Sony resurrects the MediEvil franchise with a 4K remaster

Sony is delivering treats this Halloween with an ad trailer for a PlayStation cult classic. The creepy MediEvil of hack-and-slash will rise from the grave with a new version remastered in 4K to be launched in 2019.

While the development team has kept intact the old bones of the franchise, the game seems to be serious overhaul in terms of gameplay and graphics with new animations, response controls and a significantly higher number of pixels.

The original MediEvil came out in 1998 in the United States and Europe and was developed by Guerilla Cambridge, at the time known as SCEE Cambridge. The basic premise: Sir Daniel Fortesque, a knight who died fighting the evil sorcerer Zarok, comes back to life 100 years later, when Zarok returns with an army of the dead. If Sir Dan wants to return to his eternal sleep, and save his kingdom from Gallowmere in the process, he will have to defeat Zarok once and for all.

While the basic action platform game might not be the same The prized place in the pantheon of the great PlayStation titles like the original Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider or Metal Gear Solid, is definitely a good Halloween gift for veteran players looking to relive some childhood memories. There is still no information on a release date, so stay tuned.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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