Valve has acquired Firewatch studio Campo Santo

The video game distributor Valve acquired Firewatch developer Campo Santo, according to Kotaku. Campo Santo confirmed the news in a blog published last night.

Campo Santo says that they love making video games and that "they found a group of people who, in essence, feel the same for the work they do" at Valve. The study of 12 people will move to the Valve headquarters in Seattle.

The study also says that it will continue production of its next game, in The Valley of Gods and confirmed Polygon that the game will not become an exclusive PC under Valve. The study will also continue to support Firewatch and publish its literary magazine, The Quarterly Review.

Founded in 1996, Valve created games such as Counter-Strike Half-Life Portal and others, as well as its distribution platform, Vapor. Last year, he announced that he was producing a digital trading card called Artifact, based on Dota 2.

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