Help Me, Laptop: I'm a Gamer and Video Editor

Your laptop should be able to handle everything it throws at you. After all, who wants to buy a lot of devices? So, for the asusdeluxedual reader, who wrote when asking about a laptop that they could use for both the 4K video editing and their game hobby, I tell him to get a laptop that can do both.

help me laptop im a gamer and video editor
The desired price of our reader is $ 2,000, and I want recommendations and specifications help. So let's go deeper.

Normally I do not start with a screen as an important feature, but in this case, the screen is critical. Many players, myself included, would opt for a 1080p screen on a gaming laptop. Few games can be run with the best 4K configuration, even with a powerful GPU like the GTX 1080, and some of those screens have faster update rates, going up to 144Hz. But in this case, asusdeluxedual needs a 4K screen. Sure, you can edit 4K videos on a 1080p screen, but you'll want to see them in full resolution. So, a 4K screen is.

Now, we have established before that you can use a laptop for games for video editing. The argument for getting a workstation is that the Quadro line of graphics cards is certified for use with creative applications, but that does not mean that Nvidia's GeForce GTX game cards will not do the job. And if you want to use your machine for both video editing and gaming, it's probably best that you have a gaming laptop, which will have the ability to edit and the software and features to play.

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Other features you'll want include a large amount of storage to suit both raw video and multiple games, and enough RAM for function through intensive activities. To come up with a suggestion, I researched some laptops for games with 4K screens. Your alternative is to get a 4K monitor and not worry about the screen of the laptop, but for now, I guess you want to use the laptop on your own.

Reaching a penny less to the asusdeluxedual budget, HP Omen 17 sells for $ 1,999.99 with an Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q, 16 GB of RAM, a 4-inch screen of 17 inches, a 1TB and 7,200 rpm hard drive and a 1TB NVMe SSD. To save some money, you can get less storage (or keep games and files in external storage). Finding a laptop for 4K games in the asusdeluxedual price range was a challenge, and I did not find anything else that really suits the account.

But many other options are simply out of that price range. The 4K Razer Blade Pro, MSI Titan Pro and many others exceed $ 2,500 and often more than $ 3,000.

At this time, the asusdeluxedual options are limited, but that will change. The technology companies are about to launch their notebooks with the 8-Gen chips of the H series of "Coffee Lake" from Intel, which will mean a lot of new laptops for games, some with 4K screens. Then, if asusdeluxedual can wait a few months, they may have more options.

But now that asusdeluxedual knows your specifications, and even has something you can get if you can not wait. But as Coffee Lake reaches more laptops for games, there will be new alignments to consider. Waiting for Coffee Lake will also provide an asusdeluxedual time to save and get all the features you really need for both games and editing.

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