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“Top & Free email marketing software to timely send email to the right customer”

Nowadays email automation tools are in the hearts of every businessman. Promoting your business online and spreading brand awareness is the smartest and most effective way Try Top Best Latest Email Marketing Software 2019 + Unlimited Emails for free.

But the biggest challenge is finding low-cost smart-mail marketing software. So, keep all my mind here is a list of 5 free email marketing software. We analyzed each automation software with the following factors:

  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Delivery rate
  • Email authoring tool
  • List management tool
  • Analysis
  • ] Social media integration
  • Third-party software integration
  • Mobile access
  • Transactional email functionality
  • Automation
  • Customer service

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Let’s take a look at the services one by one.

1. MailGet Bolt

| Best email marketing software

One of the perfect email marketing services is MailGet Bolt. Use the drag and drop editorto create cool email templates. You can also send this newsletter in bulk to your customers.

Mailget-Bolt email marketing software

MailGet Bolt only offers free service to users. Free subscription and launch

This automation software provides all the features of a paid service, but only changes the number of subscribers not provided by other services.

Some of the more complex features below are MailGet Bolt – Amazing email marketing software –

  • MailGet Bolt guarantees 99% inbox delivery, so it can attract your attention. The software promises high open, click, and conversion rates.
  • If you promote your product/service promptly with the Email Schedulingfeature and you automate your email list, the software will deliver the correct message correctly. You can email customers at the right time.
  • Email trackingmakes it easy for you to track and find your customers. – Did the recipient receive the mail? Did they click on the link? Did you open the attachment?

Inboxing From the perspective of a 99% inboxing ratewe tested and tested MailGet Bolt – the best email marketing software. The marketing campaign is the full package of quality + cost + features.

Click here for more information.

Price Plans

Free Plans –

MailGet Bolt provides users with 30 days of free service to allow users to send 9,000 emails to 300 people.

Paid plans –

  • Unlimited emails to $ 42 & 10,000 subscribers / Monday.
  • $ 59] Send unlimited email to 15,000 subscribers / Monday.
  • # 89 Send unlimited email to 25,000 subscribers / Monday.
  • Send unlimited emails to $ 195 and 35,000 subscribers.

Note – Price information Package inquiry MailGet Bolt Customer support

2. MailGet

| Low-cost email marketing software

MailGet is the cheapest mass mailing software to send bulk e-mail to your customers without the hassle. Also, it offers 500+ free HTML email newsletter templates.

This software provides all features such as list cleanup, email tracking, and clever email sending. , Answering machine, etc. Suitable for a $ 4 marketing campaign. MailGet can integrate with Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark, SendGrid, Mailjet, Mandrill, and many other SMTP servers. SMTP Relay Service

  • Easily manage and organize your e-mail lists with the Manage Lists and Organize features. You can always focus on your target audience.
  • Send automatic follow-up emails to customers so they can keep in touch with customers. Also, $ 4 helps increase the number of users open and inactivate inactive users.

[Try MailGet] Provides bulk e-mail, list cleanup, e-mail tracking, and more. We also guarantee a 64.3% open fee for transactional e-mail and a 99% open rate for promotional e-mail.

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Fare Plan

Free Plan –

MailGet is the cheapest service of all other services and offers 30 freeservices to send unlimited emails to 100 subscribers.

Paid pricing –

  • $ 5 for unlimited email delivery to 5,000 subscribers.
  • Unlimited e-mail access to 30,000 subscribers / 19659036] Unlimited access to 49,000,000 e-mails to 50,000 subscribers.
  • 100,000 subscribers / mo:

Note – For more information, please contact theMailGet support team.

The Best Email Automation Tool for Small Businesses: MailGet Bolt and SendInBlue

3. SendinBlue

| Best Email Marketing Software

SendinBlue is a powerful e-mail marketing platform that enables you to promote your regular customers and turn them into potential customers using e-mail or SMS.

The tool lets you create amazing email newsletters with a drag-and-drop editor in a very simple step. You can also select a pre-built email template to customize and send it directly to the customer.

Some of the amazing features of SendinBlue are E-mail Automation Services –

  • View complete statistics with convenient dashboard formats, comprehensive logs, or detailed records of each email sent.
  • This software makes it easy for users to preview your Inbox, so you can test and optimize your email campaigns.
  • SendinBlue integration with various plugins including PrestaShop plugin, WordPress plugin, Magento plugin, Drupal plugin

Click here for more information.

