Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key Free [100% Working 2019]

Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key is used to activate this tool. If you want this guide, we will share some Office 2016 keys that you can use to freely activate it in today’s guide. As everyone knows, Office is the most useful application developed by Microsoft that can be used in many places.

For example, if you’re giving a presentation, you can use PowerPoint to create slides and add media. Announcement. Even if you write a resume, letter or other document, it must have words. You can use Excel to build formulas, chart, and much more.

The problem is that the trial period is 30 days, so when the trial period expires, you will have to buy the product key for further use. What if you can’t buy a product key because of money? You should have a key that will help you activate Office 2016 for free. I’ll give you some product keys that work for Office.

What is a Microsoft Office 2016 product key

A 25-character special character key asks for the first startup I’m installing Office. Microsoft offers this key only to users who have purchased it online or through the market. It is also an illegal copy that can also be purchased at a local store but may contain a virus or a Trojan horse. This means that it is very dangerous.

A Skip button is displayed during installation. If you later use this key, the free trial will be activated if you do not enter the correct product key. If you do not enter a key during that time, you will no longer be able to use Microsoft Office 2016. Then to use more, you need to buy the right key in the market, but this problem is now solved. Microsoft Office 2016 product key that works like a charm without wasting money when I try to share with you

Microsoft Office 2016 product key

Some updated keys I have collected are: . This website is also working properly. This is a list of some of the action keys in Office that you need to check.

Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key List 2
PGD67-JN23K-JGVWW-KTHP4-G 19659014] 2MHJR-V4MR2-V4Z2Y-72MQ7-KC6XK

Some keys work normally and are free to use, but you need to connect to the internet to activate Office. An error may occur if you are not connected, so check your connection, then copy and try each key and try again.

However, if these keys fail and no longer work, there is another solution here. You can try activating Office. This method does not require any applications or activators because it is the script to use.

Activate Microsoft Office 2016 without product key

This is the simplest and easiest way to activate your office without using a key. The above key no longer works. You can know how to do it by following these steps, but please read the steps carefully so as not to damage your mistakes or personal files.

This method works in two variants:

  • Office Standard 2016
  • Office Professional Plus 2016

Make sure you do not have this version. Otherwise it will not work and you may get an error.

First, you need to copy it. Follow the link provided below to write your code.

Now go to the desktop, click right click and go to Create new and document files. [19659003] After this paste copy the copied script and save it as ActivateOffice2016.cmd (need to add .cmd at the end)

Now right click on the newly created CMD file and run as administrator Click The permission window pops up asking if you really want to run this file and ignore it. Click Yes.

Now sometimes wait for the process to complete before doing the following: A success message appears. Therefore, close the command prompt and restart your computer.

After rebooting, open your Office product and then click on the file 194 and navigate to the 194 account. Here you will see the activation status of Office, and you have successfully activated Office 2016 without the product. Please do not try this in other products as this method will work with those versions described above.

Office 2016 without product key

The above method does not work in this case Other versions may cause problems. If your Office 2016 product key doesn’t work, and how to activate without a key doesn’t work, you’ll need to buy a copy.

But now I do not have to worry when I go. Offers the best Microsoft 2016 activation . This activator can also activate Windows 10 and, like its charm, can also activate older versions of the office. Let’s take a look at this amazing tool and show you how it works.

This tool is named Microsoft Toolkit Premium tool, which provides two types of tools. Activation. The first is to use KMS technology, which represents a key management tool introduced by Microsoft Owner Bill Gates. The other is EZ Activation, the former toolkit was renamed EZ Activator and later renamed to MS Toolkit.

EZ Activation requires an Internet connection, but KMS does not require the Internet. Both methods are safe, secure, and permanently active. If you are not connected to the Internet or you are traveling, we recommend using KMS activation.

To learn how to activate Office by using verification, follow these steps.

1 . Download the Microsoft Toolkit from the link below and save it to your desktop for easy access. Download the

Microsoft Toolkit

2 . Then you need to disconnect your internet connection and install antivirus if you are installing or using Windows 10 Defender. This type of activator is blacklisted in the antivirus program, so if you do not disable it, you can mark the file as having a virus and delete it as soon as you extract it.

3 . Now right click on the toolkit and click “Extract file from here” it will create a new folder where you can find the application.

4 . Open that folder, locate [[5959002] Microsoft Toolkit.ext right-click it, and click Run as Administrator . A dialog box will pop up asking for permission, and if you really want to execute the permission, just click yes .

5 . Then open a window that asks you to select a logo, for example. For example, to activate [[5959002] Office 2016] you need to click the Office logo. If you want to activate Windows, you can do so by clicking the Windows icon. Click the Office icon to open all menus related to MS Office.

6 . This window has many options, such as main menu, activation, product key, and custom settings. Therefore, the Main Menu also displays architecture and system compatibility. Then you need to open the activation process. You can see a lot of other options here too.

7 . Select Install from automatic KMS without touching the option. Then click Activate and wait a few seconds for the process to complete before taking 10-15 seconds. When the process is complete, Office has completed successfully.

8 The program log is displayed with the message . Now after you close the program, reboot your computer, open your Office product and go to your account, you will see the activation status. Yahoo! You have successfully activated the product without paying money and this is the only safe and secure way. It also works with Microsoft Office 365 and you follow the same process and click Activate to get the activated version.

Follow all the states carefully, and if yes, I want you to activate the product successfully. Comment section. In this way people will also find out how it works, so try this method and comment below.


These are some ways you can implement to get a free license for the rest of your life without buying or wasting money. You can also open the toolkit and go to the Product Keys section to obtain the Microsoft Office 2016 product key . Now select the product you want to import license key from and click on Generate. After copying the key

to open and enter the product, you have successfully activated the product using a license key without using any software. If you just like my work, you can also share it with your friends and team members to get the benefits of this tool and method.

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