Amazon Go’s cashier-less stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go heads to Chicago and San Francisco, according to a report from The Seattle Times that marks the first expansion of the retail store without the online retailer's box from its initial location in Seattle.

By The Seattle Times Amazon has published job listings for store managers in the upcoming locations in Chicago and San Francisco. Later, an Amazon representative confirmed that the company is planning to open Amazon Go stores in those cities, although no schedule or date has yet been announced.

The news is not a complete surprise for those who have been watching Amazon closely. Curbed reported in February that Amazon had purchased a commercial space in Chicago, and The San Francisco Chronicle reported last week that Amazon would open a commercial space near Union Square, but the news of Today is the first official word in new stores.

The first Amazon Go location opened in January near Amazon's headquarters in Seattle. The automated store makes customers scan their phone when they first arrive, and then uses a variety of cameras and sensors to track which items customers have picked up and automatically collect them when they leave the store.

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