LG G7 ThinQ vs OnePlus 6

One of the biggest competitors of the LG G7 ThinQ will be the OnePlus 6, which will debut on May 16. Although there is still a bit of mystery that covers the latest creation of OnePlus, there is still much to talk about when it comes to comparing LG's new high-level smartphone.

First of all, the LG option is almost certain to be more expensive, but can it beat the last OnePlus? We will examine several categories to discover their differences and see which one approaches. In addition, we will update this article as we learn more about OnePlus 6.

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While OnePlus has always clung to aluminum for its chassis material, it has recently confirmed that it will use glass for the OnePlus 6. This puts it on the neck and neck with the LG G7 ThinQ design, that provides support for wireless charging.

Both the G7 ThinQ and the OnePlus 6 share much in common when it comes to design and hardware features, but each has a feature that sets them apart from the rest.

See below the LG G7 ThinQ video to see the phone in action

You will find a headphone jack and a USB-C charging port on the bottom and a power button on the right side. The volume control is on the left, but OnePlus 6 will maintain its famous alert slider to quickly adjust the volume profiles. The G7 ThinQ may not have that, but what it does have is a Google Assistant button that will activate the one-touch voice assistant.

From a design point of view, these waterproof phones look quite similar thanks to their notches. In fact, you may have difficulty distinguishing them if it were not for their unique software launchers.


The LG G7 ThinQ will store a 6.1-inch LCD screen that works with a Quad HD Plus resolution. Basically, the plus comes from the extra piece of real estate obtained by using the screen space around the notch, which makes the phone have an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9.

It is likely that the new OnePlus phone have a similar amount of space on the screen. also, since it will also have the notch. What remains to be seen is whether OnePlus will adopt LCD or OLED for your phone. In addition, OnePlus tends to stay with the Full HD resolution, an advantage for the duration of the battery, although the OnePlus 6 could be your first Quad HD smartphone.

Operating System and Power

The LG G7 ThinQ will feature Android Oreo from the box and we can say the same for OnePlus 6. It is always difficult to predict if and when each one will see their Android P updates once the software be published later in 2018, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Under the glass, both phones will be similar in some aspects. You will find the Snapdragon 845 that feeds the G7 ThinQ and OnePlus 6, however, at least in the US. UU., The RAM count will make choosing between the two easier for some. In short, is the G7 ThinQ 4 GB not enough? Then the 8GB OnePlus will suit you. Of course, the gap is reduced in other regions with G7 ThinQ shipping with 6 GB of RAM.

All this being said, both phones will be able to combat the attack of demanding applications and games that will be launched in 2018 and beyond.

Camera and Battery

Despite the importance of a solid chipset and RAM, the battery and camera can improve or enhance the attractiveness of a phone. And this is one area in particular where we do not know much about OnePlus 6.

Refocusing the focus on LG's new phone, we're looking at its dual-lens camera system on the back of the device. Now it's vertically flipped instead of the horizontal array we saw on the LG G6 and LG V30. But beyond that change, LG has opted for two 16-megapixel sensors, the main one has an aperture value of f / 1.6 and the wide-angle lens balances an aperture f / 1.9 still respectable for low-light capabilities.

In his other In addition, LG has increased the camera of selfies to 8MP, so it should raise it far beyond what we have seen in previous efforts, which frankly has not been so good.

Turning to the battery, the new LG phone has a relatively low battery of 3,000 mAh, which should provide us the performance throughout the day with the option of wireless charging thanks to its glass backrest. However, we will not know with certainty how long it can last until the final review arrives.

We expect OnePlus to be competitive in both the camera and battery space, but we still do not know how it plans to distinguish itself in OnePlus 6.


Price is a section where OnePlus should Have it in the bag, even if the OnePlus 6 costs more than any of the company's devices before.

LG is probably targeting the $ 750 -850 price range for the G7 ThinQ, as it has with its previous phones. It remains to be seen how long the new phone will remain at that launch price, but it is likely that OnePlus will reduce it to a minimum of $ 100, which would make it an easy choice for those who want more phone specifications for less. [19659026] Takeaway

There are many possibilities that OnePlus 6 ends up being the best phone of the two. Obviously we are reserving the trial because the OnePlus 6 is not yet in the public eye.

But from a value perspective, the OnePlus foe, the LG G7 ThinQ really does not seem to offer enough for its price when you compare it to the power plant that is likely to have the OnePlus 6. Of course, this is It's getting tough with the OnePlus 6, which continues to be an affordable alternative to flagship smartphones under $ 1,000.

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