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What is Vorwerk Kobold VK200?

Vorwerk is a large vacuum cleaner company, but it may not be one you've heard before. That's because their cleaners, like the Vorwerk Kobold VK200, are usually only sold through home demonstrations.

The reason behind this is double. First of all, the vacuum cleaner has a large number of accessories available, from standard fare such as the crevice tool, to a carpet cleaner and a wet mop. They assured me that Vorwerk actively stops people who buy accessories that they will not use or need. Given the price of the system, which starts at £ 749 and goes up to £ 1500, that's good.

Secondly, the range of accessories makes the Kobold VK200 a little more complicated to use than some vacuum cleaners, so a demonstration is a good way to get an idea of ​​the awesome power of the cleaner. That said, some variants of the cleaner are available online, but some accessories are still just demo.

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Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – Design and features

The Kobold VK200 has a distinctive white plastic appearance and body with green trim. I like a lot; It seems modern enough without exaggeration.

While the VK200 can look like any other vertical vacuum cleaner, attention to detail is what really makes this cleaner stand out. To begin with, there are two switches to remove the accessory attachment: one on the top and one on the bottom. This makes changing accessories really comfortable.

The handle is adjustable in height, so you can align it comfortably for height and vacuum without having to lean. And with the EB400 main brush connected, the vacuum cleaner can stand alone.

Smartly, when the cleaner is turned on using the switch on the top, locking it upright cuts off the power. That is a practical way to be able to answer someone or pick up the phone. When not in use, the cleaner can be hung from the hook on its back.

Remove the main accessory and connect the optional hose, and the VK200 becomes a handheld vacuum, held by the carrying handle in the front. 19659003] That plastic body is also strong. How strong, questions? Well, he can bear the weight of a fully grown man standing over him. While you should not do it too often, it shows that the VK200 can get a good dose of punishment.

Vacuum bags slide towards the back of the machine. Having bags can be a good thing, since they seal the dust and prevent it from escaping. Vorwerk bags cost £ 18 for a six-pack and have a spring-loaded door that closes to prevent dust from spilling.

The bags are packed like diapers, and you just hold the new one and slam the door on the back, with the bag expanding through use. You need a good amount of water to open and close the bag door, but do not be afraid to hit it hard.

On the side of the vacuum cleaner there is a small compartment that carries a small block of sweet-smelling fragrance (Dovian Fragrance Chips, £ 6 for six) to leave your home with a fresh scent after a cleaning round.

A big thank you to the intelligent user guide, which pictorially explains how to use all the accessories, complementing the complete manual of the dryer.

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – Accessories

Vorwerk is the king of accessories. The main EB200 motorized brush will do the job for most of the house and is included in the base price.

Intelligently, it has a sensor that can determine the type of floor it is on. For hard floors, the head rises from the floor and the energy increases; in the carpets, the head approaches the floor to allow the brushes to make contact. The suction power is also automatically adjusted to suit the type of floor.

Other accessories are available at a cost; buy everything and you will easily end up doubling the base price. The main vacuum and the EB200 are available for purchase online, as are most nozzles. Specialized cleaning heads can only be purchased after organizing a demonstration.

CRV15 Crack Tool Set (£ 19) is amazing. In addition to being extensible, it is flexible and has a brush that you can place. It is ideal to lower the rear part of the radiators and clean them.

And you get a funky horseshoe-shaped tool that attaches to the wall and accumulates dust while you drill holes. [19659003]

The soft SD15 mouthpiece (£ 19) is useful for dusting and brushing. Skillfully, it can be extended, making it softer or harder.

For a more flexible cleaning of stairs, walls or upper cabinets, there is both the ESS200 flexible hose (£ 50) and the TR15 hard plastic. Extension tube (£ 19). If you want to use these accessories with your hands free, the carrying strap (£ 9) is a good idea, which fits the eyes of the main body of the VK200.

For stairs and walls, there is a flexo-nozzle FD15 (£ 19). The smaller insert comes out to offer precise control, and even clips, so you can use it as a slit nozzle.

From this point, accessories are available only by demonstration.

There is a smaller motorized upholstery brush, with which you can direct the energy to the front, sucking dirt out of hard-to-reach areas. The motorized part can be removed and clicked on the double mattress options: the MP440 massages the dry disinfection agent (Lavenia, £ 15 for six bags) instead, and the MR440 is used to vacuum. The MR440 head uses a set of vibrating rubber strips to loosen dirt.

Now, let's go to the big ones. The VF200 is used to spread the Kobosan Active dry cleaning solution (£ 25 for five bags) onto your carpets before vacuuming.

And, the SP600 is a wet floor cleaner and vacuum attachment in one, using a cleaning solution (Koboclean, £ 9 for 500 ml) and a microfiber cloth to gently clean the floors hard. There is a range of microfiber cloths available for different types of floors: universal, parquet and soft, all available for £ 29 for a three pack.

In total, there is an accessory for every job that you might want to do.

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – How noisy is it?

