The best Sky TV deals, packages and Sky Q offers in May 2018

Every week we take a look at Sky TV's latest offers, packages and special offers to make sure you get the best prices when you decide to register. So, if you're trying to decide which Sky TV offer is for you, which Sky Q box it is and if you can afford it or even if you should get one in the first place, you're in the right place! [19659002] As you scroll down the page, we'll discuss the latest Sky TV packages, deals and any special offers, and guide you through the larger packages with optional extras such as Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.

Last minute offers alert!

Sky Sports | Sky Entertainment | Configuration of £ 20 | £ 59 £ 40 per month
You can currently get HD versions of Sky Entertainment (includes Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Nat Geo Wild and many more) and all HD Sky Sports channels for only [19659008] £ 40 a month from £ 59, which saves you a great £ 342. If you decide to take a look, click, scroll down to see this offer from Sky Entertainment and Sky Sports & # 39; and click on the button & # 39; Get offer & # 39; on the Sky page. If you want to add some extra (Sky Box Sets for £ 5 maybe?), Click on "Edit your order" later. There are more details on all the extras available below in this article.
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What new Sky TV customers should know

As things stand today, it has never been easier to explore your options that Sky has standardized the default package with a fixed cost of £ 20 per month, you can then add additional additional paid extras such as Sky Box Sets, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. We have delved into each of the add-ons available below and will offer them as you go through the payment process on the Sky website.

Is there any Sky Q agreement for new customers?

Yes! In fact, all of these Sky TV packages include a Sky Q box by default if you register as a new customer. When you choose your Sky TV package from the list of offers below, you will be presented with two Sky Q offers to choose from.

The Sky Q box by default is the 1TB option with a single installation cost of £ 20. However, opt for the Sky Q 2TB frame and that installation cost rises to a rather high level of £ 199 That's pretty hard, to be honest, although monthly prices do not change, so it's just a single cost to consider.

As an alternative, you can get the 2QB Sky Q chart for £ 65 instead if you add Sky Q Multiscreen to your package for £ 12 a month. First we will order your channels, then maybe we will go back to the Sky Q offers section once you have a better idea of ​​the total cost, which is easily updated at the top of the screen.

Do I need? a SkyT box of 2TB

In addition to the double storage (up to 1000 hours in standard definition) of the Sky Q standard box, the 2TB SkyT deal comes with some additional benefits. Such as being able to record six shows at a time instead of three, while watching a seventh. You also get the most elegant Sky Q Touch remote control, an additional tablet capacity and the most important party piece: you can enjoy selected channels in Ultra HD. Which is great if you recently took advantage of a cheap 4K TV deal.

The initial Sky TV package

1525257084 661 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky Entertainment | Installation fee of £ 20 | £ 20 per month
Sky has abandoned the old multi-level format of Sky TV packages to choose from. The Sky Entertainment package is the Sky TV deal with which all new customers will start and costs only 20 pounds a month. After clicking on the link below, you can also add additional add-on packages from only £ 5 per month (which is cheaper than the previous format and ensures you do not pay for the extras you do not want)) We've also gone into detail about each of the add-ons below, so it might be worth reading before heading to Sky, since your site may be a bit vague in terms of details. This package includes a variety of dramas, comedies, documentaries, music and Sky Originals. The main channels include Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Nat Geo wild and more.
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Sky TV add-ons

The Sky TV Deal add-ons are much easier to understand since the refurbishment. Better still, prices seem to be lower in general and easier to see both for new customers who build a package and for existing customers who want to strengthen their current offer.

1525257084 31 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky TV in HD | £ 5 per month
This is one of the most essential add-ons for any Sky TV package. If you have an HD or 4K TV, you want to upgrade to HD and enjoy its content with five times more detail than the old standard definition images. Note: this does not include sports channels, that's another £ 6 per month.
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1525257084 552 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky TV Box sets | £ 5 a month
When looking at the old pricing format for Sky TV packages, when Box Sets was your own level, you are saving a huge £ 13 a month for the same deal here. Sky has an excellent selectio
n of more than 350 sets of boxes and you will never miss new shows to see for only £ 5 extra per month. You can currently enjoy the new series of The Walking Dead, Tin Star, True Detective, The Young Pope, Blacklist, Ray Donovan, Legion, Ballers, Twin Peaks, Supergirl and much more. For us, this is an essential addition to your Sky TV offer.
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1525257084 858 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky Cinema | £ 10 a month
With a new premiere every day and more than 1000 other films to choose from, Sky Cinema is ideal for movie fans. The selection seems to be much more updated than the movies shown on Netflix and Amazon Prime as well. You will also get these channels in HD at no additional cost in this Sky TV add-on.
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1525257084 90 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky Kids | £ 5 per month
A single fiver per month grants access to more than 4500 episodes on demand. However, there is more, since there are also 10 live channels. Do not worry if you monopolize the television, since you can also have up to 10 individual profiles in the Sky Kids application with programs adapted to the age of your children.
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1525257084 961 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky Sports full package | £ 20 per month (18 month contract)
If you only want one of the seven Sky Sports channels, you can get it for only £ 18 per month on a renewable contract (see the following box below for more information about contracts However, if you are a fan of multiple sports and enjoy watching all year round, then you can get the full package for only £ 20 per month. This Sky Sports package comes with Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Main Event (for the most important sporting events in the world). Add another £ 6 per month if you prefer to watch these channels on HD. View Deal

