Orbitsound E30 Review

What is the Orbitsound E30?

The Orbitsound E30 is a wireless speaker with some unusual features. It will charge the phones wirelessly, if they have Qi support, and has a normal USB charging port right there on its front. It has an edge along its top to hold a tablet as well.

However, the part of the E30 that Orbitsound seems most proud of is Airsound. This uses side trigger controllers to radically extend the dispersion of the loudspeaker. It works, although it shows some unwanted sonic side effects with the weird song.

The Orbitsound E30 is not the best speaker in this class, but it sounds great and it's worth buying if it's a fan of its design and additional lifestyle features.

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Orbitsound E30 – Features

Many new wireless speakers are designed for reality that, for most, is not here yet. The Apple HomePod is a speaker for the smart home: an immaculate mesh micro-tower with a HAL9000 screen aspirant peeking from the top.

The Orbitsound E30 is much more practical, however, it addresses the way many of us live here and now. It will not allow you to change the color of your lights through the voice command or recite the ingredients in a recipe. But it will charge your phone and give you a place to rest your tablet, or even your phone, allowing you to watch an episode of Love Island while preparing a meal in your kitchen.

There's something pleasantly down -to-earth about the Orbitsound E30.

Orbitsound E30

It also looks a bit different than most other wireless speakers today. It is relatively flat and long, instead of a tower, and tries to cut its footprint as much as possible. Its appearance is similar to that of the Ruark R2 radio. There is more technology at play on this device, however here.

The wireless charging plate is located on the top of the unit, the black circle that bears the Orbitsound logo. If your phone supports Qi charging, you can use the E30 to charge it. Devices like the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 +, S8 and S8 + can be completed through the E30.

It's not the end of the world if your device does not, however – you can charge your device using the USB port on the front of the Orbitsound E30. However, you may need to obtain a new cable, since the E30 has a USB-C jack. Most telephone cables still end in a standard USB.

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The Orbitsound E30 also has a pair of additional wired inputs on the back: one optic and the other a normal 3.5 mm jack. You can use them to plug in your television.

A remote control is also included, which gives the E30 an even more classic home entertainment environment. With this you can modify the volume, the track and even the treble / bass.

In addition, the remote control can "learn" the volume controls of your TV's remote control, although this is the only function it will imitate. This can be achieved through the Orbitsound application.

Orbitsound includes enough extra extras to make the E30 look like a truly different type of speaker.

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Orbitsound E30 – Design

The appearance of this device is quite charming. The most striking finish is bamboo, which uses a laminate for a solid wood look. The E30 is also available in matt black and white.

A painted metal grid is on the front of the Orbitsound E30, but it can be removed. A slight pull on the small piece of rubber on the lower right side of the grill will see it move away; It stays in place with magnets.

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Behind the grid you will see the main controller and a large passive radiator. High-fidelity nerds can appreciate the cones of the exposed speakers, but since the design lacks symmetry, in my opinion, Orbitsound E30 looks better with the grid in place.

With the grille in place, there is a central volume knob on the front. around which the LEDs are fanned to indicate the volume level, and two buttons below to start the Bluetooth pairing and change the mode used. The Orbitsound has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmission, and those wired inputs.

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You can treat the E30 as a multi-room speaker with the Orbitsound application. However, I imagine that most people will buy an Orbitsound E30 instead of an army of them. Bluetooth has a little less appeal here than in some rivals, the Harman Kardon Go + Play 2, for example, because there is no battery inside. The Orbitsound E30 must be connected all the time to work.

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Orbitsound E30 – Sound quality

In order to get the Orbitsound E30, you must understand how Airsound works. This is a patented Orbitsound technology, and that is the reason why you will find the drivers on both the side and the front of the device.

Shoot the sound down the sides of the E30 to create a much wider space and fuller sound than you would expect from a relatively small speaker. The initial assumption is that the speaker looks at stereophonic feeding and divides it into central elements and extreme left / right. However, this is not the case.

It's more complicated, judging by the effect on sound. Orbitsound E30 listens to the environmental or surround parts of a mix, allowing the side speakers to act as virtual 5.1 surround satellites.

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It is a clear idea that you should keep your voice at the front and at the center of the mix. However, sometimes it does things a little badly. Occasionally, I could identify a voice loaded with reverberation that sounds aerated as an Airsound element, relegating it to the surround speakers. This makes it look like the singer is in another room.

The medium-heavy parts of an array can also sound distorted if they end up playing the Airsound style. Again, it spoils the overall sound of a song.

However, for the most part, the Orsoundsound E30's Airsound is very effective in making the sound appear wider than the speaker itself. Just make sure you do not sit close to him, with one of the Airsound speakers pointing at you: it does not sound good, regardless of the song.

If you find a favorite song or album, these Airsound problems are activated, you can deactivate the function, or decrease it, by keeping the two front buttons pressed and turning the volume knob.

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In addition to the hassles with the Airsound technician, the Orbitsound E30's audio is great. It is well balanced, it has quite powerful bass, the means are well projected. In addition, the treble is clean and relatively soft.

I would love to use the Orbitsound E30 as my main speaker to listen to casual music. Only when compared to some of the best in this class, the cracks become more evident. Both Sonos Play: 5 and Harman / Kardon GO + Play 2 show better bass depth and a larger sound scale. It is the sound of the largest or most capable drivers. All the active controllers of the E30 are quite small.

The part that consolidates the Orbitsound E30 as a good contender in this class is the midrange detail. Compared with Sonos Play: 5 and Go + Play 2, there is a less consistent mid-range texture, which manifests as less detailed or full-bodied voices. That said, some parts of the media show great texture. The E30 is a good actor, it just is not a class leader.

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Why buy the Orbitsound E30?

The Orbitsound E30 is a solid lifestyle speaker. You get the wireless connection, the phone charge, multiroom if you want and a way to easily connect your TV or other equipment.

It is much less elitist obsessed with the future than the Apple HomePod, although Apple's speaker could still close this for pure sound quality.

The special movement of Orbitsound is Airsound. It is a clear idea to expand the sound study, but it does not work well to listen in the near field.

However, the combination of intelligent design, varied functions and good overall sound quality makes it worthwhile to consider the Orbitsound E30 if you want a wireless speaker, it is not a smart speaker for the home.


A solid wireless speaker, friendly with lifestyle.

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