Stan Lee cameos have become the MCU’s one surefire applause cue

The average Marvel movie has at least four moments worthy of applause: the first time a hero adapts, the best liner, when good triumphs over evil, and when Stan Lee appears. But according to my experience, which includes a 31-hour marathon Infinity War only one of these moments guarantees a reaction at all times. From the boring and dour The Incredible Hulk to the carefree world of Spider-Man: Homecoming Stan Lee's cameos were killed at all times.

Lee helped create heroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor. He makes frequent appearances in movies and shows with his work, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe films have turned his cameos into an institution, playing with the enthusiastic personality and dear uncle he has always had in Marvel comics. Since Marvel began its long march towards Avengers: Infinity War in 2008 with Iron Man Lee has appeared in every movie connected to the story. Even though its appearance is a fact in modern Marvel films, fans of my marathon could not get enough of it, whether it appeared during the opening film, or at 3 AM, when the delirious spectators made their way Avengers: Age of Ultron . He has had difficulties lately in the news, with a sexual harassment lawsuit against him, and a lawsuit for elder abuse that he has filed against a former manager, but in the movies, at least, he is just a reliable and cheerful joker. , a shared moment of winks and winks between fans and filmmakers.

Lee's cameos are an obvious tribute to their influence and impact on comics, but they are also a gift to viewers. He lends lightness to a movie, whether he's trying to drag Thor's hammer with a truck or doubt the existence of superheroes at all. It could be an annoying moment to break the walls if it were not done with so much fun. When I installed myself to watch Infinity War at the end of the MCU marathon, a fan stood in front of my theater with a simple plea: we had all been cheering every time Stan Lee appeared, but those were during the movies that we probably would have already seen. For Infinity War could everyone calm down so they could hear their line? It was an admirable request, but the fans could not help themselves. When Lee inevitably appeared in the movie, the whole theater shuddered with the celebration.

The audience is crucial to the experience of the cinema. A good crowd adds energy, excitement and even camaraderie. For Marvel movies, a fan service exercise, sharing the experience is even more important. A joke is only good when you have someone to share it with, and Stan Lee's appearances are referential humor in its most accessible form. You just need to recognize it for what it is.