All the ridiculous Deadpool 2 marketing stunts you may have missed

Deadpool 2 is now in theaters, and to announce his arrival, his marketing team has clearly pulled out all the stops. The stunts of Deadpool two years ago were wild enough, with extravagant simulations of rom-com, a fake Tinder profile and more. Now, the team has outdone itself with the promotion of the sequel.

The franchise Deadpool is an eclectic mix of genres and a metaparodia of the superhero genre, so the very strange tone set by your marketing stunts combines your product perfectly. I specialized in marketing at the university, and once I was about to work for an advertising agency, so I have to give support to this team. In a world dominated by giants like Avengers: Infinity War, that is still in theaters, a more demanding brand like Deadpool has to be good at this type of creative marketing.

Here is a more or less exhaustive summary of all the crazy acrobatics and ads that Fox has released in the run-up to Deadpool 2 . (We have excluded the countless tweets from Ryan Reynolds.)

First, here is one of the most compelling romantic comedy posters that publicize the initial release of Deadpool of February 14, 2016.

Image: Marvel / Fox via Dorkly

Deadpool 2 started his promotional materials early, already in this Bob Ross clip of the end of 2017:

In Thanksgiving, Deadpool showed us his skills in home:

Then, in December, Deadpool released a clip of him learning Portuguese and advertising free tattoo designs in time for the annual Brazilian Comic Con Experience.

On February 7, a more serious breakthrough Deadpool 2 fell, with real movie clips and flashes of action. But just before you think things get super serious and heated, Deadpool pauses, noticing that Cable is wearing a green sock on his arm. He takes the matter into his own hands, pulling Cable's action figure to the playhouse and replacing the parts of the trailer.

If that was not enough, get a load from the description box of this preview:

"After surviving a near-fatal bovine attack, a disfigured chef from the cafeteria (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of Become the hottest Mayberry bartender as he learns to deal with his lost sense of taste.With the quest to regain his lifelong flavor as well as a flow condenser, Wade must fight against the ninjas, the yakuza and a group of sexually aggressive canines, as he travels the world to discover the importance of family, friendship and taste, a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted title of coffee cup from World's Best Lover. "

Then, around Valentine's Day, Deadpool 2 dropped several romantic cards, all with jokes related to the characters. The text is, of course, in Comic Sans.

Image: Deadpool via Comicbook

For Easter, Deadpool became comfortable with a golden egg. Also at this time, he released his own coloring book for the national holiday National Crayon Day. Deadpool fans who are part of their fan club could receive the coloring pages by email, which the superhero encourages him to color and send back to him. You may or may not hang them on your wall!

Another celebration that Deadpool interrupted: Hugh Jackman's birthday message to his wife, as seen in this Twitter clip. (Also note the song, which is a good omen of another trick to come)

Both films Deadpool have R rating, so it makes sense for the hero to announce some more products for adults. His brand of choice: Espolón, a Mexican tequila company, that gives Deadpool the perfect opportunity to insult Ryan Reynolds, who recently bought a gin company.

Campari Group via Variety

Do not forget the amazing music video that Céline Dion released on May 3, which features some moving scenes from the film, as well as Deadpool dancing in high heels and posing provocatively. "We need to get it down to 5, 5 and a half, call it," Deadpool tells Céline. "Beat, Spider-Man," she replies. Somehow, the collaboration could have happened because Céline, like Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, is Canadian, as Reynolds told USA Today. In a clip behind the scenes, Reynolds says that a hologram of Céline played in the music video "Ashes" because the real Céline has a restraining order against him.

Last week, Deadpool 2 announced a branding agreement with Trolli Candy to make an edible candy version of Deadpool's little hand. One poster stated that the new "Tiny Hands" snack line has "delicate curves" and is "intensely satisfying" being "firm, but smooth". Definitely it was not the last sponsorship of the Deadpool brand: it was also associated with Loot Crate, 7-Eleven and Mike & # 39; s Harder beer, but this was one of the most ingenious.

Image: Trolli, Deadpool via AdWeek

Also since last week, 20th Century Fox released a video of David on YouTube Beckham returns to see the part of the original Deadpool where it is insulted "Did you ever hear David Beckham speak? It's like he said a can of helium in his mouth." Deadpool sends him a kissing emoji and asks for forgiveness. It's as if this franchise was generating its own videos and parodies of fans, eliminating the need for yaoi fanfiction.

Not satisfied of just tweeting about Deadpool on every possible occasion, Ryan Reynolds also went to South Korea television to make a surprise appearance at the singing contest show King of Mask Singer like … a bright unicorn. With a resplendent cape and mask, he sang a strange and patented cover of "Tomorrow", from the musical Annie . His subsequent revelation was, understandably, nonsense.

Image: 20th Fox via LinkedIn

Then a fake LinkedIn page appeared for Peter, a recruit with absolutely no superpower that Deadpool hires for the X-Force anyway. (He also has a Twitter account .) Peter's LinkedIn page includes him as an X-Force recruit since April and as an Excalibur sales manager for 20 years before that. It also has a LinkedIn article that Peter wrote, published two days ago, with a picture of his wife, his personal trainer shirtless, and Peter. If Peter returns for the X-Force movie, I want to know more about his strange married life and his obsession with bees .

The exaggeration has even invaded the DVD racks at Walmart, where ] The Deadpool marketing team replaced famous titles such as The Terminator or Assassin & # 39; s Creed . Deadpool declares unpleasantly but rather in character, "My face is in all these movies I'm not in! #mustbedreaming"

Deadpool 2 is in theaters now. At this point, you can think of the movie as a complex marketing trick of almost two hours for Ryan Reynolds.

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