Facebook begins the rollout of its Reddit-like downvote button

In an effort to clean up their act, Facebook took a sheet from Reddit's book and started by testing the up and down voting buttons for comments.

While the test was conducted in the United States, Facebook is now deploying the new tool for more users. Going through the tweets published since the start of its launch over the weekend, it seems that most users are in Australia and New Zealand.

Power for people

The new tool has been used for comments on public publications and, insists Facebook, is not similar to Approval options with thumbs up and thumbs down for "like" or "do not like" posts.

Facebook wants its users to use the new tool to reject the "bad comments" that have "bad intentions or [falta de respeto] [are]", but it does not seem to be something for prevent users from using the downvote button in a similar way to the antipathy option.

Users, however, it seems that they can not decide on the new tool While Facebook may be doing everything possible to recover its tarnished reputation, it may take time for the new system to work as efficiently as it does on Reddit.

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