The best cooling pads for laptops of 2020: don’t let heat beat your laptops!

You may be a person who is always on the move. Or maybe you like having everything available at your fingertips, even when you’re sitting in bed. A laptop is incredibly useful when you need access to your information, games, media and more, no matter where you are.

But there is a warning for all this. In the quest to make smarter, lighter and more powerful laptops, laptop manufacturers have run into a problem that desktop PCs usually have under control thanks to their size, ventilation and powerful fans: heat problems. Graphics cards and processors can get very hot, especially when working under a heavy load.

When you play with the latest releases or work with high-quality image and video editing, your laptop temperatures will skyrocket as you hit your graphics cards and high-speed processors.

This is when a portable refrigerator comes into play. Just as desktop computers have multiple fans to help them maintain good ventilation and cooling, a laptop cooler can help provide the extra air flow you may need to remove some of the heat.

Normally, laptops these days have a means to slightly lift the base for better air flow, but laptop fans speed up the process and make cooling faster and easier. As you continue reading, you can see the 15 best laptop coolers so you can make sure your laptop stays cool, looks cooler, lives longer and doesn’t fry and die.

The best laptop cooling pads of 2019 – An overview

When it comes to choosing a laptop cooling pad, there are some features that you should consider. The number of fans helps determine how much air flow a cooling pad provides for your laptop. The design of the cooling pad body also helps with the positioning of the laptop for ease of use. And of course, fan speed and sizes are important.

On this list, you will see the 10 best-selling laptop cooling pads, then below we give our analysis of some of these based on fans and air flow capacity, body design and size.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1  Havit HV-F2056 15.6 & # 39; -17 & # 39; Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad - Slim USB powered portable USB (3 fans) (black + blue) Havit HV-F2056 15.6 “-17” Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Slim portable USB powered (3 fans) (black + blue) $ 24.99  Pccooler laptop cooling pad, laptop cooler with 5 silent red LED fans for 12-17.3-inch laptop, dual USB 2.0 ports, 6-inch portable laptop stand angles for gaming laptop (PC-R5) Cooling for laptop Pccooler Pad, portable refrigerator with 5 silent red LED fans for 12-17.3 inch laptop, double … $ 25.99  Havit RGB laptop cooling pad cooler for 15.6-17 inch laptop with 3 silent fans and touch control, pure metal panel portable cooling stand Cooling pad cooler for Havit RGB laptop for 15.6-17 inch laptop with 3 silent fans and touch control, … $ 29.99
4  KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad - Computer support 11 to 19-inch notebooks, PS4 - [ 4 Fans ] - Fast, light and quiet cooling action - Ventilated ergonomic stand - Gamer USB Slim Portable Gaming Stand - White KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad – Supports 11 to 19 inch laptops , PS4 – [ 4 Fans ] – Light, Quiet … $ 17.91
5  AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 fans of heavy notebook cooler d e 17.3 inches, blue LED lights, 2 USB ports, S035, blue-5fans AICHESON laptop cooling pad 5 17.3 inch heavy laptop cooler fans, blue LED lights, 2 USB … [19659018] $ 17.99
6 " $ 21.99  Cooling pad for laptop, computer cooler Lamicall notebook: slim and portable stand with laptop cooling stand with 5 fans compatible with MacBook Air Pro Dell X PS HP Alienware Samsung laptops up to 15.6 inches Laptop cooling pad, laptop cooler Lamicall: Slim portable laptop cooling stand with 5 … $ 19.99
8  Cooling pad for TeckNet laptop, portable silent and portable laptop with USB power Cooler for laptop Cooling pad cooler with 3 blue LED fans, fits 12-17 inches Pad Cooling for TeckNet laptop, portable, thin, quiet, portable with USB power, laptop cooler Cooling pad holder … $ 22.99
9  HAVIT fans 5 14-17 inch laptop cooling pad, cooling pad wi LED light, USB ports 2.0 doubles, adjustable mounting bracket (black) HAVIT 5 fans Laptop Cooling Pad for 14-17 inch laptop, Cooler Pad with LED light, dual USB 2.0 … $ 24.99
10  TopMate TM-3 12-15.6 & # 39; Five Quite Fans LCD Display 2500RPM Strong wind speed Portable game cooler designed TopMate TM-3 12-15.6 “Five Quite Fans LCD screen 2500RPM Strong wind gaming laptop with speed design … $ 23.99

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Some of the best things I’ve noticed While reviewing these products were the number of fans, the height adjustable, the speed and coverage of the fan, and the design and dimensions of the body. Fans play a key role in keeping your laptop cool, while the height adjustment capability improves the comfort level of using the laptop and adds more space under the laptop for greater air movement.

