YouTube star Logan Paul is ending his daily vlogs

Logan Paul announced in a 16-minute vlog over the weekend that he is completing regular updates on his popular daily vlogging channel, which was launched less than two years ago and currently has more than 17 million subscribers.

According to the video, Paul is abandoning the daily model because "he wants to exercise his creativity in different ways … If someone is going to finish my career, it's fine, I'll be me," he added. He then launched into a 10-minute segment in which he and his friends picked up their custom Mercedes SUV of more than $ 150,000.

The decision comes after widespread criticism of Paul for his insensitivity and misbehavior in multiple incidents, including a vlog in late December, where he filmed the body of an apparent suicide victim in a Japanese forest. During the same trip to Japan, Paul had previously released vlogs where "wav [ed] raw fish on the faces of the Japanese, dresses [ed] as Pikachu and [threw] a plush Pokeball to random people on the street, including a police officer. "

Although he later apologized, YouTube temporarily suspended advertising revenue on its channels and suspended its YouTube Red projects, citing a" recent pattern of behavior. " After taking several weeks of vlogging to "reflect," Paul returned in late January with a video titled "Suicide: Be Here for Tomorrow," where he spoke with the director of the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and said: "It is time to start a new chapter in my life. "

This new chapter Soon included jokes about the ingestion of Tide Pods and a vlog in which he pulled a koi fish out of a pond and pretended to give CPR and catched a dead rat, indicating that he had learned very little. Once again, YouTube temporarily suspended ads on its channel.

In his last video, Paul, a characteristic maniac, explains that he is backing away from the usual vlogs because he has "diversified, brother" and connects an upcoming talk show called Impulsive although it is not clear if is referring to his brother Jake's next YouTube talk show or something else entirely. In addition, he promises that "the vlog will never end while my heart keeps beating" and that "your boy [Logan Paul] will get more and more and more turned on." Some will lose their daily content.

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