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Game Of Sultans is a new empire building game for Android from Mechanistgames. Check out our sultan game guide, tips, tricks and strategy to rule like a king.

The old boss or king of your empire has died and now it is your responsibility to take care of the empire. Build the team of Viziers, marry beautiful consorts, attack the castles of enemies and rule the world. The Game of Sultans game offers many activities that give you the experience of a king or sultan. And in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Game Of Sultans Guide and Tips, tricks and guide of Game Of Sultans to rule like a king. Use the navigation links below to quickly navigate to the content you are looking for: –

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Basics – How to play Game Of Sultans Game?

If you have not played games like this, then you need to understand the mechanics of the game. And to begin with, it could be difficult to understand all aspects of the game; How to play, where to start, how to build or manage! After the tutorial, you must manually manage all kinds of activities to grow.
In the first Game Of Sultans event, the game describes: The great sultan dies due to illness. After his death, you become the sultan of the kingdom. What is your goal? Since you are a young sultan, you have to gain experience and become the great sultan (Young Sultan -> Master Sultan <-> The Great). You gain experience defeating enemy kings and capturing their castles or making wise decisions. And to defeat the enemies, to their castles, to defeat the king of the castle, you need to build a team of Viziers, Soldiers and increase the attributes of the Sultan; Prestige, military, investigative and political. As you level up, new functions or game modes such as arena, imperial council, party and more are unlocked. So this is the basic guide of Game Of Sultans for beginners. Now, let’s take a look at our definitive guide of Game Of Sultans and tips, tricks and strategy of Game Of Sultans to master the game. Also, see – The best off-line games for Android

Game Of Sultans Guide: –

In this part, we will learn about resources, soldiers, tax collection, heirs, consorts, viziers and much more. Make sure you pay attention to all parties to understand every aspect of the Game Of Sultans game.
There are three resources you need to play; Gold, grain and soldiers. Gold is used to improve the viziers. The grain is used to recruit soldiers. And you send soldiers to attack the enemies. You can collect these resources from the Imperial Parliament. In the Imperial Parliament, there would be two characters; Ahmelek and Hocas. Ahmelek helps you collect taxes or resources; Wealth, grain and soldiers. The player can gather these resources several times. If you want more, raise the level of the sultan. Hocas alerts you about imperial affairs. You need to deal with these issues. Just touch the character and on the next screen, you will have to choose; Yes OR No. Choosing yes will reward you with game items such as book, gold and much more. If you choose NO, you will gain experience (EXP points, necessary to climb Sultan’s level).
These viziers deal with matters of the kingdom related to military matters, national and foreign. Your level of power also impacts the power of the sultan. Then, if you increase your power, the power of your sultan will also be affected. You can use gold to increase the power of Viziers. The level of talent also affects its strength. Go to the Vizier menu -> touch the character -> go to the development tab -> there you can improve or level up the talents of Viziers; such as skills, creative training, and more. Touch one of these talents and press the level up button. You need items like scrolls, XP books and more to level up your talents. Only near the development tab, there will be a rewards tab; Go to him and there you can claim the free rewards. Bonus: – Go to the bonuses tab to see the impact or effect of the consort; read the consort guide below for more information. Also, see -> Consort Trap -> Develop viewers with the help of Consorts

  • How to get an improvement badge?

To develop the viziers, you need badges for improvement. You can get these badges from the badge packages. On the main screen of the game, at the bottom, touch the backpack option -> go to the combination tab -> go to another tab -> touch the credentials package / first option -> combine the credential fragments to get a package of credentials. Once this is done, go to the elements tab -> badge pack -> use it to get an improvement badge. How to get plate fragments? Participate in the events to earn plate fragments.
In the game Game Of Sultans, these consorts manage Sultan’s private life. You get the first consort in the early stages of the game. If you want more consorts, go to the Masquerade guide below to learn more. The visit of a sultan increases the intimacy and experience of consort; After gaining enough experience or reaching a certain level of intimacy, Consort will give birth to babies or heirs.