But fan size and speed also play a very important factor because it helps determine how quickly you can remove heat from your laptop and let cold air pass. And, of course, you’ll want it to be large enough for your laptop, but not too large for fan coverage to be ineffective.

While reading these reviews, you should be able to get an idea of ​​which one fits your laptop best. It may depend on the size of your laptop. Your laptop may get hot depending on what you do, which can help you decide if you need only a large fan, or two, three, four or even five. Consider your laptop while reading.

It is important to always measure the width and length of your laptop to make sure that the cooling pad you choose fits the laptop. While it’s fine if it’s a little bigger than your laptop, you don’t want one that is too big and certainly not one that is too small.

1. PCcooler Laptop Cooling Pad – Well-balanced design


  • Fan coverage: with four 85mm fans running up to 1400 rpm in each corner and one more fan Large 110 mm in the center runs at 1100 rpm, the design encourages hot air to come out from under the laptop and forces cold air to enter.
  • Adjustable heights: with six adjustable height settings and a non-slip design, it is really easy to place your laptop for optimal sitting posture and maximum comfort of hands and wrists.
  • Fits Almo All laptops: from 12 to 17 inch laptops, this cooling pad is suitable for most laptops, especially ideal for gaming laptops, which generally have a size of 15 to 17 inches.

The PCcooler Laptop Cooling Pad is excellent for fan coverage as well as convenience of use. When you are looking for a laptop cooling pad that comfortably fits almost all sizes of laptops, this is a good option to consider.

The PCcooler’s fan coverage is also impressive, with five fans, four of them 85mm with a larger 110mm in the center. This type of fan configuration provides a uniform cooling effect on your laptop, and you can even adjust the fan speed on the fly.

With the fan adjuster, you can achieve a quieter experience by decreasing the fan speed, or you can increase it when you play hard to keep things cool under pressure.

If you like games, you will like how this cooling plate has 10 red LED lights to illuminate your configuration. It also gives the cooling pad a great look to complement your gaming laptop. And it comes with two USB ports, one for your laptop to power the fan and one for any other USB device you want to power.

“One of the bright spots of this cooling pad is its six Adjustable Height Settings. This can allow you to really adjust your laptop to what is most comfortable for you, which also helps promote good sitting posture. ”

So, while the fans on this cooling pad are not as big as they could be, and sometimes they can become noisy while doing so, there is a combination of features on this cooling pad that make it an option. smart, especially for players whose graphics cards can get hot.

The price of this Cooler laptop is also quite affordable among its competitors on this list, which places it in the mid-range for the cost. But with its combination of utility, comfort and style, it’s worth it.


  • Excellent fan coverage.
  • Six adjustable height adjustments using a sidebar that works with any surface.
  • Fits almost all laptop sizes, ideal for gaming laptops.
  • LED lighting.
  • Non-slip design.


  • Fan sizes may be larger, but it could be because the chassis is not large enough to fit larger fans.
  • It can get a little noisy during operation.


2. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad – Unique model design


 Tree New Bee Cooling Pad </figure>
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  • Fan size and power: With considerable fans for good coverage and a fast speed of 1200 rpm, the Tree New Bee has good cooling capabilities.
  • Elegant chassis and LED lighting: with a unique model design and LED lighting, whether you’re & # 39; you are a player or you just want your laptop to look tidy, you will enjoy this cooling pad.
  • Fits most laptops: Able to accommodate 12-inch to 17-inch laptops, the Tree New Bee is perfect for medium-sized and large-sized laptops that are often heated with intensive operating loads.
  • The Tree New Bee cooling pad is another impressive entry on this list. It has a large cooling capacity, with four fans, each 120 mm in size and a speed of 1200 rpm. Its size is also good, allowing you to use it for laptops around 12 to 17 inches in size. The fans come with two speed controllers. And everything is powered through one of its two USB ports.

    As for the height adjustment, it comes with two different height configurations that are approximately 2 inches apart, which is not too much, but can still improve the comfort of the hands and wrists for users.

