Jake Paul’s influencer circle begins to crumble as his dad comes aboard

Team 10, Jake Paul's social media incubator, is in crisis. Founded as an "influence brigade" for the prominent YouTube star, it is made up of lifelong friends like Chance Sutton and his current girlfriend, Erika Costell. The members of Team 10 collaborate and even everyone lives together with Paul. "I formulated it because I wanted to start a team," Paul Forbes said in 2017. "If you look at the biggest people on social media at the moment, it's the Kardashians. bigger than them collectively. "

However, during the past few weeks, Team 10 has been losing some of its larger members as part of what appears to be a larger transition. Operations chief Nick Crompton announced his departure on May 4. Sutton published that he would leave Team 10 on May 7; Chief Engineer Drake Rehfeld announced his departure on May 8. With Jake Paul's Team 10 Tour taking place this summer, the departure of two of its biggest stars, Crompton and Sutton, does not augur well for ticket sales that are already in trouble. (There has also been speculation about Kade Speiser's continued involvement with the group, since her Twitter bio no longer includes mention of Team 10)

Team 10 members have already left, including the former Alissa Violet by Jake Paul and the Martinez Twins. However, unlike these previous members, the signs point to turbulence caused by someone other than Jake Paul, specifically the influence of his father, Greg, whom Paul brought to help guide the business. On May 7, YouTuber and the creator of DramaAlert, Keemstar, published a video in which they claimed to have spoken with an internal source. "Jake Paul's father, known as Greg Paul, has taken over entirely the companies of Logan Paul, Jake Paul and and plans to make a merger with the two," says Keemstar. "And Greg Paul is obsessed with saving money." He goes on to say that Greg Paul audited the companies of Jake and Logan for a month before deciding to dismiss several staff members, and that Nick Crompton resigned as a result.

Keemstar also cites problems with the behavior of Greg Paul. "He's calling people & # 39; sluts & # 39; and & # 39; puss & # 39; and, you know, derogatory terms at work," he says. In Crompton's statement about his departure, he says he resigned "because of internal changes that are taking place within our various businesses with which I do not agree." On Twitter, he responded to a Greg Paul tweet about business audits. "People had problems with being verbally abused, seeing their co-workers being fired around them and not keeping up," Crompton said. "Business 101, communication, every time you publish publicly to try to make the team look bad, I answer."

(Following the departure of Crompton, Team 10 published its own long statement on the importance of loyalty. "Although it is always painful to say goodbye to people who have been part of our family , the reality is that the departures from Team 10 are always the result of a wider team decision and a deliberate plan to restore balance and loyalty to our family. ")

In a response posted on his channel, Jake Paul says he sees the exits as positive. "When people leave Team 10, everyone gets very angry about it," says Paul. "They think it's this automatic rivalry suddenly, they think it's an automatic thing that collides, they see it as a failure, and I just look at it because everyone is changing … We're all very young in Team 10 We are all very new in all this, so there are many changes that happen. "

Paul says he's focused on continuing to grow and plan for bigger businesses. "As Team 10 grows, as people grow, as they grow, sometimes all those stars do not line up for some people," he says. "… Some people did not necessarily agree with where I wanted to go or where my vision was."

As the business expands, Paul says he is bringing in older advisors to help guide his career, including his father. He says that he was recommended to hire someone who "wholeheartedly wanted nothing more than to protect me, who did not care about my money, whom I could trust 100% regardless of anything." That role was for his father. "Do not run my business and be in charge," says Paul, "but simply look over the shoulders of other people who were in my business that I trust to run my business, because I knew that my dad would give the best of me " interest in the heart. "

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