Battletech Review

Available on PC

I have the anger to leave Battletech several times. However, this is not a bad thing; It means that I am being challenged, and I like that. But Battletech is difficult and requires patience and practice, and requires a lot of time. Each mission can take a surprising amount of work to complete. Add some reboots and you're watching an old game.

But in these days when a campaign with an AAA title is, perhaps, 12 to 20 hours, I think Battletech offers a lot of playing time for your £ 35 (£ 45 if you also take the DLC). When I was 12 hours old, I had only achieved a couple of campaigns and I had just started to understand the game. At this time, he kept thinking all the time, and when I stopped doing it, sometimes with anger, I always felt the urgent need to re-enter. In that sense, it reminded me of my days at Command & Conquer, some of my happiest game memories. .

Like C & C, Battletech offers you the opportunity to try different strategies to win the game. It has a sophisticated and interesting control system and a level of depth with your giant combat robots that allows you to really enter the universe. It's the depth that makes Battletech fun, but it's also what makes it a challenge.

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I started the game for the first time, I liked the way it was presented. Instead of screens previously cut, the story unfolds through subtly animated drawings. This is quite convincing, and while many of today's great titles present striking presentations, the more discreet Battletech graphics make it look like you're enjoying a graphic novel. It's a wonderful experience

The game does not try to explain. They launch you on a mission quickly, and the mechanics of how it works is not always obvious. The more you play, the more you learn, but if you are considering buying, first see a couple of plays on YouTube; It can help you learn about the controls much faster than the game will reveal its secrets.

There are two game modes to play. A campaign that offers a lot of content and that you will undoubtedly see screaming at your monitor for 50 hours or more. There is also a Skirmish mode that allows you to perform PvP actions against computer opponents or online with real people. These coincidences are usually simple enough, but they can help reduce the itching of Battletech in less time than most campaign missions, which makes them ideal for a little fun when you are not old enough to play.

PvP, or PvC in my case, also proved to be a valuable resource for learning the game. He does not have the pressure of a mission, and there is not much at stake for a loss. As such, it is a good way to study the techniques you use in the campaign.

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Visually, the game is quite interesting. It is not the most impressive I have seen. I configure the game with the highest quality, and it is reasonable, but not beautiful.

The big problem I found is the camera angles ready to use. Playing the game is not affected, but sometimes, when you watch the enemy decimate your strength, you will end up with the camera blocked by a mountain or something. It is not the end of the world, but it can be annoying. I also noticed that the stomping of the tanks does not always show that the mech really connects to the tank, but rather to the side. Hardly the end of the world, but a bit of "video game of the 90s" in style.

However, you have a lot of control over the settings of the camera, and much of this can be disabled or modified to better suit you. This includes reducing or completely preventing the change in the angle of the camera when you fight or jump. All this makes the game much more playable, since it reduces the time lost.

One thing I noticed, and then I connected to the Internet to see many other people stand out too, was the slow way the game moves you through the turns. There is a lot of waiting for the other team to move, and even more waiting when the game does something or other in the background. This does not bother some people, but it bothered me.

There are some settings available to accelerate this kind of thing, so if you really can not stand it, then there are some attacks that make it a bit more tolerable. However, these are rough and they are ready and have some impact on the aspect of the game. For example, it will make the images of the enemy attack jump, so you will only see the damage that has been done to you. This was fine for me, and it helps to move the game a little faster -happy when you're checking in on a deadline, but maybe it's less problematic if you're just enjoying the trip.

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I would say that the foundations of the story are predictable. You can choose your house and some character attributes as you begin. But the background story itself is pretty standard fodder. You are a lonely operator, forced to sign up to fight. Banks are willing to seize the ship if you default on your loan, and the interest payments are paralyzing. The only way out is to accept missions for money.

Everything works fine, although I discovered that financial pressure hinders the game. You must pay interest every 30 days and you must also repair the mechs once they have been in the battle. Both are expensive and take time to complete. Therefore, you may have to wait 100 days to recover the health of a mech operator and 40 or more days to repair the mech. That means several large payments and personnel costs. This, I discovered, was perhaps the most annoying aspect of the game.

But, once again, the nuisance is a real challenge. Working within the budget makes the game more difficult, but then the feeling of reward for managing it is higher. My mistake from the beginning was to spend too much money on restocking mechs that I might have expected. The first missions can be completed with fewer boots on the ground. This allows you to earn more money, without spending on more staff and repair costs.


It's like a Katy Perry song, this one. You think you're immune to her charms and suddenly you're humming her in the shower and singing while you're driving. Battletech is so relentless and challenging that it really tickles the part of my brain that demands to win.

Although the game has some peculiarities and errors that I think should have patches, and may be, it's still fun to play. Artificial intelligence is frustratingly good to be better than you, and that is the challenge that has forced me to return for more. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have robots to hit with other robots.

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