    Height adjustments are made with two independent pins, which can make it a bit awkward when you try to raise the level of your laptop but rest it on your lap. The best thing you can do in that case is to use a pillow or a flat object in your lap so that the height pegs rest.

    In terms of design, the cooling pad comes with a non-slip surface, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop sliding. And the frame of this cooling pad has a unique design, which makes it stand out from the more standard rectangular cooling pads that exist.

    The Tree New Bee comes with two USB ports, one to power the cooling pad while the other can be used for other devices. And it comes with blue-green LED lighting for aesthetic appeal, which makes it an excellent addition to a player’s laptop configuration.

    The Tree New Bee is in the mid-range of prices, so it is affordable and worth every dollar for its features and functionality. If you are looking for a really elegant cooling pad, this has one of the most exclusive designs on this list.


    • Four 120mm fans at 1200 rpm for powerful fan cooling.
    • Uniquely shaped frame and colored LED lighting for added appeal.
    • Fits most 12 to 17 inch laptops.
    • Non-slip design.
    • Nylon braided cable.


    • Height adjustment on two independent pegs that may make it difficult to adjust the height when the laptop and the cooling pad are resting on the lap of one against a table.
    • Fans positioned so that the rear center of the laptop does not receive much air circulation, which can leave an access point, especially where the laptop’s batteries can be located.


    3. GARUNK laptop cooler cooling pad – Extreme LED color


     GARUNK laptop cooler cooling pad "width =" 300 "height =" 240
    • Colorful LED lighting configuration: With three LED colors and the ability to choose individual colors or sports all three, you can change your visual style throughout the year.
    • Large fans, great cooling: with four impressive 125mm fans, the air flow and coverage in this portable refrigerator is excellent. And 1500 rpm is nothing to laugh at. Your laptop will stay cool with it.
    • Fits many laptops: this laptop cooler is excellent for laptops 14 to 17 inches in size, very suitable for powerful laptops, as they are often large.

    The GARUNK probably has the best LED lighting configuration of all cooling pads on this list. So, if your goal is to have great LED lights for your laptop configuration, you have already found your winner. But let’s see what else makes this laptop a pretty solid option.

    The GARUNK has four cooling fans, and they are not small either. Each fan has a size of 125 mm and has a speed of up to 1500 rpm. Both are fast and quite large, which means you are getting excellent air flow and coverage. And we already mentioned the style with those LED lights?

    LED lighting has green, red and blue LEDs, which gives you the power of choice. Do you want a color? Choose one. Do you want all three at the same time? Go for it! And everything works with a single USB connection, while it has two USB ports.

    GARUNK’s ability to sport four significant fans has a cost for some of his designs. The chassis is not the most elegant of all, nor completely rectangular, but nothing unique.

    But, again, for a less elegant frame, you get amazing LED lighting effects that already compensate for the chassis. Then you get four powerful fans to do what you really bought: to keep your laptop cool (and looking great).

    Also, this is one of the most affordable options on this list. For its humble price, you can get a very effective cooling pad. And although its frame is not the most elaborate, the variety of light settings gives it a touch that most other cooling pads don’t have.


    • Four different LED lighting configurations: blue, red, green and an All-3 combination.
    • Larger 125mm fans that are also fast at 1500 rpm.
    • Works best with 14 to 17 inch laptops.
    • Height adjustable with two configurations.


    • The design of the chassis is quite regular.
    • The height adjustments rest on two pegs instead of a bar, which makes it difficult to rest only on the lap; You may need something under the laptop’s refrigerator so that the plugs rest when resting on the skirt.


    4. TopMate TM-3 – Fantastic fan speeds


     TopMate TM-3 "width =" 300 "height =" 240
    • Five powerful 2500 rpm fans: these fans help maintain airflow Strong and distributed, thanks to its size and speed. Even with corner fans on the smaller side, its power makes up for it.
    • Five height adjustable positions: this cooling pad is highly accessible for different levels of hand-wrist comfort.
    • Blue LED lighting: LED lights not only improve visual appeal, but also work to visually indicate fan speeds. And then, of course, there is also the screen on the front!

    The TopMate is one of the coolers of laptops on this list that is more suitable for laptops from the upper half to the smaller one. But this portable refrigerator is not lazy. For laptops of the appropriate size, the TopMate is more than capable of cooling, either for casual entertainment or for high-end games and for rendering high-resolution models.

