Huawei plans to make its digital assistant better at emotions

We know that Huawei is interested in adding as much artificial intelligence to their devices as possible, and their phones already include an artificial intelligence assistant in China. That dedicated digital assistant will also be launched elsewhere, with a key improvement: better emotional interactions for users.

"We want to provide emotional interactions," said Felix Zhang of Huawei to CNBC. "We believe that, in the future, all of our end users want [that] to be able to interact with the system in the emotional mode, this is the direction we see in the long term."

In other words, your phone will be able to read your mood and respond accordingly, rather than simply feed back the programmed responses (although it will too). The tone of his voice, the way he uses his phone and other pieces of information could crack to try to get an idea of ​​how he is doing.

Electric dreams

Zhang pointed to Samantha's assistant. in the 2013 film Ella as inspiration for what Huawei is working on. "Samantha is a dream for all engineers," he said. "Just like in the movie, you can even get rid of your girlfriend, it's a pretty emotional service"

The idea is that the AI ​​application eventually evolves to the point where I can have a conversation with you and provide some emotional support , as well as news about the weather and current traffic conditions on the way to the office. Your phone could be your friend, as well as your boot device.

It's not clear exactly how long it will take Huawei to get all of this in place, but it's certainly not the only company in the race: the likes of Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa and Siri will get smarter and more sophisticated over time .

Through Android Police

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