Google is "pausing investment" in Allo

If you've been using Google's messaging application, Allo, it's probably a good time to start thinking about switching to something else. The application is not ruled out in a "Spring cleaning" style Google, but the development of the application is "pausing." Specifically, the new head of the communications group of Google, Anil Sabharwal, made the decision to "stop". investment "in Allo and move that team to focus on Android messages.

As we explained in our exclusive feature, the move is necessary because Google uses Rich Communication Services, or RCS, the service will be called" Chat "once that the operators launch it, and Google wants to apply as many resources as possible to make sure that this time, finally, Android has a successful messaging application.

Basically, they were not downloaded and used by enough Allo people, so they do not it makes sense to continue trying to make it a viable competitor of Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.This is how Sabharwal characterizes the decision:

The product as a whole has not reached the level of traction we expected. […] We set out to build this, that [would be] was a product that would make hundreds of millions of people excited and used, and where we are, we did not feel as if we were in that path.

If you are an Allo user, the application will continue to work and the company will "continue to support" you in some way. Google has not made any final determination on what to do with the application. "We want to do the right thing for the users, we want to make the right decisions here, and we do not want to rush anything," says Sabharwal. The urgent need was to take that team to support the Android messages, and that is happening "immediately."

From Google's perspective, Sabharwal says his team is "taking the time to think about what the right next steps are." As for what's next for Allo from his perspective, I recommend that you start by asking your friends what they would like to change.

If you're wondering if this is a bad omen for Duo, the video chat application that was released with Allo, I think it's a different story. Google is happy with its growth and recovery among Android and iPhone users, so it is likely to remain.

For more information about what's happening with Google messages, see our full story here.

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