Sony announces smaller version of giant Digital Paper E Ink tablet

The point of sale of Sony's DPT-RP1 "Digital Paper" tablet is there in the name: it's basically a giant E Ink slab the same size as a sheet of A4 paper, and it works with a stylus to the creation of documents, PDF annotation, etc. Now Sony announced a new version. the DPT-CP1, which basically is exactly the same but in size A5.

The 10.3-inch screen has a resolution of 1404 x 1872 at 224 dots per inch and has a capacity for 16 gray scale levels. The DPT-CP1 has 16 GB of storage for PDF files, which can be shared with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices through a complementary application. It has a thickness of 5.9 mm and weighs about half a pound, and Sony says it will last about a month with a single charge.

Like the larger model, it is likely that the DPT-CP1 will remain a product only for Japan, and, in fact, it is not aimed at conventional consumers: Sony says the price will be "below" 70,000 yen, or about $ 650, which would make it about $ 100 cheaper than its big brother. It will be available in early June.

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