Tinder tests ‘Swipe Surge’ in US to connect users during peak times

Tinder today announced the testing of a new experience within the application called "Swipe Surge", which will send notifications to users when there is an increase in the use of Tinder in their area. The feature is designed to allow Tinder to better capitalize real-world events that drive more use, such as music festivals, parties or spring break, for example.

The company says that it tried sending push notifications to alert users about the periods of increase in its application in 2016, and found that users formed 2.5 times more matches during a sudden increase.

Users also received nearly 20 percent more direct hits during these events, and were 2.6 times more likely to receive a message, Tinder noted.

Now you are converting these push notifications into a real product with Swipe Surge. In addition to the alerts designed to attract Tinder users to the application at the same time, the application will include "Brand Swipe Surge" during the event.People who already joined the wave responding to the push notification will pass at the front of the starting queue, and Tinder will show you who is currently active in the application.

Tinder says that the activity during a wave is 15 times greater in general, and increases the pairing potential by 250 percent.

The company has been working in recent months to promote Tinder as a dating app for young demographics, with its marketing campaign focused on the "unique lifestyle", the media publication "Swipe Life" and a test of expansion of Tinder U, its product for university students.

The Swipe Surge test is already underway in the main markets of the United States, says Tinder. [19659008]

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