Check out Prague’s Old Town in this 405 gigapixel photo

Jeffrey Martin takes massive panoramic photographs of the world and his photos allow him to go from the panoramic to the intimate with just the mouse. Now it has really been overcome with a 900,000-pixel photo of the Old Town of Prague that took six months to build.

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The photograph, which can be seen here, has a total spherical resolution of 405 gigapixels and is surprising. Martin used a 600mm lens and a 50MP digital SLR camera to take pictures of almost everything in the old town. You can see the cathedral, the castle hill and even see street signs, building signs and pigeons. It is a fascinating view of a beautiful city.

Martin said it took more than six months to post-process the photo and it required thousands of photos and adjustments. He said the files are six times bigger than anything Photoshop can handle, so he found himself working with delicate solutions while sewing this amazing photo.

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