Game Of Sultans consort list: –

  1. Canfeza – As a reward
  2. Cecilia – Upon Sultan Leveling Up [19659016] Dilara: unlocks randomly when you visit masquerade
  3. Osilda – Daily reward sign ( on the seventh day)
  4. Indirah – Visit to masquerade to interact with her
  5. Lydia – You can find her at Masquerade
  6. Iris – Unlock through the visit of the masquerade
  7. Silken – Masquerade feeder [19659016] Felicia – Masquerade Theology School
  8. Halima – Caravanserai In Masquerade
  9. Frog – Infirmary In Masquerade
  10. Teri – Gardens In Masquerade
  11. In Masquerade
  12. Clara – Market Kiosk In Masquerade
  13. ] Alessa – VIP 2 Bonus
  14. Rosa – VIP 4 Bonus
  15. Raven – VIP 6 Bonus
  16. Elena – VIP 8 Bonus
  17. Daphne – Unlock it by increasing the empire s power of 200000
  18. Fiona – unblock it by the increase of po der of empire to 500,000 Hope
  19. – unblock it by increasing empire power to 1000000

consorts is a new feature, which was added in the last patch of titles. Here you can promote the consorts and receive more benefits. Unlock six consorts to unlock this feature. If you have not yet unlocked this feature and are curious to know what it is, check out our new post here (Titles of consorts: Everything you need to know).

  • Game Of Sultans – Heirs

Heirs, sons of consorts, power the empire power. You can develop them using points of vitality; You get two vitality points after every certain time. Go to Harem -> Heirs -> touch the development button to increase your level. Once the child reaches the maximum level, he can promote it; The princess or the junior prince. When an heir grows or gets the promotion, the marriage function is unlocked. Select the option; single -> request the proposal. This will also increase the power of the empire. Here is a quick guide: –

How to get heirs: –

  1. You must increase the level of intimacy of a consort to obtain an heir
  2. Go to harem
  3. Choose the option of consort
  4. ] Press a married consort
  5. Tap the visit button to increase intimacy points
  6. After a certain level / visit, the consort will give birth to the heir

There is also another option; Random visit. But this will not increase intimacy points. So what is it? Increase the XP consort. Consort XP is used to increase the skill of Viziers.

Do you know how the heirs increase the strength of the empire? What kind of impulse do you get? Do not? ⇒ Read here.

It allows you to meet interesting people or couples. To marry a consort, you need to increase the intimacy of the consort. How to do that? Just keep visiting. At some point, she will come to Harem and you can marry her. Go to the Masquerade installation -> touch the Masquerade button -> to meet with consort or interesting people. Keep in mind that only a meeting with consort does not allow you to go to the harem. Meet several times to create a link. A meeting costs = 1 energy. The energy is gradually filled. Here is a brief description: –

How to get consorts in Game Of Sultans: –

  1. There are three ways to get consorts; increase the level of Sultan, visit Masquerade and activate VIP Bonus
  2. In Masquerade, you interact with people at random in a random location. Points of fortune determine the possibilities of interacting with a consort
  3. When you interact with a consort in Masquerade, your level of intimacy increases
  4. There is no fixed rule; can interact with a consort or a merchant or another person
  5. When interacting with an individual spouse several times, their level of intimacy increases
  6. . Greater intimacy increases the chances that she will come to the harem
  7. by visiting masquerade and will get the spouse at random

Do you know how consort helps her in the growth of the empire? Do not? ⇒ Read here.

Go to the masquerade -> at the bottom, you can check the points of fortune. Touch the + button and use the amulet element to increase these points. Increasing these points will increase the chances of interacting with a consort. You can get this item from the store in exchange for gems.

  • Sultan – How to level up

You need to get experience to level up. There are several ways to get experience points in Game Of Sultans;

  1. Play campaign mode
  2. Deal with imperial affairs (read the resource guide above)

At the beginning of the game, you only have access to campaign mode. In this mode, you will fight the enemy castle king and capture their castles. As you progress or lose more, Sultan gains experience. In the battle, the soldiers attack the enemies automatically. Although it is boring. To win the battle, increase the soldiers; You can get soldiers from the collection, completing the missions. And to defeat the enemy king, you need to name a strong vizier. So be sure to increase the level or level of talent of all the viziers. If you do not have soldiers, then you can use diamonds. Go to the store -> item store -> there would be an item called commander’s seal. This item grants 100K soldiers to the player. Once purchased, go to the main game screen -> touch the backpack option -> touch the commander’s stamp and use.
Your viziers can learn skills in the academy. All you need to do is go to the academy’s facilities -> choose the Vizzier -> wait for a certain amount. That’s. This will also increase the PvP level of these characters.