    This cooling pad has five fans that operate at an amazing speed of 2500 rpm, which means that the air flow is intense. Fan sizes are 65 mm for four-corner fans, with a large 120 mm fan for the center. While corner fans are relatively small, 2500 rpm easily compensates for size with a higher air flow rate.

    The TopMate also features six different speed settings and a screen to show you information about how your cooling pad is working. The screen is an orderly way to quickly see what setting your cooling pad is on without having to manually check to see how strong the fans are running. And the blue LED lighting also changes in intensity to help show how fast the fans are working. The brighter the lights, the faster the fans work.

    The body design is certainly unique, giving it an aesthetic appeal along with the blue LED lighting. But also, the portable refrigerator features five different height positions with bar support instead of plugs. This makes it highly accessible for any user of any level of hand-wrist comfort, and is ideal for resting in your lap due to the support of the bar.

    Like most other cooling pads, the TopMate works with a USB connection, which gives you the convenience of not needing a power adapter.

    This laptop refrigerator is in the middle price range, which makes it an excellent choice when looking for a great value for your dollar. However, once again, it is important to remember that this laptop cooler is designed for laptops 12 to 15 inches in size, so if you have a 17-inch size laptop, you should look for a different model. [19659083] Professionals

    • Five powerful fans that can operate up to 2500 rpm, positioned for optimal airflow.
    • Blue LED lighting.
    • Height adjustable with five configurations.
    • Small screen for information on the configuration of the cooler of the laptop.


    • Corner fans are smaller than most.
    • Use a hinged flap to hold the laptop in place instead of a non-slip surface, which means that the laptop could slide from side to side.


    5. Wsky Laptop Cooler – Big On Fans


     Wsky Laptop Cooler "width =" 300 "height =" 240
    • Large air flow: 140mm large center fan and four relatively large 80mm fans They keep warm. and the fresh air that enters.
    • Super ergonomic: with seven height adjustments, this portable refrigerator fits virtually any user.
    • USB cable storage compartment: with a space specifically for storing your USB cable, it is easy to store. Nice and tidy portable refrigerator when you have finished using it or when you need to transport it. Ideal for players and those who like to work while on the move!

    The Wsky Laptop Cooler is another great entry on this list. It is also one of the largest entries on this list, capable of supporting laptops 12 to 18 inches in size. With four 80mm fans and a large 140mm fan, you will have no shortage of airflow or coverage.

    The largest fan runs at 1100 rpm, but the larger size makes up for it. And smaller fans run at a speed of 2200 rpm, rather than compensate for any loss of the center fan. The cooling pad comes with two adjustment knobs for fan speed, as well as for controlling blue LED lights.

    While the Wsky chassis is nothing special, with a fairly rectangular shape, this portable refrigerator is still designed with ergonomic comfort in mind. . With seven adjustable height levels, you have an incredible variety of settings for whatever your laptop is using. It is sure that it will adapt to any user for its hand-wrist comfort, while making it excellent for typists, movie lovers and players.

    “In addition, the Wsky presents an organized compartment for storing its USB cable, which makes it a bit more orderly compared to most of its competition. And like its competition, it has two USB ports: one for the power of the cooling pad and the other for peripherals. ”

    The only drawback is that the height adjustment is compatible with two cover tabs instead of a bar, so you might need some extra something when it comes to supporting you in one’s lap.

    The Wsky also has a non-slip surface, but uses a hinge flap to hold the laptop in place. While it means that, in theory, the laptop could slide to one side, the hinge flap will keep it in place when it is on any flat surface.

    As for the price, the Wsky is a bit at the top end of the middle. Price range. Because of its increase in fan size, it makes it worthwhile. Add the fact that it is incredibly ergonomic and has a great offer.


    • A large 140mm central fan and four 80mm corner fans (large for corner fans) provide excellent airflow.
    • Seven height adjustments to suit each user.
    • The clean and tidy design facilitates transportation.
    • Blue LED lighting for style.


    • The height adjustment is based on pin fins instead of a bar, so it is not so good for skirt support.
    • The larger fan runs at a slower speed, although small fans help compensate for this.


    6. Kootek laptop cooling pad: simple appearance, fantastic functionality


     Kootek laptop cooling pad "width =" 300 "height =" 240
    • Super ergonomic: from the stand design of the bar up to six height adjustments, this The portable refrigerator is perfect for all users.
    • Great air flow: With a large 120mm central fan and four 70mm fans, the Kootek does a great job of keeping laptops cool. Especially with 70mm fans running at 2000 rpm each.
    • Fits almost any laptop: with a size range of 12 inches to 17 inches, the Kootek works great with almost any laptop, including gaming laptops.

    Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad does not look the best; It is more or less a box rectangle. But it makes up for it with its impressive features. Fits any 12-inch to 17-inch laptop, it can handle most laptops, from work computers to larger gaming laptops.

    It also has five fans, with a large central 120 mm at 1000 rpm and four 70 mm fans at a stronger 2000 rpm. Juntos, estos ventiladores trabajan para ayudar a expulsar el calor de manera eficiente mientras obtienen el aire frío donde debe estar.

    La almohadilla de enfriamiento también viene con múltiples configuraciones para los ventiladores, lo que le permite tener el ventilador central funcionando, cuatro ventiladores de esquina en funcionamiento, o los cinco al mismo tiempo, dependiendo de sus necesidades de enfriamiento y tolerancia al ruido del ventilador.

    En cuanto al diseño, tiene un diseño antideslizante con dos solapas de bisagra para mantener el portátil en su lugar. Si bien podría deslizarse de un lado a otro sin una superficie antideslizante, las dos aletas de las bisagras funcionan mejor para mantenerlo estable en una superficie plana en comparación con una sola aleta de bisagra.

    El Kootek es bastante ergonómico diseño con seis configuraciones de altura ajustables para una mejor comodidad y postura de la mano-muñeca. Además, el ajustador de altura está en un soporte de barra y no en clavijas, lo que lo hace ideal para el soporte de la vuelta. ayuda a compensar esto.

    El Kootek tiene un precio un poco alto en la parte superior de los enfriadores de portátiles de gama media. Con sus características, especialmente con lo ajustable que es, es una excelente opción para cualquier persona con problemas de comodidad de mano-muñeca o para cualquiera que tenga varios usos para sus computadoras portátiles.


    • Seis niveles de ajuste de altura para todos los usuarios y niveles de confort.
    • Gran flujo de aire con cinco ventiladores, incluidos cuatro de 70 mm que funcionan a 2000 rpm rápidas.
    • Múltiples configuraciones de ventilador para diversas necesidades de enfriamiento y niveles de ruido.
    • Elegante iluminación LED azul.


    • Diseño básico de rectángulo.
    • El ventilador central es un poco lento, pero es compensado por los pequeños ventiladores más rápidos.


    7. Almohadilla de enfriamiento para computadora portátil ENHANCE Gaming: estrictamente para jugadores


     Almohadilla de enfriamiento para computadora portátil ENHANCE Gaming "ancho =" 300 "altura =" 240
    • Flujo de aire potente y efectivo: con un gran ventilador central de 140 mm a 1264 rpm y cuatro ventiladores de 70 mm que funcionan a una intensidad de 2630 rpm, no se encontrará con ganas de flujo de aire de enfriamiento de la computadora portátil.
    • Diseñado para jugadores: tres niveles de altura ajustables para la mejor comodidad para los jugadores.
    • Perfecto para computadoras portátiles para juegos: en lugar de siendo un Jack of All Trades, este es un Master of One. Diseñado mejor para las potentes computadoras portátiles para juegos de 17 pulgadas.

    Si eres un jugador avanzado y buscas estilo y eficiencia de enfriamiento, la almohadilla de enfriamiento para computadora portátil ENHANCE Gaming es uno de los mejores enfriadores para computadora portátil para juegos que puedes encontrar . La almohadilla de enfriamiento viene con elegantes luces LED rojas para iluminar su computadora portátil para juegos (también puede elegir verde o azul para su esquema de LED), y se pueden ajustar junto con las velocidades del ventilador, haciendo que la almohadilla de enfriamiento brille con más potencia. ventiladores.

    Y hablando de ventiladores, obtendrá un gran ventilador central de 140 mm y cuatro ventiladores de esquina de 70 mm que crean un flujo de aire eficaz y potente. El ventilador central funciona a 1264 rpm, lo que, por su tamaño, generará una gran ráfaga para mantener la computadora portátil fresca. Pero los cuatro ventiladores de esquina también contribuyen enormemente con cada uno funcionando a 2630 rpm cada uno, manteniendo su computadora portátil súper fresca mientras juega duro.

