Valve’s PC game streaming service Steam Link launches in beta on Android

Valve announced earlier this month that its Steam Link game delivery service would reach mobile by the end of May, and now we have a beta version on Android to play with it. The application is live on the Google Play Store starting today and will allow you to stream complete PC games through Steam while your smartphone is connected to a nearby PC through a 5GHz Wi-Fi network and the PC is connected directly to your router. an ethernet connection For now, it seems that you can not use Steam Link on LTE.

You can play games on the mobile device using the Steam Controller and, presumably, any other Bluetooth gamepad device, which includes the Xbox One controller and other Android compatible devices. (Valve has not yet released a full list of supported drivers.) The application will also work on Android TV set-top boxes, as long as your Android TV is directly connected to the same router as your gaming PC.Valve says the app should support 4K at 60 fps, but that 1080p at 60 fps will be the standard quality bar for most titles, according to Variety.

Steam Link was launched in 2015 with a hardware add-on as part of La Valve's larger Steam Machine initiative was to try to drive a Linux-based software ecosystem in the living room, which revolved around allowing PC players to play Steam on their TVs using a special driver that imitated the freedom of movement of a mouse. [19659004] Steam Machines has been quietly pushed to the dumpster since the general idea of ​​PC games in the living room did not get traction. However, Steam Link became the most viable element of the platform once Valve left the hardware peripheral and made the software available for SM art TVs. Now, Steam Link has an even greater opportunity to capture since it is a mobile. Valve says that an iOS / Apple TV version of Steam Link should arrive soon, once Apple approves the software for the App Store.

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