This Japanese foldable E Ink typewriter is coming to the US

Pomera is a line of minimalist writing computers from the Japanese company King Jim. There have been several models in the last ten years or so, but in general the idea is that they are super portable devices with adequate keyboards, monochrome displays and long-lasting battery life so you can take one and bring it to light. write when you need it You can then transfer text to your phone or computer through a QR code or microSD card.

Now King Jim will bring Pomera to the US UU For the first time through a Kickstarter campaign. The specific model is the DM30, which will be launched in Japan next month and has a folding keyboard design like the rest of the DM line. The screen is a 6-inch E Ink panel and the battery should last 20 hours without two AA batteries. One caveat: the keyboard uses Japanese design, which I think is a great design, but it will take a little time to get used to.

King Jim has just called the American version of the DM30 Pomera, and is ready to ship in November of this year. The sale price will be 55,000 yen (~ $ 499), with anticipated prices of 38,500 yen ($ 349) available now. All of this depends on King Jim achieving its Kickstarter funding target of 10 million yen ($ 90,000), although Pomera is a long-established line from an established company that can probably find another way to sell in the United States if they really want it. .

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