    Esta almohadilla de enfriamiento para computadora portátil para juegos también está diseñada ergonómicamente, con tres niveles de altura ajustables, todos con juegos en mente para garantizar la comodidad de la mano y la muñeca mientras está rompiendo puntajes altos y conquistando las tablas de clasificación.

    Si bien el chasis en sí es solo un rectángulo básico, presenta dos solapas de bisagra antideslizantes para mantener la computadora portátil estable y en buen estado. coloque siempre que no lo incline hacia un lado u otro. Esto lo hace más efectivo en comparación con los diseños de solapa de bisagra simple.

    Con su diseño muy enfatizado para juegos, esta almohadilla de enfriamiento para laptop se usa mejor con laptops de 17 pulgadas. Es adecuado para computadoras portátiles de tamaños más pequeños, pero la refrigeración no será tan eficiente.

    La ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad es otra almohadilla de enfriamiento de precio medio. Pero por su diseño centrado en los juegos, vale la pena el precio si tiene una potente computadora portátil para juegos de 17 pulgadas. Sin embargo, si su computadora portátil es de cualquier otro tamaño, es posible que desee considerar algo más en esta lista.


    • Potentes ventiladores de 140 mm y 70 mm.
    • Perfecto para portátiles de juegos de 17 pulgadas.
    • Tres niveles de altura ajustables para una comodidad de la mano-muñeca y una buena postura mientras juegas.
    • Opciones elegantes de iluminación LED roja, verde o azul cuando compra.


    • Se limita severamente a las laptops de 17 pulgadas; otros tamaños pueden experimentar diferentes niveles de calidad de enfriamiento.
    • Diseño rectangular básico para chasis.


    8. CM Storm SF-17: el ventilador más grande

     CM Storm SF-17 "ancho =" 167 "altura =" 109

    Con un ventilador masivo de 180 mm y cuatro configuraciones ajustables en altura, esta almohadilla de enfriamiento ergonómica para computadora portátil es perfecta para películas observadores, trabajando en la oficina y una amplia gama de otras tareas multimedia.


    • Construcción robusta y materiales para una resistente almohadilla de enfriamiento para computadora portátil.
    • Diseño ergonómico con múltiples ajustes de altura.
    • La base de ajuste de altura es un soporte de barra, ideal para descansar en vueltas o tener una mejor estabilidad en superficies planas.


    • La configuración de un solo ventilador no es tan eficiente como tener tres, cuatro o cinco ventiladores, no es excelente para jugar.
    • Caro para una almohadilla de enfriamiento.


    9. Almohadilla de enfriamiento para computadora portátil Otimo – Almohadilla de enfriamiento ergonómica para jugadores

     Almohadilla de enfriamiento para computadora portátil Otimo "width =" 195 "height =" 102

    El Otimo tiene cinco ventiladores, un ventilador central más grande y cuatro ventiladores de esquina. Con excelente flujo de aire y cobertura, esta almohadilla de enfriamiento funciona muy bien para usuarios casuales de computadoras portátiles y jugadores.

    También viene con seis ajustes de altura y descansa sobre un soporte de barra, por lo que es excelente para usar en una superficie plana o en su regazo .


    • Se adapta a computadoras portátiles de 12 pulgadas a 17 pulgadas.
    • Cinco ventiladores para mejorar el flujo de aire y la cobertura de la computadora portátil.
    • Seis ajustes de altura para comodidad ergonómica.
    • Ideal para jugadores.


    • Diseño rectangular básico.
    • El ventilador central funciona a una velocidad lenta de 1000 rpm, pero compensa con cuatro ventiladores funcionando a 2000 rpm.


    10. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim – Ligero y fácil de transportar

     Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim "ancho =" 240 "altura =" 130

    El Cooler Master NotePal presenta un marco ultraligero y elegante con una sola caja grande Ventilador de 160 mm como su solución de enfriamiento.

    Esta almohadilla de enfriamiento funciona bien para usuarios ocasionales de computadoras portátiles y aquellos que usan sus computadoras portátiles para trabajar o para ver películas.


    • El ventilador de 160 mm funciona muy bien para usuarios de computadoras portátiles casuales y observadores de películas
    • Comes with two height adjustments for different comfort levels.
    • Works with 15-inch to 17-inch sized laptops.


    • Singular fan is not efficient in cooling laptop during intensive workloads, not the best for gaming.
    • Simple hinge peg height adjusters, not easy for adjusting height while using it on your lap.


