Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveals all its remaining fighters, for now

Just when we thought we had heard everything, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate managed to surprise us.

Today, Nintendo Direct of Nintendo was completely dedicated to the incoming game of Smash Bros, which will launch on December 7 and is sure to be a great seller in the coming months.

In it, it was revealed that the last two fighters are Street Fighter & apos; s Ken – a Ryu Echo Fighter with more kicks – and the Fireman-type Incinerate Pokémon, which rounds up the list of 74 fighters in total at the launch.

We had heard rumors of the fighters so far unannounced after a convincing leak of Smash Bros, which seemed to show a complete list that also included Shadow the Hedgehog and a host of other known Nintendo characters, but did not see by nowhere …

  • Super Smash Bros The complete list of final characters could have been filtered

That's right, there's DLC

] It seems that Nintendo is going to feed by drip new ch characters in paid DLC, with current plans for five additional packs each with a completely new fighter, new combat scenario and additional clues to underline the action.

Players can also purchase $ 24.99 (approximately £ 20 / AU $ 35) Fighters Pass to get access to the five when they leave, instead of paying $ 5.99 for DLC, and they will also get an exclusive Mii Fighter team based on Rex of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

There are no firm release dates for the new content. Nintendo insists that work is still underway, but there is a general expectation that all five packages will be launched next year. We also know that each new fighter will be a complete character in their own right, instead of just the Echo versions of those already on the list.

  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

However, yes we did. the peak of the next addition, nothing more than the Piranha Plant of the Super Mario series, which can now play in the stages of the game, eh, plant a pot while causing havoc on Mario and others. However, you must pre-order the game for this one, so if you are committed to this fighter we recommend you do it.

Whether the & apos; leaked & apos; the characters will find their way is uncertain, if there is no Banjo-Kazooie, we will feel very deceived, although the inclusion of Incineroar and Piranha's plant seems to undermine the filtered image.

We've run through Nintendo Direct & other ads: about rumors and apos; spirits and apos; and Spirit Mode, on the one hand, along with the other story and game news on our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate concentrator.

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