How to Get Help in Windows 10

Windows 10 introduces the Get Help feature, which fixes problems quickly. However, Microsoft offers many help options for Windows users. Often, while using Windows 10, we face common problems and ask for help. Many Windows users don’t know how to ask for support on the Windows 10 operating system. We will tell you how to access it quickly ? How to get help in Windows 10 ?

How to Get Help in Windows 10?

In this post i’m going to teach you many ways to get help in Windows 10 all you need to do is follow the options given bellow.

Using keyboard shortcuts

In Windows 10, there is a way to ask for interesting help. Browsing (Internet Explorer or PC files). You can get help for the section you’re using by pressing F1. When you press F1, Bing performs a search in your web browser. This Windows key asks for help as shown in the image below. If you are in File Explorer, look for help on File Explorer.

Microsoft Support Center

Microsoft has its own customer service and support center. For more product information, visit the official Microsoft website. Microsoft’s products include Windows, Xbox, Office, Word, and more. Call the Windows 10 Support Center for help

Using the Get Help App

In general, Microsoft Windows 10 comes with some built-in apps. Of course, the Get Help application is one of them. It usually solves a lot of Windows 10 problems. Follow the steps below to access the Get Help app in Windows 10.

First go to the Start Menu button. Type get help and press Enter. Then click Get Help. This will connect you to the “virtual agent” of the technical support team. If the chat box tells you the problem, it will try to fix it. If the problem is not resolved. You can request support for Person later by typing “Talk to a Human”.

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Ask Cortana for Help

By default, Win 10 comes with Cortana Virtual Assistant. It can perform many tasks and functions. However, if you want to use Cortana Help for Windows. Then type a question box in Cortana search, then press Enter. If it is not active, just right click on the toolbar. Also, change your settings to show Cortana search engines.

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Cortana is a Windows search engine. If we write or say Results are displayed, including those obtained from the Internet. Just activate Cortana. We collect data about Google Search to improve the user experience.

Help through Microsoft support

However, Microsoft Windows has an online chat as another option. If you still can’t find an answer or solution to your problem on the web. Finally, contact Microsoft Help and Support directly through live chat. To do this, simply create a Contact Support in Cortana, then tap “Get Help or Customer Support“.

Help through Microsoft support

Virtual agent for Windows operating systems A window will open to start chatting with us later. I need to explain the problem. Next, the system connects to Microsoft Technical Support. Therefore, he wants to quickly assist you with a complete solution.

Using the startup application

This application is designed to provide information. Enter Get Started and the app will appear. It mainly describes the features of the Windows version. It also provides useful tips.

Call Helpline

In addition to helping us through live chat. Still, we can request a call reservation with the customer. Follow the steps in the previous section to reach the chat window. The “Call me back” option also appears. Click on it. Then you just need to enter the phone number. Soon they will call you.

Now, if you run into problems, it’s very easy to get help in Windows 10 problems. Stay tuned for more updates and share this with your friends.

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