LG’s V30S ThinQ will cost $930 in the US

LG announced a storage and memory upgrade of its V30 phone earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress, and we are just now getting an idea of ​​what the device might cost in the US. UU B & H has included the 128GB version of the V30S ThinQ for $ 929.99. We still do not have prices for the 256 GB version. We have contacted LG to confirm, but the company did confirm the price with CNET . The original V30 Plus with 128 GB of storage costs $ 912 in the US. UU

The V30S ThinQ presents exactly the same hardware as the V30. The only difference between the two devices is more memory (4GB to 6GB) and larger storage options (an option between 64GB or 128GB of storage at 128GB or 256GB). The phone is also shipped with LG's new AI camera, which is supposed to identify objects in a photo and optimize it for a certain scene. However, those features are coming to the old V30 phones, and should be available soon. Verizon devices already seem to have received it.

Basically, you pay a little more for more memory and a newer device. In addition to that, LG has just announced another new phone with those same features of AI Cam: the LG G7 ThinQ. We still do not have prices, but that's a lot of phones with many similar characteristics, presumably, with the same price. I do not understand what LG is doing.

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