Weather Up’s app can give you forecasts for your calendar events

There are many weather applications to choose from in the App Store, but the new Weather Up application is doing something different. Instead of just offering the daily weather, it will now offer event forecasts, which means forecasts that will be synchronized with your calendars so you can see the weather for your upcoming appointments and various events.

The function is customizable, so you do not have to use it with all your calendars, or even with all your events. You can choose to tag specific events to show the weather forecast just for those.

Event forecasts are useful for planning your outdoor activities such as soccer games for children, outdoor concerts and more, but also for planning events. Take or drive to.

The application itself is not new. In fact, he started his life last year as Weather Atlas, from the developer of the Pro Launch Center David Barnard. He admits that the application of the first version had problems with retention, so he has now reviewed it from a usability perspective, based on comments and user tests.

the result of these and other changes, which also includes a new set of cute icons of applications.

"Applications that do not take off are often abandoned, but the climate category is so interesting for me that I will continue to push until it makes a decent hole, and I think Weather Up is a big step in the right direction. "says Barnard.

He says he spent a lot of time making the application feel more intuitive, especially in terms of its gestural interface. The new design makes use of the additional vertical space in the X series iPhones and makes most of its buttons and gestures easily accessible from the bottom of the screen, he says.

Another interesting thing that you are trying in the new application is one in the Merch Store application, which is undoubtedly the first in weather applications, or general productivity applications, for the most part.

To help with monetization, the store will sell things like shirts, mugs, bags, hats and more. adorned with the new icons, which Barnard recently showed on Twitter.

The store is also available on the developer's website.

The main feature set of the application, of course, are its weather forecasts. In addition to the temperature, it also shows the accumulation of humidity and precipitation, and warns of weather events such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical tracks.

As an independent developer, Barnard expects people to choose their application over others because he promises not to. sell user data or even location data to advertisers, although that would be more profitable, he says.

Weather Up is a free download on the App Store, with a set of professional features available for $ 9.99 / year or $ 1.99 / month.

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