Top Tech Conferences: The Ultimate B2B tech events and show guide for 2018

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I love or hate it, events and conferences are often where merchants meet in the world of technology to decide on the future of the industry.

Ironically, technology itself has accelerated the demise of some massive technology events (like Comdex) but the result is that the rest are more focused, alive and boisterous than ever. [19659003] TechRadar Pro and ITProPortal have teamed up with the PR B2B technology industry to organize a list of national and international technology events, conferences and events.

RSA 2018 Conference

April 16 to 20, San Francisco

The RSA 2018 Conference will take place April 16-20 in San Francisco: take this opportunity to learn about new security approaches of information, discover the latest technology and interact w with leading security leaders and pioneers.

Why attend? Practical sessions, lectures and informal meetings allow you to access an intelligent and progressive global community that will inspire and train you.

Blockchain Expo Global

April 16 to 18, London

Blockchain Expo, the world's leading blockchain set for business events, will arrive at the Olympia in London from April 18 to 19, 2018, bringing together industry leaders for two days of top-level content from leading brands that adopt and develop cutting-edge blockchain technologies.

Why attend? Blockchain Expo is expected to attract more than 6,000 delegates dedicated to the block chain during the two days.

MIT Technology Review presents: Business Blockchain 2018

April 23, Cambridge MA

The MIT Technology Review presents a one-day forum to examine the business potential of emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies with leading entrepreneurs, innovators, policy leaders and media.

Why attend? Get answers to some of the most pressing questions in the industry, with timely updates and in-depth analysis for those interested in keeping up with the rapid blockchain developments around the world.

IP Expo Manchester

April 25-26, Manchester

IP EXPO Manchester is part of the most important business IT events series in Europe, for those looking to discover how the latest innovations in IT can boost your business forward.

Why attend? The event presents a new exclusive content and high level knowledge of the entire industry, as well as the presentation of the latest advances in IT. IP EXPO Manchester now incorporates six events under one roof that include: Cloud & IoT, Cyber ​​Security Manchester, networks and infrastructure, data and analysis, DevOps and AI.

Microsoft Build

May 7 and 9, Seattle [19659003] The last annual Microsoft developer event, where the most innovative minds in technology will come together under one roof to inspire, create tomorrow and codify the future .

Why attend? Attend debates, demonstrations and practical labs led by innovative thinkers of the future to share knowledge and inspire all developers to imagine tomorrow.

TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2018

May 14 to 16, Nice

This year, Digital Transformation World presents the media and analysts with an unparalleled opportunity to be at the center of the change in industry by talking to key global CSPs about what they are doing to become digital providers.

Why attend? Meet the more than 120 companies that collaborate through a rapid concept test. Catalyst projects in: artificial intelligence; chain of blocks; zero touch operations; ONAP; orchestration of the life cycle service; 5G; smart cities; digital ecosystems and more.

Critical Communications World

May 15 and 17, Berlin

CCW brings together the critical communications industry under one roof to drive innovation and knowledge sharing. CCW is the largest exhibition of its kind, bringing together critical communications professionals from around the world.

Why attend? The event presents an updated policy, vision and intelligence along with real-world case studies and advice on best practices.

IRMS Annual Conference 2018

May 20-22, Brighton [19659003] This important industry meeting offers an annual opportunity to gain an independent view on the key challenges surrounding this critical resource, presented by the Society of Information and Archives Management (IRMS) of international renown.

Why attend? A program packed with inspiring speakers, lively discussions and insurmountable networking opportunities, focused on the latest ideas, industry innovations and best practices from world-class organizations.

VR World London

May 22, London

Now in its 3rd year, VR World 2018 is a 2 day conference and exhibition focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality and its impact beyond of the game.

Why attend? With 4 tracks of events in depth and more than 150 main speakers, no other European event covers the market in such detail.


22-23 May, Gdansk, Poland

infoShare is where you can share your story and make your ideas happen. Here you will find knowledge and inspiration, form meaningful relationships and create a truly innovative technological society.

Why attend? The largest technology conference in Central and Eastern Europe brings together opinion leaders in the IT industry with a program package of speakers and sessions.


May 22-24, Berlin

The main NATO officials, European and North American companies will meet at the NITEC18 industry conference to discuss the digital transformation of NATO and the emerging technological and cybernetic needs and to explain how companies can participate in NATO's business.

Why attend? The event will describe the next business opportunities in the areas of NATO IT modernization, missile defense, Command and air control, cyber security, intelligence, etc. and provide direct access to the NATO Program managers, as well as meeting opportunities for NATO, the academic world, technology centers and commercial technology companies (including new companies, entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises).

Diversity in technology 2018

May 24, London

Following a conference last year, Diversity in Technology 2018, the largest conference in Europe dedicated to diversity and inclusion, returns to a day full of inspiring master conferences, round tables, technical sessions and workshops focused on diversity. Join more than 500 leaders and technology professionals, including BBC, Bloomberg, Sky, HSBC, BBC, Amazon among many more

Why attend? The conference will connect and train people from minority groups, provide practical information on innovative technologies and allow organizations to build truly diverse and inclusive cultures.

