Anker is offering Verge readers 25 percent off their newest wireless charging stand

We mentioned in March that the new PowerWave wireless charger from Anker aimed at iPhone users is probably discounted very soon. Less than a month later, Anker has fulfilled that prediction by offering Verge readers an exclusive Amazon discount code of 25 percent on the latest addition to its line of wireless charging cradles.

The PowerWave wireless charging stand is advertised as a 7.5W charger, the power required for fast charging of the iPhone, although it goes up to 10W for faster Samsung devices like the Galaxy S9. Unlike the previous Anker wireless charger model, the PowerPort and PowerWave chargers come with an 18W wall charger. Originally retail for $ 49.99, Verge readers can pick it up for $ 37.99 on Amazon with promo code VERGEAA1 . Please note that this discount only applies to the stand model.

The PowerWave also comes in a pad version that is not covered by the code, but is for sale on Amazon for $ 31.99. For some reason, Amazon shows the original price at $ 79.99, but the suggested price on the PowerWave panel is $ 45.99.

Anker also offers readers Verge a 25% discount on the PowerPort wireless charging panel. Anker's previous model is only charged at 5W and does not include a wall adapter, but it is a steal at $ 14.99 (usually $ 19.99). Use the code VERGEAA2 to take advantage of this discount on Amazon.

Both the PowerWave stand and the exclusive PowerPort packages will end on Monday, April 16. The deal with the PowerWave platform ends on Sunday, April 22.

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