How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Thorough guide to an effective blog!

There are a number of questions and queries that can be confusing when you create a blog and open a website. How to get started? What will you use? Thinking of myself as a blogger, I experienced many lost situations. Yes, that’s right. But in the last few years I have done the same thing about what I like and blogging, finally I found the pace and now I have easily blogged.

Today’s old question based on their own skills to develop their own experience: How long should blog posts be? Questions are seemingly simple, but answers can vary from person to person. Yes. If you ask a blogger, you can give a different answer.

So today we searched a little deeper and thought why not give an answer. There are many factors that can affect the length of a blog post, but the obvious thing is the purpose of the blog post. And if you do not understand what we mean, let’s break it down and discuss it in more detail.

Main aspects that determine blog length:

1. Purpose of Blog Post

The main aspect of determining the length of a blog post. When you write a specific blog post about a topic, it is always defined for your purposes. Marketing purposes, shorter lengths are recommended for discussion and social sharing Longer lengths are generally for thorough review, for profitable purposes, and for better . Search Engine Ranking

2. Social Sharing

The social media platform is now one of the main factors that your business marketing relies on. However, sharing blog content directly on a social platform usually does not do that trick. Therefore

We generally recommend short blog post for this purpose. It’s a good idea to edit your blog posts improvisingly and share them on your social media platform. According to other researchers, short posts are usually best to get a lot of stock and opinion on social media sites. SEO rankings may not be good Short posts tend to get attention and get more feedback from users. Short blog posts also provide a more engaging experience for users. These types of blogs are good for promotional and marketing purposes.

3. Topic


One of the important things to remember when writing a blog post. If the topic is ambiguous and difficult to understand, users are more informed and look for more details . However, if something is common and easy to understand, long and tedious content is a waste of time. Focusing on key points without unnecessary information is the cornerstone of effective blog posts.

For example, if we are talking about WordPress and it’s pects in one post, it can be much longer because there are tons of details. However, if the topic is a specific item, such as a WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin, the content tends to be much shorter.

4. SEO

 SEO-google-ranking-analysis .png

Backlinko A thorough investigation of SEO shows that the highest ranking articles on Google are mostly long and detailed posts. Statistically, The highest ranking article on Google is 2,450 words. Long posts are likely to come out if you want your posts and websites to rank higher in search engines.

However, you should write about topics that people generally find useful. A long and long blog post about something irrelevant is not just a waste when no one is looking for it. So, before you start writing, research your keywords and topic discoverability.

5. Target audience


Another key factor that can change blog length is the focused target type. Listening to needs and queries determines the type of posting Whether you are looking for exciting posts, inspiration, information, or facts, the engagement rate is determined by the length of your blog posts.

Make sure you choose to create for the topic type you are interested in. Your audience. You can express your content in interesting titles and funny ways.

Standard WordCount for Blogs:

Now that you’ve summarized the main factors that can affect your blog posts, let’s look at the ideal or standard word count for each. Learn more about niche and categories of blog posts. We all gave a variety of opinions on this issue, but we went over and enlisted the extent to which the majority of blogging professionals agreed. So check below to see if blogging is more effective.

  • 100-300 words: –

    As I mentioned earlier, short posts are effective in getting more sharing and feedback. We are creating content for the social media platform. 100-300 words is usually the ideal number of words to promote your business online or to start discussing topics. In this case, the number is small.

  • 300-600 words:

    This is the ideal length for blog posts recommended by most blogging professionals.

  • 750 words: "

  • 100-2000 + Words: – "

In conclusion In conclusion, long lengths are ideal for higher SEO rankings, but shorter lengths are generally recommended for social sharing.

Final Thoughts

Ideas and concepts can vary based on a number of themed research and blogging experts. While there are many factors that can determine your blog’s length, it’s entirely up to you to make it interesting and interesting. You have summarized the number of words or ideal lengths for each type of post, but you do not have to follow the exact content. Write the instinct until

is attractive enough . Make posts that are more effective and useful than those created to calm Google SEO. It is useful to target you and your business while following the guidelines mentioned above but not required . What we recommend is writing as long and short as you want. Once your blog is all gone, you can create your own empire.

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