Accountex 2018

May 23 and 24, London

Accountex gives decision makers the unique opportunity to discover new products from more than 200 exhibitors, listen to lectures from leading names of the industry and everything while working in a network with one of the industry.

Why attend? 16 theaters, 150 expert speakers, more than 180 Keynotes accredited by CPD, seminars and workshops, and 200 exhibitors.

InfoSecurity Europe 2018

June 6th -8th, London

Infosecurity Europe (Infosec) is the region's number one information security event with the largest and most comprehensive conference program in the region. Europe and more than 400 exhibitors that exhibit the most relevant information security solutions and products. .

Why attend? Join the largest information security community in Europe and be part of the future of the industry.

Machine Intelligence Summit

June 6 to 7, Hong Kong

The 5th Global Artificial Intelligence Summit will explore the latest technical advances in AI, machine learning and its applications in different areas, such as business and health care, education, finance, automation, etc.

Why attend? Confirmed speakers from: Alibaba, HSBC, DBS Bank, TVB, NASA, GogoVan, DHL and more.

Machine Learning in Healthcare Summit

June 6 to 7, Hong Kong

The 5th Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence in Health will show opportunities to advance in machine learning methods and their impact on the healthcare and medicine. Learn the tools and techniques of artificial intelligence designed to revolutionize the sanitary, medical and diagnostic applications of a worldwide selection of experts

Why attend? Discover the tools and techniques of intelligence of the machine to revolutionize the sanitary applications, medicine and diagnostics.

Tech for Britain

June 7, London

Tech for Britain is the UK's premier conference for those working in technology, with some of the best space leaders taking the stage to Deliberate on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the impact of technology within t
he company.

Why attend? With sessions mainly from disruption to technological culture, there is something for all sectors.

AI Summit London

June 12-14, London

Now in its third year, The AI ​​Summit is the first and largest conference and exhibition in the world that analyzes the practical implications of AI for business organizations, the real solutions that are transforming business productivity. The objective of the AI ​​Summit is to help the business leader, data scientist, and engineer to successfully implement their AI projects.

Why attend? Join more than 10,000 visitors, more than 3000 delegates, more than 300 speakers at the AI ​​Summit in London and secure your place at the front-end of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Open Source Summit Japan and Automotive Linux Summit

June 20-22, Tokyo

Automotive Linux Summit connects the developer community that drives innovation in automotive Linux together with the providers and users that provide and use the code to drive the future of the devices integrated in the automotive sector.

Why attend? A leading conference for technologists and leaders in the open source industry to collaborate and share information, learn about the latest open source technologies and discover how to gain a competitive advantage through the use of innovative open solutions.

Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018

June 26-27, London

Join 3000 leaders and technology professionals in the vibrant UK centerpiece for women in technology. Speakers include Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho CBE, Baroness Joanna Shields, Microsoft, Monzo Bank, Facebook,, eBay and many more.

Why attend? Listen to the best speakers in the industry, improve your entire portfolio of skills and celebrate the diversity of gender in the fastest growing industry in the world.

LinuxCon China

June 26-28, Beijing

In LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen, attendees will collaborate, share information and learn about the newest and most interesting open source technologies, including Linux , containers, cloud technologies, networks, microservices and more; In addition to obtaining information on how to navigate and lead in the open source community.

Why attend? Three conferences in one, this event is a technical conference for developers, operations experts (architects, system administrators), devops), business, compliance and legal leadership and other professionals who meet in an informal environment to learn from Open source experts, have fascinating discussions, collaborate with your peers and gain a competitive advantage with innovative open solutions.

Blockchain Summit London

June 26-27, London Olympia

Blockchain Summit London is a 2-day conference and exhibition that connects more than 2,500 industry leaders, business decision makers, technological innovators and investors.

Why attend? Based on unique content and exceptional networking opportunities, Blockchain Summit is the largest dedicated Blockchain event in Europe.

Open Source Summit North America

August 29-31, Vancouver

Open Source Summit is the leading open source technical conference in North America, bringing together more than 2,000 developers, operators and professional community leadership to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud computing and more.

Why attend? Four events in one, Open Source Summit is a technical conference where more than 2,000 developers, operators and community leadership professionals come together to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest open technologies, including Linux, containers, computing in the cloud and more.

The FutureTech Expo

September 14 to 16, Dallas

An in-depth look at some of the most popular areas of current technology, including Blockchain & Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security / Hacking , Quantum Computing, 3D Printing and Virtual / Augmented Reality.

Why attend? More than 5,000 attendees planned, 70 first level speakers and more than 100 exhibitors discussing the latest trends in the technology industry.

