The best cheap hard drive deals in May 2018

With the increasing popularity of SSDs, many people have begun to cancel traditional hard drives. That's a mistake The best hard drives offer huge amounts of storage at prices that SSDs simply can not match. If you have a giant library of music, video or even photos, it's a good idea to look at a traditional hard drive for all your file needs.

No matter what you need storage for, nobody wants to pay for it completely. price for what is essentially old technology, no matter how useful it is. As with any type of PC hardware, the MSRP or the retail price suggested by the manufacturer is more of a guideline than any kind of firm rule. With hard drives, you will often find these storage devices with discounts for massive savings.

Fortunately, here at TechRadar we have analyzed hundreds of offers on the Internet to find the best hard drive offers so you do not miss the best sales.

The best deals on hard drives

Seagate gets the place for the best hard drive agreement, with its BarraCuda disks that achieve the perfect balance between storage, speed and price. The 3TB units of this line are especially good, as they really reach that optimum point between high density storage and a sweet 7200 RPM spin speed. And they do it while maintaining a significantly lower price than their direct competition.

Therefore, if you are looking for a drive for a lightweight file or a main unit and do not want to launch an SSD, BarraCuda will be a great choice, since it can reach read speeds of up to 190 MB / s, which is more That's enough for daily computing.

Best hard drive offer for games

When it comes to games, the highest priority is speed. No one wants to play their favorite PC games, only to face unbearable load times. That's where the WD VelociRaptor units really shine. These smooth units offer an impressive 10,000 RPM, so you will spend as little time as possible charging, and more time actually playing.

Better yet, they offer much better price per gigabyte than even budget SSD, so if you want to reduce downtime, you can do it by saving a couple of dollars.

Best Hybrid Hard Drive Offer

Hybrid drives combine the best aspects of SSDs (solid state drives) and hard drives, and allow you to have a high storage density while having the same speed of an SSD for the data you use most. The Seagate FireCuda desktop units take this formula and refine it by including 2 TB of data with 8 GB of smart flash memory. It may seem like a small complement to the SSD space, but it learns and stores the files and applications it uses the most, helping you access them faster than a standard HDD.

And now, with the increasing ubiquity of the SSD, there has never been a better time to find an agreement in the FireCuda, since along with other SSHD, the prices are constantly reduced.

The best portable hard drive business [19659005] These days, it is increasingly common for laptops to be built with SSD. While this is excellent if you are not necessarily looking for large amounts of storage, anyone who needs a lot of space to work will be trapped by paying an extremely high premium. Fortunately, HGST Travelstar solves this problem by offering 1TB of storage with a rotation speed of 7,200 RPM at a very modest price.

Coming in 750GB and 1TB varieties, the Travelstar is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a large hard disk drive on their laptop.

Best offer for external hard drive

Do you travel a lot for work or school? Well, if so, the WD Elements external drives line might be perfect for you. These units not only offer an excellent price level per gigabyte, but they are small enough to carry with you without losing importance.

The WD Elements line not only offers high storage and high portability, but also undermines the price of competition, making it a great purchase for anyone who needs to take their work with them.

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