Netflix wants to create its own chain of movie theaters, according to new report

Netflix has already changed the way people think about movies and television, giving their subscribers the chance to broadcast prestigious programs and successful films from the comfort of their homes, but it could also bring the theatrical experience to its glory days?

According to a Los Angeles Times report, the broadcast giant has been looking to start its own theater chain, giving moviegoers the opportunity to experience their Netflix Originals on the big screen.

The report indicates that Netflix considered the purchase of the Landmark Theaters chain, owned by Mark, a well-known investor and businessman, Mark Cuban, although he reportedly withdrew from the agreement due to the fact that the sale price was too much high.

Binge-watching in public?

The perspective of the theaters owned by Netflix would not only bring the streaming giant closer to becoming the largest media company in the world, but also give it the perfect platform to display its films for consideration as prizes. .

With the highly public dispute between Netflix and the Cannes Festival reaching its inevitable climax recently, putting movies back in theaters and on the big screen could make Netflix more respectable in the eyes of the traditional film industry, as well as the potential filmmakers.

One thing is certain, there will be no shortage of content: Netflix plans to spend $ 8 billion on original content in 2018, and with recent big-budget hits like Bright and smaller, more thoughtful films like Annihilation, it shows that it's not afraid to go to Hollywood where it hurts.

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