Connected World Summit

September 25-26, London Printworks

Connected World brings together more than 2,500 industry leaders, technology innovators, decision makers and investors. Now in its fourth year, it has grown exponentially in content, technologies and audience size; with our original Connected Home and Cities tracks now complemented with disruptive themes like Blockchain, 5G and AI.

Why attend? Listen to over 200 exclusive visionary speakers with practical implementation cases and solutions presented exclusively at the fair.

Open Networking Summit EU

September 25-27, Amsterdam

ONS Europe brings together the business and technical leaders of companies, the cloud and service providers to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of open networks and orchestration.

Why attend? ONS is the largest and most inclusive Open Networking & Orchestration event in the world, bigger and better than ever.

Hotel & Spa Tech Live

September 25-26, London

Hotel & Spa Tech Live is the UK's premier event for technology, systems, products and services that are opening new roads in the hotel and spa sector.

Why? assist? As technology becomes more critical for hospitality industries, Hotel & Spa Tech Live offers you an unprecedented opportunity to find the latest cutting-edge supplies designed to create an unforgettable experience for your clients, from the innovators behind these transformative solutions.

Restaurant & Bar
Tech Live

September 25-26, London

Restaurant & Bar Tech Live is the largest exhibition in Europe dedicated to emerging technology and services that are shaping the future of restaurants and bars. The program offers a view of the dining room of tomorrow and will offer the owners of restaurants and bars the opportunity to find the latest products, services, systems and advances from around the world.

Why attend? Visitors will see you being able to see, test and touch the technology that will transform the way they run their business, attract customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

AI 2018 World Summit

October 10 to 11, Amsterdam

World Summit AI will bring together the entire ecosystem, Enterprise, Startups, Investors and Deep Tech from all corners of the world in Amsterdam for 2 days of knowledge exchange and creation of networks. From applied solutions for companies and companies to the implications of Artificial Intelligence in society, including ethics and Artificial Intelligence, the World Summit will directly address the most ardent AI problems for 2018 and beyond

what to attend? In 2017, the summit ran out and gathered thousands of AI explorers, the most influential people in artificial intelligence as speakers and all the big technology companies, including Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, Intel, Uber and Apple. In 2018, we expect more than 4,500 attendees and 140 of the brightest brains onstage to tell you everything you need to know about AI.

FinTech Open Forum

October 10-11, New York [19659003] Focusing on the intersection of financial services and open source, Open FinTech Forum will provide CIOs and senior technicians with guidance on creating programs Open source technologies, as well as an in-depth look at cutting-edge open source technologies, including AI, Blockchain / Distributed Ledger, Kubernetes / Containers, Quantum Computing, which can be leveraged to boost efficiency and flexibility.

Why attend? Listen to the latest news, opinions and opinions of some of the leading minds in the industry. [19659125] Open Source Summit Europe

October 22 to 24, Edinburgh

Open Source Summit is the leading open source technical conference in Europe, bringing together more than 2,000 developers, operators and leadership professionals community for coll abate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Linux, containers, cloud computing and more.

Why attend? Four events in one, Open Source Summit is a technical conference where 2,000+ developers, operators and community leadership professionals come together to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Linux, containers, computing in the cloud and more.

Big Data LDN

November 13-14, London

Big Data LDN is a free conference and exhibition where delegates discuss the big questions and share ideas with their progressive colleagues and key members. the data community.

Why attend? Listen to more than 100 expert speakers on 8 technical and commercial conference tracks, which include real-world use cases and discuss your business requirements with more than 80 leading technology consultants and suppliers.

Hyperledger Global Forum

December 12-15, Basel, Switzerland

Developers, vendors, business end users and business chain technology enthusiasts will converge on Basel, Switzerland, from 12 to December 15, 2018 for the opening of Hyperledger Global Forum.

Why attend? The first two days will feature a forum with keynote addresses, work sessions and a technical showcase. The next two days will feature hands-on tutorials and workshop events, and the week will culminate in a hackathon.

CES 2019

January 8 to 11, 2019, Las Vegas, USA UU

For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovations and technology that has changed the world. Held in Las Vegas every year, it is the global meeting place for all those who thrive in the business of consumer technologies and where the latest generation innovations are introduced into the market.

Why attend? More than 3800 of the largest technology companies that exhibit.

BETT 2019

January 24-27, London

Bett is the industry's first show of the year in the educational technology landscape, bringing together the world's educational community to celebrate, find inspiration and analyze the future of education, as well as the role played by technology and innovation to allow all educators and students to thrive.

Why attend? More than 850 leading companies, 103 new and exciting education initiatives and more than 34,700 attendees (131 countries represented) will be present.

Mobile World Congress 2019

February 25-28 Barcelona

The largest mobile telephony fair in the world marks another year in Barcelona with a stellar list of speakers and exhibitors.

Why attend? More than 2,300 exhibitors will gather in Barcelona to showcase the latest technologies and the most innovative products available. Take your place among the companies that are configuring the connected future.

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