    11. Targus Lap Chill Mat – Top Casual Cooling Pad

    Targus Lap Chill Mat" width="156" height="85

    With dual fans for airflow and a comfortable neoprene exterior for user comfort, the Targus Lap Chill Mat is excellent for casual laptop users who use their laptops for office work or multimedia entertainment and those who like to use their laptop in any comfortable setting.


    • Comfortable neoprene exterior makes for comfortable laptop use while resting it on the lap.
    • Dual fans work well to keep the laptop cool under casual operation.
    • Compatible with all laptops from 17 inches and below.
    • Lightweight for easy transport.
    • Rubber stops for anti-skid surface.


    • Not the best for intensive workloads such as high-end gaming.
    • No height adjustment.


    12. Havit HV-F2056 – Good For Gamers

    Havit HV-F2056" width="220" height="130

    With three big 110mm fans running at 1100 rpm, you can expect the Havit to cover your laptop cooling needs.

    Positioned for excellent airflow and coverage, this cooling pad works well for any laptop user, including gaming laptops. What’s more, it’s highly suitable for 15-inch to 17-inch sized laptops, which is great for the gaming enthusiast. It also comes with two height adjustment levels.


    • Three big 110mm fans for great airflow and excellent surface area coverage of the laptop.
    • Stylish blue LED lighting.
    • Suits gaming laptops from sizes of 15 inches to 17 inches.


    • Height adjustment is supported by pegs, making it ill-suited for resting on the lap.
    • Only two height adjustment levels limit ability to suit all hand-wrist comfort levels.


    13. KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad – Quiet Efficiency For Gamers

    KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad" width="220" height="120

    Supporting laptops from 11 inches to 19 inches, the KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad is a great gaming laptop cooling pad for all.

    Powered by four large fans that run at a nice 1400 rpm, you can rest assured that your laptop will remain cool.


    • Very quiet, running at 26db.
    • Four large fans for excellent airflow and surface area coverage on the laptop.
    • Supports up to 19-inch laptops.


    • Height adjustment has only two levels, limiting ergonomics.
    • Height adjustment is supported by pegs, making it not the best for resting on the lap.


    14. TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad – Zero Sacrifices For Airflow Coverage

    TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad" width="220" height="120

    Cool your laptop with five fans with adjustable speeds using the TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad.

    With a full mesh surface, there’s no area where airflow is interrupted. This makes for a great gaming laptop cooling pad. It also comes with a laptop support baffle to keep your laptop from slipping.


    • Stylish blue LED lighting.
    • Five fans for efficient cooling and airflow coverage of the laptop.
    • Suitable for laptops from 12 inches to 17 inches.


    • Height adjuster only has two levels and is supported by pegs, making it not the best for resting on the lap.
    • The anti-slip baffle keeps the laptop from sliding down, but laptop could still slide off one side or the other, making it not great for use on the lap.


    15. Thermaltake Massive With Temperature Sensor – For The Temperature Conscious

    Thermaltake Massive TM Aluminum Panel" width="230" height="120

    Great for those who like to keep an eye on their operating temperatures, the Thermaltake Massive uses a temperature sensor and a display to keep tabs on how hot your laptop is getting.

    Along with that comes with a control panel for your fan control and locking your settings. This makes for an excellent cooling pad for casual users as well as light to medium gaming.


    • Two large 120mm fans maintain impressive airflow.
    • Temperature sensor provides feedback on how hot your laptop is getting; you can change the fan settings to adapt.
    • Three height adjustment levels for better ergonomic comfort.


    • Height adjustment is done on extended flaps, making it not the most convenient for resting on the lap.
    • Temperature readout is not entirely accurate as it reads external heat and not internal.


    The Buying Guide

    When deciding on a cooling pad for your laptop, there are some factors you should really consider before buying.

    Standard Features

    There are some features that ought to be on every laptop cooling pad, and mainly that involves the specifics of the fans. There are several features about your fans that need to be taken into account. Consider these standard features, and pay close attention to them when assessing laptop cooling pads:

    cooling pad fans" srcset=" 434w,  300w" sizes="(max-width: 434px) 100vw, 434px

    The Number Of Fans Included

    The first thing you will want to pay attention to is the number of fans your laptop cooling pad has. The more fans you have, the more aggressive airflow you will get. This also improves the amount of coverage your airflow gets on the surface area of your laptop. The more surface area covered, the more heat gets dissipated.

