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Pencil2D is an animation/drawing software that allows you to create traditional hand-drawn animations using both bitmaps and vector graphics.

Pencil2D Animation Software

About Pencil2D

Pencil2D Animation is an open-source, easy, and easy multi-platform tool to draw and create 2D animations. Animation doesn’t compete with Pencil2D Flash, despite having different layers from the original steel. Unlike Flash, Pencil2D requires you to draw each frame to create an animation by hand. Pencil2D allows you to create four layers: bitmap image, vector image, sound, and video sound.

To get the animation, you need to place that element on each element. Packed in a consistent and intuitive layout, divided into editing pads, drawing tools, color palettes, and timelines. You can put the application on a USB flash drive and run it on any computer without a prior decision.

That way you can continue to use all your designs. The bottom line is that Pencil2D animation is a reliable software solution, especially for digital designers to create amazing image animations and static drawings that can capture sound and video usingbitmap, vector, sound, and camera layers.

Pencil2D 2D Animation Software

Pencil2D Animation Review

Pencil2D Animation is a lightweight but very effective cross-platform 2D animation software built on an open-source environment in the Qt framework. After more than 10 years on the market, the app has emerged as one of the most capable drawing software solutions for cartoon animation, using traditional techniques as well as new tools for managing bitmaps and vector drawings.

This and many more features are available in archives less than 50 MB in size, so anyone can easily install the popular static animation tool on their desktop or laptop PC. The history of Pencil 2D animation development is long and intense. The software was originally released as a “pencil” in 2006 but was abandoned by the developer in 2009 and renamed to the current name in 2013, supported by the open-source community.

From that moment on, the app has evolved very quickly to the current stage by incorporating numerous changes to the UI, bug fixes, and stability fixes, as well as numerous improvements in the 2D drawing and animation world, and has transformed the app into a competitive and reliable animation tool. Pencil2D animation is a minimalistic packaging design that allows users to quickly reach all the tools they need to strictly manage drawing layers and animation frames.

To make it easier to animate 2D art, there are advanced tools like the ability to load videos behind the canvas, which further enhances the layout. This makes the app suitable for all types of work, from education and experimentation to school project finishing, web art, and professional project design. Tests and experiments will help if you have a bitmap layer with a complete tool for transitioning to the vector art used in the final animation.

You can export your finished single still or animation in a variety of supported formats including XML, SVG, GIF, AVI, MOV, and WMV for animation, BMP, and PNG for still images.

Pencil2D Animation Review

What is new in this version:

  • Fixed crash when trying to manually rub while flipping
  • Fixed the storage problem of specific locales
  • Fixed some move export issues on Windows
  • Corrected various English typos throughout the program
  • Solve subtle display problems
  • Fixed potential program crash when deleting keyframes while the selection is active
  • The modified modification is temporarily applied to all frames during playback
  • Modify the first item in the color palette without changing the bitmap brush color.
  • Fixed partial file erasing issue when converting PCX file to PCL file using Save As
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor was fixed to the wrong icon when deselecting
  • Fixed selection change size while moving on occasion
  • Fix bucket tool sometimes filling wrong pixels
  • Fixed a semi-permanent display bug when right-clicking during a stroke
  • Fix auto-cropping of frames loaded from the file
  • Fixed common UI and tooltip typos
  • Fixed inverted active layer focus shortcut
  • Correct wrong redo text
  • Fixed crash issue with flip and roll function when clicking timeline + general improvements
  • Fix update checker on Windows
  • Fixed a problem with vector layers when drawing in an empty frame without an existing previous keyframe


  • Fixed canvas flip icon in the main menu
  • Adjust frame flip timing and motion
  • Set the minimum value of bucket fill tolerance to 0
  • Autosave counter reset when a user saves manually
  • Add more warnings when editing hidden layers
  • Improved tab order in the camera layer properties dialog
  • Automatically select the first action when first viewing shortcut preferences

Download Pencil2D for Windows 7/8/10

Pencil2D animations are 100% free and regularly updated by the motivated open-source developer community and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. This software is optimized for all the latest versions of Windows OS (Windows XP and above).

Download Pencil2D for 32-Bit


Download Pencil2D for 64Bit


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