Impressively, the VK200 is not particularly noisy. Testing from the height of the head, standing next to the vacuum cleaner, I registered the VK200 at 624dB at low power, 72.9dB at medium power and 82.4dB at maximum.

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – How do you clean carpets and hard floors? 19659002] Using the Kobold VK200 is super easy. While you can manually choose the power, it is more convenient to set it to automatic, allowing the head of the EB400 to adjust its rollers and turn on automatically. It works brilliantly, too. Moving from the hard floor to the carpet changes the settings almost instantaneously.

It is important to note that the flexible mounting accessory facilitates the aspiration at virtually any angle, reaching under sofas and furniture and easily maneuvering around the furniture. 19659003] Starting with hard floors, I swept through a spill of oats. A larger specification was removed from the middle, but the rest was collected perfectly. And, the loose bits that moved were easy to pick up with more sweeps.

Finishing, I switched to the SP530 Duo Clean with a multipurpose microfiber cloth on that. The cloths are attached to a plastic plate with a plastic clip and a Velcro.

Gliding effortlessly through the tiles, the VK200 cleaned everything neatly, leaving a slight wet shine on the end, which dried up in a few minutes. Certainly, I achieved better results with less drying time than using a mop.

Once this is done, simply touch the release switch with the foot and the plate falls down to be easily removed from the microfiber; you only have to wash the cloths at 60ºC.

Moving on to the rugs, a spill of flour was picked up to the baseboard, with nothing after a single sweep. It is an impressive cleaning performance at any level.

Using the VF200 carpet freshener, you can clean carpets and remove dust and dirt. The VF200 is filled with Kobosan Active, a soft and fluffy material. You push the vacuum when you turn it off to extend the Kobosan, before turning on the VK200 to massage it into the carpet. Wait 30 minutes, empty and you should have cleaner carpets.

I tried it by scribbling a ballpoint pen on a piece of test carpet. After the 30-minute wait time, a rapid vacuum lifted most of the stain. Only on a very close inspection could I see where the stain had been, but I would not notice it unless I was looking for it. Vorwerk sells a stain removal fluid that must be treated with more difficult stains before using Kobosan.

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – How do you clean the mattresses?

Using Lavena mattress cleaning powder, it is possible to disinfect your mattress. It is an important job since sweat, dead skin cells and dust mites can inhabit your mattress.

With the Kobold VK200, you must first vacuum the mattress with the mattress head MP440, which slides effortlessly through the test mattress. Then, you spread the powder of Lavena, which has a pleasant smell of lavender. Finally, you massage the powder on the bed with the PB440, which has a rotating head.

This is a rather complicated job: part of Lavena's dust spread across the floor next to the bed – so wait to vacuum the room until the mattress has been cleaned.

Intelligently, since this accessory does not suck, the VK200 disconnects the suction power, making it very quiet to use. After waiting 30 minutes, you can vacuum the dust, leaving a clean and fresh mattress.

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – How is pet hair handled?

Moving on to the electric upholstery brush P440, I approached the feline bed, which is flooded with hairs trapped in the fibers of the blanket. Impressively, the P440 swept the blanket, removing most of the hair from the pets without vacuuming the cloth and clogging the vacuum cleaner.

A few sweeps later, the bed seemed cleaner; I could even see the color of the original blanket. To be fair, after much use, nothing will remove all the hair of the pet.

The same tool can be used on soft furniture, with its intelligent airflow director that allows you to direct the flow of air through the front nozzle. It is perfect for dusting the edges of cushions and similar things.

Vorwerk Kobold VK200: How easy is it to use on stairs?

When you convert the Kobold VK200 into hand mode, you can hold it by the handle or attach the shoulder strap and use it as a fashionable item within arm's reach. Either way, the VK200 is light enough to carry it.

Cleaning the stairs, the VD15 is the ideal accessory option. The wider brush fits well with most treads, but you can take out a smaller brush and even turn it into a crack tool to enter the edges.

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 – How do you clean other things? ?

The large amount of accessories means that dust is not safe anywhere. With the telescopic tube TR15, I was able to quickly clean the top of the cabinets and even vacuum the walls.

The VD15 crevice tool deserves a special mention. Its extendable and flexible tips slid through the back of my radiators, cleaning up all the dust that has accumulated for years. DIY enthusiasts will love the accessory that hangs from the image, which sticks to the wall and absorbs dust while drilling, for a smooth finish.

Why buy the Vorwerk Kobold VK200?

If you want cleaning power and accessories to cope with everything, then the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 is the vacuum cleaner for you. Yes, it's not cheap (especially if you buy a load of the accessories), but you get a five-year warranty for the price, and the cleaners are well known for their longevity.

The cleaning power is excellent, they face it with hard floors and carpets automatically, with options to clean and vacuum. In addition, the VK200 is carefully designed and easy to maneuver, which makes it a pleasure to use.

Even so, that price is high enough to drive some people away. However, those who take the step will end up with a hard vacuum and a house that is super clean.


A smart, powerful and well-built vacuum cleaner: the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 can handle any cleaning challenge.

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