Google News is getting a revamp with more video and faster load times

Google is redesigning Google News that will bring elements of its Newsstand application and YouTube, according to sources who spoke with AdAge .

The redesign is expected to debut on Google I / O next week, and sources say that Google has been in discussions with publishers lately about the impending changes, which will consolidate many features of Google into a single product. "There are many Google services where news is found," said one publications executive, "and what they are trying to do is put everything under a single brand."

Sources say that Google News will be digitally folded into the Google Newsstand magazine application, as well as the YouTube news section. As part of the redesign, Google Play Newsstand is expected to close and Google News will get a new application. The company will also use its AMP platform to make the articles load faster.

Google delivers 10 billion clicks to publishers' websites each month. Last year, it eliminated its First Click Free policy that allowed access to paid items through the search and said it was working on a set of new tools to help publishers reach audiences. "We really recognize that the transition to digital for publishers has not been easy," Google's business director, Philipp Schindler, told The Wall Street Journal . "The economy is pretty clear: if publishers do not succeed, we can not succeed."

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