You can learn about marriage, parties, sand and more in our advanced guide ⇒ Read here.

So this is the guide Game Of Sultans for beginners. Now, let’s take a look at the tips, tricks and strategy of Game Of Sultans to master the game.

Game Of Sultans tips and tricks: –

# 1.) Become a powerful sultan, here’s how

Game Of Sultans, the main challenge is to grow the empire and be promoted to a new class ; Young Sultan I -> II -> III -> IV -> V, then teacher, and great. All you need to do is increase the level of Sultan. The level of Sultan determines the power of the empire, the limit of trade, the limit of recruitment, the limit of collection and the limit of matters. When leveling up, you can increase the limit of these aspects and gain access to new features + rapid progress. How to level up quickly? There is only one way we would recommend it: focus on the campaign mode. Defeat the enemies and win XP.

# 2.) Make use of items or free rewards

Many of us forget to use the objects that we obtain when completing the mission. Touch the backpack option on the main screen -> there you can see the list of items you have. Touch it to know what it is or use it. If you want to change the name in Game Of Sultans, then there will be an element called rename a card. Use it to change the name. Items like earrings, rings are used to reward the consort in Harem. Increase your level of charm. XP boosters, books are the elements that are used to increase the attributes of the viziers.

# 3.) Random visit versus visit; What is better?

If you want to get a baby or a child or heir more, then you have to increase the level of intimacy of consort. And to increase it, you have to visit the consort. Go to Harem -> consort -> in the lower right corner, tap the random visit button. Random visits rewards that consort XP. On the same screen, touch the portrait of the consort and press the visit button (the cost of the premium visit is for diamonds). With this premium visit, the consort will gain intimacy points. Also, see – First class adventure games for Android

# 4.) Use the lamp feature to get a lovely item

On the main screen, on the right side, tap the lamp option. Light the lamp to get the reward. You get one drop of oil per day that can be used to light the lamp.

# 5.) Hunting The Animals In Frontier

In the Frontier installation, you can participate in events; hunting grounds. Basically, in this mode, the Viziers hunt the animals and you win gold, points and tokens. You can use those tokens to buy Vizier’s rings, clothes, hat and book / attribute book.

# 6. Let The Vizier study at the academy

As you know, the viziers help you in many ways. And their skills matter a lot. To level up the skill of Viziers, go to the academy -> choose Vizier.

# 7.) Watch the video ad for diamonds

In the latest update, Game Of Sultans has added a free way to get diamonds On the main screen, on the left side of the screen, touch the icon of videos and watch the video. You can claim this offer 5 times a day and win diamonds, precious items for free.

# 8. Kill pirates in the pirate hunting event

Pirate Hunter is the new event in Game Of Sultans. In this case, you join a fleet and hunt pirates. Head to the pirate hunter event -> join a fleet. Touch the hunt button now. If you find a pirate ship, touch the attack button. You can attack a ship once every so often. If the power of the pirate ship is very high, then press the Explore button again to search for new marine areas. You could also find pirate chests, drowning man. To open these chests, you need keys; complete the achievement to earn these keys.

Quick tips for Game Of Sultans players: –

  1. Focus on quests to acquire soldiers, Gold, Grain
  2. Deal with imperial affairs to win XP
  3. Focus on campaign mode to level up quickly
  4. Collect Levy frequently
  5. Visit Masquerade daily to meet interesting people, consorts
  6. Visit Consort daily to increase their level
  7. Develop heirs
  8. Promote heirs
  9. Play sand way to get more rewards
  10. Level Up, Train Viziers for buffs
  11. Send Viziers to the academy to learn skills

Most important tip: – Participate in events to obtain top quality items, such as banqueting tokens, chest keys, fragments of plaque, and more.
If you have any questions, ask us in the comments.
Here are some basic tips, tricks and a strategy guide for beginners of Game Of Sultans. Also, see – Best new best strategy games for Android.

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