1525257084 961 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky Sports full package | £ 27.50 per month (no contract) or get a channel for £ 18 or two for £ 22 a month
Unlike other Sky add-ons, you do not have to subscribe to 18 months of Sky Sports as Sky offers Renewal Contracts 30 days. Naturally, these cost more per month, but could save you money in general if you do not need it all year long. Maybe you want to turn it off at the end of the football season, for example?

You can choose a channel for as little as £ 18 per month, two channels for £ 22 or add the lot for £ 27.50 per month. This is a good option to test how much you'll need to see Sky Sports without signing up for an 18-month contract with Sky TV. Note: you must notify 31 days in advance when you want to cancel.
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1525257084 550 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky Q Multiscreen | £ 20 for the first extra TV, £ 99 for additional TV | £ 12 per month
Sky Multiscreen is an extra £ 12 per month. However, be careful with the single installation fees. Adding a multi-screen to just one more TV in your home is only £ 22. But adding another TV to will cost you a dizzying £ 99 for another Sky Q Mini box. Oh. However, once those setup fees are paid, you will only pay £ 12 per month for the rest of your Sky TV contract.
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1525257084 403 the best sky tv deals packages and sky q offers in may 2018

Sky Fiber Broadband | 18 months | £ 9.95- £ 59.95 single installation fee | £ 20- £ 30 per month
If you are also looking for a broadband package to complement your Sky TV offer, then you can add one to your Sky package from just £ 20 per month. It all depends on what is available in your area through the postal code checker on the site.

The cheapest Sky Broadband option is offered at £ 20 per month (usually £ 30). That's for 12 months of unlimited broadband, which is great, since it was previously limited to a measly 25GB. The speed is only 17Mbps, but it's enough for most tasks, including the all-important HD broadcast. In general, it has a great value for £ 20 per month.

The next unlimited option uses fiber broadband and is reduced at this time to £ 30 per month (usually £ 38.99). The download speed is 38Mbps, what we found is enough to play, transmit, download … anything really.

If you are in a house occupied with more than two occupants, then you may notice that some broadband packages have a hard time dealing with if everyone is using it at once. Sky's top-level broadband agreement could help with a faster connection speed of 76Mbps. This costs £ 35 a month at this time (instead of the usual £ 43.99). This is also a good option if you regularly download massive media files such as HD / 4K movies / games.
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Can I order Sky TV offers on the phone?

Surely. If you prefer to speak with a person who guides you step by step, you can call 0800 014 2334 to sign up for a Sky TV package. We recommend reading the previous sections about each add-on first, so you can have a good idea of ​​what is available and not feel pressured when you make the call.

What package of Sky TV is it? Game of Thrones on?

Game of Thrones season 7 is over now, but Sky has started broadcasting the whole series from the beginning. Therefore, you can tell your Sky Q box to record the lot for you.

What HD channels do I get on Sky TV?

With all the packages, you get at least the standard HD channels of free transmission. To be honest, you also get some of these with standard Freeview HD.

  • BBC One HD
  • BBC Two HD
  • BBC Four HD
  • BBC News HD
  • CBeebies HD
  • ITV HD
  • 4 HD
  • 5 HD [19659049] NHK World HD
  • RT HD

For only £ 5 extra per month you can get the superior quality of High Definition. Once you do, you will have access to the following HD channels:

  • Sky Atlantic HD
  • Sky 1 HD
  • Sky Living HD
  • Sky Arts HD
  • Sky News HD
  • Sky Sports News HD
  • Fox HD
  • Comedy Central HD
  • Syfy HD
  • Dave HD
  • Food HD
  • MTV HD
  • ITV Encore
  • E HD
  • W HD
  • ] E4 HD
  • Movie HD 4
  • More 4 HD
  • ITV 2 HD
  • ITV 3 HD
  • ITV 4 HD
  • TCM HD
  • Animal Planet HD
  • History Channel HD
  • National Geographic HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • Discovery HD
  • Disney Channel HD
  • Disney Junior HD
  • Disney XD HD
  • Cartoon Network HD
  • Nickelodeon HD [19659051] Nick Jr. HD
  • Boomerang HD
  • Alibi HD
  • Crime and research HD
  • Eden HD
  • Lifetime HD
  • Star Plus HD
  • TLC HD
  • Universal HD [19659051] ] Viceland HD
  • Sky Sports Mix HD
  • Eurosport 1 HD
  • Eurosport 2 HD

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