PlayStation 4 sales may have peaked

The PlayStation 4 has been a big hit for Sony, but it seems that things are slowing down, at least in terms of hardware sales. The company has just announced that it sold 19 million consoles in fiscal year 2017 after selling 20 million in 2016, and its forecast for the current year ending in March 2019 is 16 million. By way of comparison, Nintendo expects to sell 20 million Switch consoles in the same period. In total, Sony has sold more than 76 million PS4, which means that it should exceed the life of the PS3 this year.

This is not necessarily bad news for Sony, as the company is making more money and expects that to continue. The PlayStation business brought 17.8 percent more revenue year-over-year, leading to an operating profit of 177.5 billion yen ($ 1.62 billion). This is because Sony is selling more PS4 software than ever and attracting more PlayStation Plus subscribers. For this year, Sony forecasts a slight decrease in revenue due to lower hardware sales expected, but a 7 percent increase in profits.

Sony is at the right point where you do not have to sell as many rakes and cans to concentrate on the blades. The big question is when will you feel the need to design a new razor.

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