The best broadband deals in April 2018

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Finding the best broadband Internet offers is no easy task, there are so many options. Do you need ultrafast fiber broadband? Should you choose a cheap broadband offer for less than £ 20 per month or add TV and phone plans to your Internet package?

We are here to help you make that decision. Enter your zip code above and we will give you a list of the cheapest homemade broadband offers available in your area. With the latest BT, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk all-inclusive broadband offerings, our widget will filter the best broadband offers in the UK today.

Below you will find TechRadar's favorite offers for fiber (if you can get it), TV and broadband packages and broadband plans only. Keep scrolling down and you'll find our advice on what else to consider when buying broadband, from the speed you'll need, to whether getting broadband fiber is a necessity for your home.

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The best broadband offers only in the United Kingdom this month

1524816772 70 the best broadband deals in april 2018

POP ​​Broadband | 12 months | Up to 17Mb | Line rental inc. | FREE Activation | £ 16.80 per month
This is a frankly surprising price for your home's Internet connection that we rarely saw. Your telephone line is free or pays an additional bonus per month to receive unlimited calls at any time to landlines in the United Kingdom. There is nothing to pay in advance, either. And the icing on the cake … this price is EXCLUSIVE for TechRadar readers. Total cost of 12 months £ 201.60 – END SUNDAY, APRIL 29

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1524816772 227 the best broadband deals in april 2018 [19659003] Vodafone Superfast 1 | 18 months | Up to 38Mb | Line rental inc. | FREE Activation | £ 21 per month
Most famous for its Vodafone mobile phone deals the company also has excellent broadband prices. In fact, it is the cheapest fiber optic Internet provider at some distance with slightly ridiculous prices of £ 21 per month. Ok, recently it has gone up one pound per month, but we think it's worth it because Vodafone now guarantees a minimum speed of 25Mb, or money on your next monthly bill. We like it a lot. Total cost for 18 months £ 378

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Best fiber broadband deals (subject to availability in your zip code)

1524816772 545 the best broadband deals in april 2018 [19659003] BT Unlimited Infinity | 18 months | Up to 52Mb | Weekend calls | Delivery from £ 9.99 | £ 31.99pm
BT remains the most popular broadband provider worldwide with the non-negligible subject of the £ 115 Reward Card attracting new customers in its ranks. In addition, BT's super-fast entry-level Infinity fiber is highlighted by the dizzying speed you get: up to 52Mb, which is equivalent to approximately 6.5MB per second! All you have to pay at the beginning is ten percent for the delivery of the router. Standard broadband costs £ 8 less per month. Total cost of 18 months £ 585.81

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the best broadband deals in april 2018

Virgin Media VIVID 100 and Player TV package | 12 months | Up to 100Mb | £ 20 in advance | Weekend calls | 70 channels | £ 29pm
Virgin Media is still the only broadband company that can offer 100Mb broadband speeds. Now it costs less than £ 30 per month and includes TV as well. That makes it the obvious choice if you have many people in your home who use the Internet or want a 4K transmission without interruptions. Only about 60% of the UK can get Virgin broadband, so use our zip code checker above to see if you qualify. 12 Month Total Cost £ 368

View this Virgin Media Broadband Agreement – or call 08000-492-102 to order by phone

The best broadband and TV agreements in the United Kingdom this month

the best broadband deals in april 2018

Virgin Media Complete Package | 12 months | Up to 100Mb | Weekend calls | More than 230 BT Sport channels | £ 20 activation fee | £ 55pm £ 49pm
Included in the more than 200 Full House channels are MTV, Disney Channel and the complete suite of BT Sport stations. While on the internet side, you get the benefit of spraying 100 Mb maximum speeds, which should mean 4K transmission and uninterrupted downloads of up to 12.5 MB per second. And now it is reduced for a limited time. Total cost over 12 months £ 588

View this Virgin broadband and TV deal – or call 08000-492-102 to place your order.

Can I order these broadband offers over the phone? [19659002] We understand that buying broadband is a great purchase with which you will be committed for at least one year. If you feel more comfortable placing orders over the phone, we can offer a call center service, but only for a few selected providers:

  • Sky Broadband: 08000-142-334
  • Virgin Broadband: 08000 -492-102
  • TalkTalk broadband: 08000-492-103

the best broadband offers

What broadband speed do I need?

Superfast fiber broadband may sound appetizing, but may not be necessary for your home, especially if you want to reduce costs. Instead, it might be worth considering a slower and more economical ADSL.

Broadband speeds are represented in megabits per second or Mb. In general terms, the more Mbs, the faster the broadband speed. But remember that the announced speed is the maximum and does not necessarily represent the actual speed you will get. That varies depending on where you live.

0-25Mb This entry-level broadband speed is transmitted through an ADSL connection to your nearest LV switchboard. The equivalent of 2.1 MB per second should be fast enough for small households where only one or two people use the Internet at the same time. Keep in mind that if you transmit TV, you may experience a strange interruption.

25-50Mb Where Virgin led the way, the rest followed him. Now, each large provider offers fast fiber broadband. This is the ideal point between fast speeds and good value for money and only the ticket for a family home where four or five members are all transmitting, downloading and browsing at the same time.

50 + Mb If you transmit 4K TV or many people try to use your broadband connection at the same time, then it may be worth it to pay for the extra speed. It may cost more, but use is virtually guaranteed without delay, in addition, providers often sweeten the deal with extras and additional rewards.

best broadband offers

Is there wide fiber available in my area? [19659002] There's a very easy way to find out … scroll to the top of this page and enter your zip code. We will tell you immediately if you can get fast fiber broadband.

Generally speaking, 90% of households in the United Kingdom now have the option of connecting to broad fiber. But if you have a heart in Virgin Media's fiber plans, it's about 60%.

best broadband offers

What length of contract should I choose?

Most broadband providers lock you up for at least 12 months, with one-year plans being by far the most common. That said, perhaps following the example of mobile phone contracts, we now see that some providers are experimenting with longer plans, with 18-month contracts raising their heads.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some providers now offer short-term renewable contracts. Virgin Media, for example, has 30-day plans for commitment frauds. The drawback is that you are expected to play a larger configuration fee.

When your contract comes to an end, be prepared to raise your monthly rate, especially if you are lucky enough to get a great presentation offer at the beginning.

best broadband offers

Will I have to pay something in advance for broadband?

Usually. Sometimes referred to as "setup", "initial" or "activation" rates, most major broadband providers request at least some payment when the contract is initiated. The amount usually depends on the package level you choose, but it will probably be between 10 and 60 pounds. Only TalkTalk defies the trend: they have canceled their activation fee completely, while other brands carry out frequent promotions in which they temporarily eliminate their initial cost.

However, there may be other additional extras. If you take a TV and broadband package, you may be charged the TV set-top box. And some, including BT and EE, charge the delivery of the router.

best broadband offers

Do I have to pay more to have a phone line?

If you still use a home landline to make and receive calls, you're lucky: many broadband plans not only include a landline, they include it in your monthly price.

However, you'll have to start paying more when you have a personalized calling plan. You will see that your standard monthly bill begins to increase when you start adding unlimited afternoon, daytime or international calls to the mix.

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