Soylent has arrived at Walmart

Soylent may have been a polarizing powder drink when it went on sale for the first time four years ago, but it's clearly developed outside the world of startups as a drink that is said to be a substitute for a meal. And it may have really affected the main market now that it's available at Walmart.

Its manufacturer, Rosa Foods, announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement to obtain Soylent in 450 of the big stores in the United States. Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley says the move is "an important step in providing more ways for consumers to access our brand." Walmart locations will store ready-to-drink bottles in "Cacao", "Latte de vanilla" and "Coffiest" flavors.

Whatever you think of the flavor or concept, Soylent says it's been popular enough to take the top spot on Amazon's shopping list in January, even though in recent years Soylent had to remember some of its products to make people sick. Soylent products have also been in 2,500 7-Eleven stores, and the company says that Soylent is now available in 14 states. If you do not live in those states, you can buy it online and decide for yourself if you prefer a traditional meal.

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