The History of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions may look like new inventions, but the addition of hair is virtually identical to the Egyptian era in which both men and women use wigs. Since then, hair sculptures have been more prevalent than ever.

In 1800, he frowned on fake hair. When women wear sophisticated Apollo knots, they leave natural hair until the romantic age has arrived. In the mid-Victorian era, I used much more hair. Strangely enough, the women of the Edwardian dynasty in the early 20th century made false hair and created a pompadour hairstyle. The woman seems to be wearing a teapot on her head. In the 1920s, hair was small and pieces of hair dived during that time. In the 1940s, long hair was back in fashion, not when women started again.

Back to addiction. Then, in the 1960s, large hair returned to revenge. The coils that were better known to us were from many women. It was created by a very extravagant human hair. A wig from real or fake hair was generally worn around this time and went on with the early seventies. The 80s and the big hair were just the hair of nature. Famous singers were wearing wigs, but that was about it.

In 1990, hair and wigs became much cheaper for everyone as well as rich and famous people. Victoria Beckham, a famous spice girl, has been recognized for her latest fashion for human hair extensions. When she first met her husband, David Beckham, the public’s interest in the couple reached their best ever, and they were always photographed and seen on the cover or in most newspapers and magazines. Everything about the couple was investigated with this kind of promotional material. At that time, Victoria’s paintings were in front of every paper or magazine with different hair styles. She had short hair, the next was long, and this style was apparent thanks to hair styling. She also talked about them and explained that they were made of natural human hair.

Since then, the trend has become much more widespread for many reasons. Teenagers looking for long hair expand as an old woman tries to replace thinning hair. And many women use them only when special.

Permanent hair extensions cost several hundred pounds for each application and last up to about four months. There are many ways to attach your hair more safely than others. With a permanent hair extension, a small group of hair is usually collected and attached to the hair. There are many types of adhesives, including waxes, adhesives or heat. It’s not good for everyone’s hair. Chemical removal is necessary when removing the diluent, which can often leave your hair damaged. Another option is to braid your head. It is known as & # 39; wafting & # 39; and is a much safer option because it does not require chemicals.

Clip on hair extensions are available in a variety of colors and length is the best option for non-permanent hair. They are very easy to use and no one with the correct hair color and hair texture will know that your hair is fake. I actually sat next to her co-worker for months without realizing that her long hair was actually attached to the hair. It was just that she was preparing our Christmas day for her hair picked! I was surprised not to say anything because her natural hair was only a shoulder length. I did not know well.

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