Nintendo and Sony tussle for top-selling console in 2018

The Christmas sales period is always a tumultuous period for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but, according to the latest quarterly financial reports, it could be even more chaotic than we initially predicted, with Nintendo predicting with optimism that it will sell for more. of 15 million new Nintendo Switch consoles before March 2019.

Reports published by the pair of consoles providers put Nintendo Switch on 22 million consoles sold to date, with just over 5 million units sold in the last six months. Sony, on the other hand, is approaching the brand of 100 million units with 86 million PS4 consoles (including the PS4 Pro) sold to date.

If Sony exceeds that figure of 100 million, the PS4 will be one of the best-selling systems of the company, ahead of the PS3 (80 million consoles sold) and the original PlayStation (102 million old consoles). That said, Nintendo Switch is already ahead of its predecessors, Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii U, which only sold 21 million and 13 million units, respectively.

While Sony retains the highest position in terms of total consoles sold in general, it could be a competitive black Friday and a stalemate to see who can sell more consoles before the end of the financial year that closes in March.

ABC: combo always

While Sony expects to sell 17.5 million units by the end of the year, Nintendo is trying to be a bit more ambitious: selling 15 million consoles in the next three months is not a small feat . For reference, Nintendo sold only 7 million units this time last year.

This year, Nintendo has a large number of titles and packages that will help get more consoles: Pokemon Let & apos; s Go, Pikachu! and Come on, Eevee! will be available on November 16 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be released on December 7, 2018. The latter will miss the two best-selling days of the year (Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2018), but the popularity of the game could help Nintendo to maintain the momentum has been strengthened in 2019.

Will the Big N be the number one selling consoles in the world this year? We'll have to wait to find out.

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