets that can be found. In addition to the VHS tapes that allow you to play a more retro style of the game, there are several side quests and achievements to complete, such as collecting each of the 100 gold bars at any given level, which in turn unlock the gems at that level to return to collect.

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Another new feature of the game that encourages the player to repeat levels is the addition of branching routes, some of which are blocked until you collect enough gold bars from that level. This adds another level of anxiety to the game, since you must quickly decide if you will go to the left to pick up those beautiful golden bars or if you have the right to find a mission or secret element that will improve your overall experience.

While not exactly on par with the side quests found in, for example, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, they fit well into the jocular tone of these games and really contribute to "story": namely, getting rid of of the annoying and love and happiness that hate Timbletot.

There are also other playable characters that you can unlock or buy, including Shovel Knight, which adds a new flavor and tone to the game and makes it feel less like "time to die" and more like "time". to knock down this door with 100% accuracy. "

You can also fly planes, travel in cars and even receive shots from a cannon to destroy your enemies and maintain that pumping rhythm.The backgrounds are beautifully designed with good taste, adding even more drama and distraction to the more intense parts of each level.

I can not say that I experienced a fall in frame rate during my playback, despite the quite complete backgrounds and animations throughout the game and its screens Clearly, Choice Provisions has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in this game, and it shows.


This is not my favorite game genre, but I had a lot of fun playing Runner3 ] and I'm sure it will be a sufficient challenge for fans of the franchise and the genre BIT.TRIP.

It's as quick as addictive, since it's difficult, and the game is only enhanced by the amazing level and visual designs of everything. The word games, the alliteration and the jokes scattered throughout history really add to the narrative and style of the game.

Runner3 is a great entry-level game for anyone looking to discover rhythm-based games and an excellent addition for any experienced player looking for a new challenge.

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