Price Plans

Free Plans –

SendinBlue offers 9,000 emails per month with unlimited access to free contacts. Essential Plan – This plan costs $ 39 / month for sending 60,000 emails to unlimited buddies.

Pay plan –

Lite plan

This plan requires you to pay $ 25 to send 40,000 emails to unlimited subscribers a month.

Premium Plan – You can see how many plans you can choose according to your requirements. The package is –

  • $ 66 for 120,000 emails, 19659036 for / 350,000 emails, 173, /mo.
  • 00334, 750,000 emails / mo.
  • 603, 3 million emails Email

Corporate Planning – Contact SendinBlue’s support team to find out the price of this plan.

4. MailChimp

Amazing email marketing software

MailChimp aims to reach millions of customers, from small e-commerce to retailers to target customers, target customers, It is the best emailing software to help. Beautiful email templates are also created in large quantities.

MailChimp Email Marketing Software

Also, the service provides well-managed reports that show how well you are connected to your audience and how much money you have generated.

MailChimp – Bulk mail software offers the following important characteristics:

  • With MailChimp, you can integrate with popular apps or services like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. This means that data can be easily synchronized on these platforms.
  • Use the software’s API key and tailor this email marketing to your workflow. Integrating with CRM or building CMS MailChimp will expand with your business.
  • Get more potential customers by posting ads for your products/services on Facebook, Instagram, or Google. 19659070] Click here for more information.

    Price Plan

    Free Plan –

    MailChimp Forever Free Plan allows you to send up to 12,00 emails per month to up to 2,000 subscribers.

    Paid plans –

    There are various pricing plans for growing businesses and pro-marketers. 19659026] Growing Business –

    • $ 20 for unlimited email usage for 1,500 subscribers
    • $ 25 for unlimited email for 2,000 subscribers
    • $ 30 for unlimited email for 2,500 subscribers [19659036] 2,600 If you provide unlimited email to subscribers $ 35

    Pro Marketer – For this plan, you have to pay the basic cost of $ 199 + per subscriber.

    For example: If you purchase a plan for 5,000 subscribers, the total amount is

    $ 199 + $ 50 = $ 249

    • $ 199 + $ 75 = $ 274
    • $ 199 + $ 215 = $ 414

    If you send unlimited e-mails to 15,000 subscribers $ 150 + $ 199 = $ 349

  • If you send unlimited e-mails to 30,000 people The best free / Mail Marketing Software Year: MailGet and BenchMark

    5. Company

    | Best Email Marketing Software

    Campayn is an easy-to-use affordable email automation tool that displays almost all recent email campaigns in the dashboard. Besides, e-mail designers simplify the task of creating newsletters.

    Campayn Email Marketing Software

    Marketing software provides customers with a free package so they can analyze their services without having to spend a single amount.

    Here are some key attributes of Campayn-free bulk email marketing software.

    • The powerful bulk e-mail service guarantees a 90% delivery rate, an 8% bounce rate, and a 2% spam rate. Besides, use the subscription form to create an anti-spam culture and double your opt-in capability.
    • Campayn Amazing Upload With custom HTML features, you can upload your HTML email templates.
    • A cool email template based on a trigger key so that the customer has all the updates for the product/service.

    Click here for more information.

    Rate Plan

    Free Plan –

    This email marketing service offers customers a free packagethat allows you to send 12,500 emails per month to 500 emails.

    Plan –

    The following is a list of the plans provided by Campayn.

    • This is a $ 19 address that is based on 15,000 e-mails in 3000 address books and a $ 39 address that sends unlimited e-mails for 3k contacts.
    • 49 contacts with 5000 contacts and 25,000 emails with unlimited
    • 50,000 emails with 10,000 contacts The number of built-in emails is between 10,000 and 100,000, for unlimited emails is $ 69.
    • Default $ 149 on 125,000 emails, $ 299 on unlimited emails on 250,000 contacts

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    • If you want something scalable and easy to get started, sign up with Constant Contact free trial.


      Five free email marketing software blogs are the best Because you would like to be able to find emails

      For more pricing plans, please contact the customer support department of Campayn Email Marketing Tools. We provide automation services in every way. So do not waste more time integrating your business with the services that fit your budget.

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    • Email marketing is to design a beautiful email template and send it to customers who offer all the deals, discounts, or benefits. You are running a product or service. For more Themes Visit Theme Submit.

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