Steven Spielberg says he’s played Mario on a PlayStation in VR

Steven Spielberg made a surprising revelation in an interview with the Japanese news agency Kyodo. When asked if he had played some virtual reality game – an obvious question given the subject of his latest film, Ready Player One – the legendary director replied "I played Mario and so on PlayStation, the first time I tried it, I did not want to take off my glasses. "

Did Spielberg only filter the existence of a shocking alliance between Nintendo and Sony? Will Mario really come to PlayStation, and in VR no less?

Well, almost certainly not. Which makes me wonder what Spielberg is talking about. Here are some of the possibilities that come to mind:

  • Spielberg played something on PlayStation VR that he thought was a Mario game. There are not many platform games in PSVR, however, nor games that feature Italian plumbers as far as I know.
  • Spielberg played a Mario-like game on some other virtual reality platform. Lucky & # 39; s Tale in Oculus Rift, maybe?
  • Spielberg played this unofficial Mario HoloLens game. (Unlikely)
  • Spielberg tracked down a Nintendo Virtual Boy and played Mario Clash or Mario's Tennis . (This is the least likely, given how mind-boggling he said the experience was.)
  • Spielberg went to Tokyo, played the official, awesome game Mario Kart VR and thought that the Live-plus-racing – the configuration of the chair was a PlayStation. (Maybe this.)

There is also the less entertaining option, which is that it said something like "I played something like Mario on a PlayStation or whatever" and the answer was lost in the translation. Maybe we never know.

Spielberg could not be reached immediately for comment.

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