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Download BBM APK The latest version is considered one of the most popular mobile chat applications. Initially, BBM was only provided to users of Blackberry devices, so BBM provided full and patented functionality.

BBM has now been extended to another operating system called Android. Due to the popularity of the BlackBerry issued, developers must plan other ideas to adapt to the "new home". But the problem is all the functionality and convenience of the original BBM that can be inherited from the Android device?

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Whatever the answer, the presence of BBM in Android applications is welcomed by the users. Obviously, it makes your BBM application more flexible with the operating system of the gadget it has. The way you use BBM APK on Android is very similar to the way you do it in other mobile chats. When installed on your smartphone, invite people to your PIN or barcode. You can save as many contacts as you can (without limit). To start a chat, select a contact. Simply enter and send text. You can find some features such as video calls, free voice calls, voice messages, emoticons, timers and picture messages attached. You can also copy and paste the chat in another contact. You can also share your location using the GPS button. In general, all are easy to use, simple and practical.

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About the BBM file

  • Download BBM
  • Revisions BBM
  • Change registration
  • Previous version [19659008] Developer: BlackBerry Limited.
  • Version: (3839)
  • File size: 40.8 MB
  • Loaded: April 16, 2018 9:40 GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.0. 3+
  • MD5: 1d4c667dc822b5291e7b0163ae300714
  • SHA1: 71c40f266d612501a2e43c330db2f515b8344784

BBM Revision APK

BBM has not decreased since the decline in consumption in recent years. There are still many users. However, as Android becomes more popular, many people want to follow the trend, but still want to use the BBM application. The developers of BBM have created a great development that will continue to be a great solution for Android users who need to use BBM. When the introduction is complete, it will be downloaded 50 million times through the Google Play Store download. The number of users grows faster than other mobile chats. Today, BBM for Android has been released as a renewal version. To run this application, the version of your device must be above Android 2.3 (gingerbread). In general, this application is compatible with all brands of devices that use the Android operating system.

Almost all the functions of the original BBM are available in the Android version. Not all functions are available, such as the BIS, AutoText and Contacts categories. The main features of the BBM application for Android are provided. The first one is the "Always" configuration that allows this application to always allow and execute any type of update in real time. The second is a free voice call that you can use to send voice messages. Third, it is the basic function of live GPS compatible with other companies. Finally, a BBM channel feature that you can use to share a lot. Well, your friends can follow your channel. Here are the pros and cons of this mobile chat application:


Provide more control and personal information about your status and your contacts. You can search for messages. The new version incorporates free voice calls between BBM users. Disadvantages The free voice function sometimes works slowly.

Change log

  1. Fastest and lightest BBM version: Opens a faster and more responsive user interface.
  2. Storage management: possibility to view and erase the use of storage by category (photos, videos, chats)
  3. Automatic preview of the website when sharing URLs in chat
  4. Enhanced contact selector: now It's easier to share content with your contacts.
  5. Preview of temporary messages when sharing posts or finding content

Previous versions of BBM APK

BBM (3723) Old APK
updated: April 16, 2018
BBM 3.3. 12,135 (3631) Old APK
updated: March 13, 2018
BBM (3513) old APK
updated: February 5, 2018
BBM (3427) old APK
updated: December 13, 2017

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