    Furthermore, with the right positioning, more fans can help funnel hot air out better, while siphoning cool air in more efficiently. Pay attention to those fan placements.

    The Size Of Fans

    The size of your fans also matters. The larger your fans are, the more surface area they have to push air and create airflow. For example, a 180mm fan can push a whole lot more air, even if it’s moving slow, versus a smaller fan moving at the same speed. If your cooling pad has less fans but they are larger, that can compensate for the loss of number of fans.

    When you have a very large fan, such as three 120mm fans or a single large 180mm, it can be taken into consideration in place of the number of fans. So long as there’s a balance between size and number, efficient cooling can take place.

    Speed Of Fans

    Fans can’t move air without moving. And the faster the fans move, the more airflow your laptop gets. The speed of your fans is measured in rpm or rotations per minute. Though just like the other two standard features about fans, it’s important to see if there is a balance.

    A fan’s speed efficiency can be judged by measuring it against the fan’s size and the number of fans. For example, even if you have five fans, if they don’t move fast enough, airflow will not be strong enough to mitigate heat quickly. Alternatively, a single large fan might move a lot of air thanks to surface area, but if it isn’t moving fast enough, heat will accumulate faster than the fan can move it.

    Additional Top Features

    There are other features that should be considered too when looking at cooling pads for your laptop. While these aren’t always guaranteed to be with every model, the more of these you can get, the better! Take a look at these features and consider them:

    best cooling pad design" width="400" height="325

    Ergonomic Design: Height Adjustment

    Ergonomics has become more and more important as health issues continue to arise from prolonged use of computers and laptops. Hand-wrist comfort is important to help improve posturing as well as to alleviate the risk of developing problems such as carpal tunnel and muscle strain. One of the ergonomic features that help with this is the ability to adjust the height of your computer or laptop devices. In this case, we’re talking about the laptop cooling pad.

    Consider how many height adjustment levels a laptop cooling pad has. The more levels it has, the better chance you will find one that’s right for you.

    Anti-Skid Surfaces And Laptop Placement Holders

    It’s inconvenient when your laptop is sitting on its cooling pad, and suddenly it slips off. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can be expensive because your laptop could get damaged from a fall. What good’s a laptop cooling pad if your laptop is broken?

    If you’re not into performing balancing acts with your laptop, it is best to make sure you have anti-skid surfaces on your laptop cooling pad, like rubber stops or at least hinge flaps that keep your laptop from sliding downward when the laptop cooling pad is elevated.

    Fan Speed Adjusters

    Regardless of if you’re using a laptop or a desktop PC, when fans run at higher speeds, there is more noise. Some people don’t mind it. Others can’t bear it.

    Look for fan speed adjusters on your laptop cooling pads to see if you can manually change fan speeds to quiet things down. Inversely, fan speed adjusters can help you make sure that your fans are running at max capacity for maximum cooling—especially important for gamers. You can find these fan speed adjusters usually in the form of turning knobs or wheels on the side of your laptop cooling pad.

    Looking to boost your Wi-Fi connectivity? You can’t go wrong with these range extenders!

    The “Coolest” Choice For Your Laptop

    All in all, when deciding on a laptop cooling pad, it really depends on what it is you do with your laptop. Maybe you’re a casual internet user, and the most you do is watch a few YouTube videos, check your social media, and exchange emails with friends, family, and work associates. In that case, you don’t really need a high-end laptop cooling pad, and you could probably settle for something with just one or two fans.

    On the other hand, if you’re a gamer, you probably don’t want to put any stops on the number of fans you can get or how fast those fans go. Intensive workloads on your laptop will absolutely generate more heat, so go wild on the cooling features.

    “There are many things to consider when choosing a laptop cooling pad, but most important is cooling functionality and performance, followed by ergonomic design. The cooling is to help make sure your laptop parts last longer, and the heat doesn’t destroy them.”

    The ergonomics is so that your hands, your wrists, and your back don’t suffer either while enjoying your laptop devices. Make sure that the laptop cooling pad that you choose takes care of both your laptop as well as yourself.

    This guide can help make sure that you pick the right laptop cooling pad. So long as you take into account the features that I’ve listed in the buying guide, you’ll be able to make sure that your cooling pad is able to keep up with your laptop’s specifications as well as the tasks you use your laptop for.

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