iPad Pro 10.5 Review: Better with iOS 11

What is the iPad Pro 10.5?

The second version of the Apple tablet aimed at "professionals" is a fantastic piece of kit, but certainly not for everyone. If you want something for the desire of Netflix and web browsing, the iPad 2018 9.7 inches is all you need.

But if you're looking for something that can replace your laptop when you're on the move, the iPad Pro 10.5 deserves your attention because it offers the best camera, screen and performance you've ever seen on a tablet.

However, it has a very expensive price, and it is very expensive. For some, it will be worth every penny. For others? It may seem like an exaggeration.

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iPad Pro 10.5 – Design [19659002] The design of the iPad has evolved very little since its inception seven years ago. The iPad Air slimmed things down and the 12.9-inch Pro from 2015 lengthened things, but the basic aspect has not changed much. However, there are some key modifications to this year's model that make it feel much more like a modern tablet.

First, the new 10.5-inch screen size means that the tablet is slightly larger than the outgoing 9.7-inch Pro but, due to a thinner bezel on each side of the screen, it feels in your hand pretty much the same. Wide-wise it's almost the same as the outgoing model, but it's a bit taller and that means your old iPad cases probably do not fit.

The bezel on a tablet doesn & # 39; It bothers me as much as it does on a phone, since it needs more space on the edge to get a proper grip. But there seemed to be a lot of wasted space on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and it's nice to see Apple tackle that here.

The rest of the tablet feels very familiar and, as before, the aluminum back does not offer flex and the beveled edges still reflect the light in a very striking way.

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The four speakers sit next to each corner and there is a headphone jack on the top and a lightning connector on the bottom, along with the three-pin smart connector On the side. Everything is very common, but I can not deny that it is a well-built tablet that looks good.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro comes with the usual range of Apple colors; including gray space, gold, silver and rose gold, but unfortunately it is not matte or black like the iPhone 7.

iPad Pro 10.5 – Screen

Apple says that the new 10.5 inch screen here offers 20% more space Usable than the outgoing model of 9.7 inches, and you will notice that extra screen space. But, if you find that 9.7 inches are too small, I do not think the extra four-fifths of an inch makes a big difference. Apple claims that the larger screen allows you to include a full-sized virtual keyboard, but for me it still feels much smaller than that.

What's really special about the screen here is the technology called "ProMotion" from Apple that drives the 2224 x Resolution Retina IPS LCD resolution 1668.

Previous iPads operated at 60Hz, which meant that the screen was refreshed 60 times per second. In the new iPad Pro, the screen is 120Hz, which means it is renewed twice more. The effect is obvious even in the configuration screens; Everything is so smooth, so fluid that it almost does not feel like you're touching the screen.

ipad 9

The real power of ProMotion, however, is the way it deftly adapts the refresh rate of the screen according to what it is doing. Movies are usually shown with a lower refresh rate, but if you are drawing, you will want to zoom in at 120Hz to eliminate any noticeable input delay. As an added benefit, the feature also saves battery life in the process.

It can even operate at two different speeds if it is in divided view, keeping it at 120Hz in the Notes application and downloading it in the video player. Nor does it suffer the effect of "telenovela", where the high-frequency video update looks incredibly fast and without problems.

The screen still covers the full range of DCI-P3 film grade colors and is also brighter at 600 nits, 100 nits more than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. While it seems a bit brighter, you'll only notice it if you put it directly next to another iPad. This extra glitter bump will help visualize the iPad on the outside, but it was already exceptionally bright, so it's more of a good option than crucial.

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The enhanced brightness will also allow the 10.5-inch iPad Pro to display HDR content, when the applications that support it finally arrive.

There is also a new coating on the screen designed to reduce glare and help usability outdoors, but in my eyes it does not look better than the previous model.

In a nutshell, this is the best screen on any tablet. Without competition

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